Rob's Villains Alliance is an alliance in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Rob Becomes The Leader

Almost right away on the Villains tribe Rob Mariano became the de facto leader, helping in building the camp being and starting fire using a fire saw.

Russell's Envy

Russell Hantz soon saw Rob's rise to power and felt threatened and decided to go out to the wild and attempt to catch a chicken with a spear. Rob and Coach Wade attempted to warn Russell about his alliance with former Sole Survivor Parvati Shallow. Russell felt like he wanted to show who was in charge by hiding the machete.

The Danger of the Idol

The Villains read a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol and Sandra Diaz-Twine stated that whoever finds it will be targeted next so they could flush it out. That didn't stop Russell from looking and finding the idol. That led to him being targeted by the alliance. He would later tell Parvati and Coach that he had the idol with a possible rival alliance brewing.

The Start of The Downfall

With Sandra telling Rob that Russell has the idol when she saw Russell searching for it, the alliance decided to split votes between Parvati and Russell to flush out the idol and eliminate a threat. Russell, however told Tyson Apostol that he was going to vote against Parvati in order to save himself, and that Tyson should vote against Parvati too. At Tribal Council, Tyson didn't follow the alliance's plan and voted against Parvati instead, and with Russell giving the idol to Parvati, the 4 votes against her didn't count and Tyson, who at the time was Rob's biggest ally, blindsided himself and was voted out 3-2-0.


The next episode saw Rob upset and questioned his allies loyalty. Jerri Manthey was wishy-washy about which alliance she wanted to join. Parvati promised her a spot in the final four if she joined with Russell, Danielle DiLorenzo, and herself. Jerri later agreed. Both Rob and Russell talked to Coach about voting with the respective alliances. Coach promised both of them he would vote with them. When Tribal Council came about, Coach stayed neutral by voting against Courtney Yates, while Jerri joined with Russell's alliance, voting out Rob 4-3-1. After Rob was voted out the Villains lost two more Immunity Challenges, leading to Coach's elimination after he tried to target Courtney and then Courtney herself as she was one of the last remaining people not aligned with Russell.

The Merge

When the merge came, Sandra was the only castaway left from the original alliance. Luck was on her side with the Villains all voting together with Parvati giving Jerri and Sandra an idol, allowing the Villains to gain majority.

Sandra Fights Back

From that point on Sandra became a free-agent, talking about possibly flipping to the Heroes Alliance and voting out Russell, but with Candice Woodcock joining Russell's alliance, she stuck with the Villains to stay with the majority, and pagonged the other Heroes along the way.

At final seven, Sandra stuck with Danielle and Parvati in voting against former Survivor: Pearl Islands ally, but now rival alliance member Rupert Boneham, but Danielle was voted out 4-3 (with the help of the remaining Heroes and Jerri) due to Russell wanting to vote Danielle out due to Parvati being more close to her than him.

At final six, Sandra blatantly chided Russell about his behavior during the game, where she also used her idol, although it only negated 2 votes against her as the Villains unanimously voted Rupert out 4-0. At the Final 5 The Villains voted out the last Heroes member remaining, Colby Donaldson.

At the final four, Russell agreed to take Sandra to the Final Three because he though she would "get maybe like 1 vote", which lead to Jerri being unanimously voted out 3-1.

Final Tribal Council

At the Final Tribal Council, Sandra again trashed Russell, even going to say that she would have a better game if he was eliminated. At the end, she received 6 of the 9 jury votes, making her the first castaway to be Sole Survivor twice, even without clear cut allies helping her to the end.




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