Rita Rosina Verreos is a contestant from Survivor: Fiji.

Placed on the disastrous Ravu tribe, Rita was eliminated after she was viewed as the most expendable member of her tribe.


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Born in Venezuela, Rita Verreos moved to San Francisco when she was eight years old. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, before transferring to the University of California, Los Angeles. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Italian and French Literature.

Verreos has traveled extensively through Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. After college, she moved to Mexico City where she lived for 11 years with her then husband and two children. She was a contestant in the Miss Venezuela pageant and walked the fashion runways of Venezuela, Mexico and Los Angeles. In 1990, she appeared in the film "Marked for Death."

In 2003, Verreos moved to Texas with her two children. She currently juggles being a single mom with working part-time on her business as an image consultant who specializes in coaching girls for the Miss Texas, Miss California and Miss USA Pageants. She is also a television spokesperson for a local supermarket chain in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

Verreos enjoys playing with her children, cooking, listening to "world" music, reading and writing in foreign languages. She also enjoys playing basketball, football and walking. She describes herself as persistent, tough on the outside…tender on the inside, considerate and respectful.

Verreos currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, with her children, her parents, and their golden retriever, Blackie. Her birth date is July 19, 1968.[1]


Rita began on the deprived Ravu tribe, where they would go on to lose the first three Immunity Challenges to the more dominant Moto tribe. Her tribe was finally immune for their first time when the opposing Moto tribe gave up the immunity they had just won in exchange for keeping their comfortable camp. Moto lost yet another member when Gary Stritesky was medically evacuated. After Ravu once again lost the following Immunity Challenge, Rita attempted using her nubile attitude to lure the men into voting with her. This was not enough to sway the men of her tribe, and she was voted out on Day 14.

Voting History

Rita's Voting History
Episode Rita's
Voted Against
1 Jessica Jessica
2 Erica -
3 Earl -
4 Ravu Tribe Immune
5 Anthony Anthony, Earl, Mookie,
Rocky, Yau-Man
Voted Out, Day 14


Rita with Drew Carey on The Price is Right.


  • Rita is the sister of Nick Verreos, who appeared on the second season of Project Runway.
  • Rita was recruited by Erika Shay at a Miss Teen California USA pageant. Rita asked if she and her brother could do The Amazing Race but Erika informed her that Nick was ineligible to compete as a result of being under contract with Project Runaway.[7]
  • Rita is the oldest Latino contestant on Fiji.
  • Rita was the only Latino contestant on the original Ravu tribe.
  • Rita is the only person who voted against Earl Cole, which prevented him from achieving the first "Perfect Game" in Survivor history.


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