Rise and Shrine (also known as Temple of Syrinx, Along the Watch Tower, and Tower of Equality) is a recurring Survivor challenge. It debuted in Survivor: Cagayan and reappeared in San Juan del Sur, Ghost Island, and Island of the Idols.


Castaways must race through a series of obstacles before climbing up a large set of walls to the top of a tower in order to complete a puzzle. The first tribe to finish the puzzle wins.


The challenge debuted in Cagayan where teams would have race through obstacles both in the water and on land to retrieve a wooden chest. After hauling it up a tall slope, they then had to assemble a ten-piece puzzle. Although the teams traded the lead multiple times, it was the orange team of Jefra Bland, Jeremiah Wood, LJ McKanas, Morgan McLeod, and Spencer Bledsoe who won a trip to Outback Steakhouse.

The challenge reappeared as the opening Immunity Challenge in San Juan del Sur. The tribes would dash under a wooden structure, then work together to retrieve three bags which contained pieces they needed to get to the top. They then had to ascend the tower, first by hooking a monkey's fist on a target, then by scaling some pegs, and then by only using each other to get up a steep ramp. At the top, they had to solve a large, heavy triangular puzzle. Coyopa made it up the tower first, but Hunahpu ended up completing the puzzle first, sending Coyopa to Tribal Council.

The challenge reappeared in Ghost Island where the tribes first had to jump between three sets of raised ramps. If at any point a castaway falls while jumping, they would have to run back and start over. Then, they needed to dig a heavy ladder out of a sand pit and use it to retrieve a monkey's fist on top of a tripod. They then had to toss the monkey's fist through a target to climb the first wall, then hoist each other to the top of the second wall. At the top, they had to solve a tiki head puzzle. The two tribes were even throughout, but Malolo pulled ahead at the puzzle to win, sending Naviti to Tribal Council.

The challenge was again used as the opening Immunity Challenge in Island of the Idols. Each tribe had to climb over a net and go down a slide, with one member then using a grappling hook to lower a bridge. After crossing the bridge, each tribe then had to climb up a tower and solve a village puzzle. Although the two tribes were neck and neck, Lairo collapsed at the puzzle, allowing Vokai to surge ahead and win, sending Lairo to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Mad Treasure Hunt"
Team Reward S28 jefra tS28 jeremiah t
S28 lj tS28 morgan tS28 spencer t
Jefra, Jeremiah, LJ, Morgan, & Spencer
San Juan del Sur
"Suck It Up and Survive"
Tribal Immunity S29 drew tS29 jeremy tS29 jon t
S29 julie tS29 keith tS29 kelley t
S29 missy tS29 natalie tS29 reed t
Ghost Island
"Only Time Will Tell"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S36 bradley tS36 brendan tS36 chelsea t
S36 desiree tS36 jenna tS36 kellyn t
S36 michael tS36 sebastian tS36 stephanie t
Island of the Idols
"I Vote You Out and That's It"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S39 dan tS39 jack tS39 jamal t
S39 janet tS39 jason tS39 kellee tS39 lauren t
S39 molly tS39 noura tS39 tommy t




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