Richard Lecourt is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro.


Profile retrieved from[1]

  • Age: 32 ans - Marié(e)
  • Profession: Agriculteur
  • Département: Indre et Loire (37)
  • Passion: Moments entre amis, bricolage
  • Devise: Rien n'est jamais perdu, il faut toujours y croire


Richard began the game on the Boro tribe and had a small conflict with Philippe Huquet over the location of their camp on the map when arriving at the island. Richard helped with the construction of the tribe's shelter along with Philippe and Antoine Sanchez, but when Alexandra Denikine was evacuated due to an allergic reaction to bites that she received from chitras and could no longer be targeted, Richard was voted out by the majority of his tribemates due to his lack of affinity with them. When Candice Cohen quit the game on Day 5, Richard returned to the game on the Machiga tribe in her place on Day 8. Learning from his mistakes made before his first elimination, Richard went out of his way to make connections with his new tribemates and was funny and peppy. Though they seemed put off by his quirkiness at first, the Machiga tribe grew to love him and his new approach to the social aspect of the game paid off.

Stung by an insect likely during the seventeenth night, Richard woke up on Day 18 with a swollen knee. Wanting to nip the problem at the bud instead of making the mistake of waiting too long like Michel Jeandel had done, Richard showed his knee to a medic. The medic ruled that Richard needed to be evacuated to the infirmary for examination. During elimination on Day 19, Denis Brogniart revealed to the Machiga tribe that Richard would not be returning to the game and was now officially eliminated. The rules of Koh-Lanta state that in the event of an unorthodox elimination of a contestant, the previously eliminated contestant would reenter the game in place of the other contestant. However, in this case, previously eliminated contestant Alexandre Bérard opted not to return to the game in Richard's place, so the sixth elimination on Day 19 was cancelled instead.

Voting History

Richard's Voting History
Episode Richard's
Voted Against
1 Linda Julie, Linda,
Moundir, Philippe, Sylvie
Voted Out, Day 4
Returned, Day 8
3 Sophie -
4 Machiga Tribe Immune
5 Alexandre Alexandre, Sébastien
6 No Vote
Evacuated, Day 19

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