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Reynold Toepfer is a contestant from Survivor: Caramoan.

He is known for working alongside close friend and ally Eddie Fox, creating the Cool Kids Alliance and eventually aligning with Malcolm Freberg following a tribe switch. At the merge his allegiance to Malcolm as well as his prowess in challenges led him to be seen as a threat; he and Malcolm were eliminated in consecutive votes.


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Name (Age): Reynold Toepfer (30)
Tribe Designation: Gota
Current Residence: San Francisco, Calif.
Occupation: Real Estate Sales
Personal Claim to Fame: Living abroad in Australia. I fully immersed myself in the culture, made beautiful friendships that will last a lifetime and gained a truer understanding of who I am.
Inspiration in Life: Tom Brady, because he is the ultimate competitor and always brings out the absolute best of anyone who plays with him. He displays such a calm poise in the most intense, stressful situations, and will never take credit for the victories he has led.
Hobbies: Swimming, rugby and crossword puzzles.
Pet Peeves: Negative people who feel sorry for themselves and winter.
3 Words to Describe You: Adventurous, resourceful and likable.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why: Music and books are both passions of mine and are things that could alleviate some of the stress during the very trying times on Survivor. I'd also bring a volleyball. Sand volleyball is super fun and I think some games on the beach could be good for the tribe.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Physically, I think I can perform in challenges like Colby Donaldson. Socially, I flirt like Parvati Shallow and can handle intense confrontational situations with a smile on my face. And, I'm a bit like Todd Herzog where I can play into people's egos to keep them blind to my agenda.
Reason for Being on Survivor: The challenge! My life has been defined by putting myself in new and challenging situations and succeeding. Survivor would be such an appropriate culmination as to what my life has been up to this point and I don't think I could ever replicate anything as great as Survivor on my own.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I'm a charmer. I dazzle people. They adore me and open up to me. I'm an excellent motivator, excellent physical competitor and have experience spear fishing.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: With my charming personality and a long history of thriving in and adapting to new social situations, I am the best equipped to manipulate the actions of my fellow competitors to play my agenda. I'm in excellent physical shape and my strong competitive drive makes me almost unstoppable.[1]


Reynold came to Survivor: Caramoan as a Fan on the Gota tribe. After losing in the first Reward Challenge, he quickly aligned with Allie Pohevitz. He also aligned with Hope Driskill and Eddie Fox. Reynold won the fans the first Immunity Challenge. Laura Alexander targeted Allie and Reynold because she saw the two sleeping close to one another. The quartet was getting annoyed with Shamar Thomas' personality and lack of work ethic. The Favorites won the next challenge. After losing, Reynold found the Hidden Immunity Idol which he informed Allie. At Tribal Council, Reynold was pressured into revealing his Idol. The Cool Kids Alliance gave their votes to Shamar, but the others aligned themselves and voted out Allie. Bikal continued their winning streak, send Gota to another Tribal Council. Laura proposed to split vote between Reynold's allies to avoid his idol. He still did not play it and Hope was sent home.

After losing the Reward Challenge, Shamar complained about something in his eye. The medical team checked Shamar eye and it was revealed that his cornea was scratched. Reynold was glad that Shamar was leaving, but at the same time felt sorry for how he left. Gota lost because of Laura's lack of athleticism. Reynold and Eddie successfully campaigned for Laura's expulsion from the game, under the argument that she was the weakest person the tribe. Before the Reward Challenge, Reynold found another idol. Despite Gota cutting loose its weakest link, the fans still lost the next challenge. Sherri Biethman was very angered that she voted out her closest ally to keep the tribe strong and still lost, but she was never vocal about it. The Favorites wanted to forfeit the Immunity Challenge to vote out the increasing volatile Brandon Hantz. Brandon launched a tirade against his tribe (which amused Reynold) and was verbally voted out unanimously.

On Day 14, a tribe switch occurred. The new Gota was Reynold, Eddie, Sherri, Erik ReichenbachBrenda LoweAndrea Boehlke, and Malcolm Freberg. Reynold and Eddie lobbied for Sherri's ouster because she lead the original Gota and sent Allie and Hope home. This did not happen as the new Gota won all of the challenges. Also, Eddie and Reynold befriended and aligned themselves with Malcolm because he said the three would all be a "hunted species."

On Day 20, the tribes merged and moved to Bikal beach. Malcolm got his friend, Corinne Kaplan into the alliance. They also got the former Gota Alliance member, Michael Snow on their side. John Cochran won immunity, which surprised everyone. Unfortunately, the other favorites and Sherri joined Phillip Sheppard's Stealth R Us 2.0 alliance to blindside Corinne. Reynold's team won the Reward Challenge and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Reynold failed to win immunity and was concerned for his safety in the game. Reynold planned to use his idol on himself, but Malcolm said that he was going home. Reynold used the idol on Malcolm (unbeknownst to him, Malcolm threw a vote at Reynold as a throwaway), but it wasted as Andrea convinced the alliance to vote out Michael instead. Reynold once again enjoyed reward as he, Cochran, Dawn Meehan, Erik, and Phillip won. However, he and Erik were both disgusted by Phillip when he got into the pool immediately without showering. Reynold won immunity. Stealth R Us planned to split the vote between Malcolm and Eddie. Malcolm had two idols and used them to blindside Phillip.

At the Survivor Auction, Reynold brought a slice of pizza over a whole pizza (which Sherri would buy) and a letter from home. Cochran won immunity again because he bought an advantage at the auction. The three amigos as they were called, tried to get Erik, Sherri, and Andrea on their side. The trio failed to sway anybody and Malcolm was eliminated after a three-way tie. The next challenge was for immunity. Reynold had many close calls but ultimately fell in the water. Andrea wanted to blindside Brenda because she was the biggest jury threat. In the end, Reynold was voted out in a 4-2-1-1 vote.

At Final Tribal Council, Reynold ignored Sherri for his deep dislike of her. Reynold wanted Dawn to insult him after a brief argument, Dawn told him she thought of him as a chauvinist. Ultimately, Reynold gave his jury vote to Cochran.

Voting History

Reynold's Voting History
Episode Reynold's
Voted Against
1 Gota Tribe Immune
2 Shamar -
3 Shamar;
4 Laura Laura2
5 Gota Tribe Immune
6 Gota Tribe Immune
7 Gota Tribe Immune
8 Sherri -
9 Andrea Malcolm
10 Phillip Individual Immunity
11 Andrea;
Brenda, Dawn,
12 Erik Andrea, Brenda,
Dawn, Sherri
Voted Out, Day 31
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay", the vote ended with a 3-3-3 tie between Eddie, Hope, and Shamar, forcing a revote. Reynold did not change his vote on the revote.
^2 In "Kill or Be Killed", Reynold used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 1 vote against him.
^3 In "Come Over to the Dark Side", the vote ended with a 3-3-3 tie between Reynold, Andrea, and Malcolm, forcing a revote. On the revote, Reynold did not receive any votes to be eliminated.


Reynold and his family.

  • On the 5-2-13/12th episode of the Survivor After Show, hosted by Parvati Shallow and featuring guest Rob Cesternino, Reynold announced that he married a woman named Olivia after he came back from filming. They reside in Austin, Texas and have one son from Olivia's previous marriage.
  • Reynold's and Olivia's first daughter, Lochlynn Elyse, was born on April 26, 2014.[2]


  • Reynold lasted the most days out of any male "Fan" without having a vote count against him with 25 (Laura Alexander's vote was negated by the Hidden Immunity Idol and thus not counted). 
  • Reynold is the only Fan to win an individual challenge in Survivor: Caramoan.
  • Reynold is the only Fan who got to speak at the Reunion Show.
  • Reynold is the lowest placing Enil Edam member to win individual immunity.
  • Reynold is the fastest player to find two Hidden Immunity Idols. He found his first idol on Day 5, followed by his second idol on Day 11.


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