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The Reward Steal is an advantage introduced in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. It allows its owner to steal a reward from another player after any Reward Challenge.


As implied by the title, it allows the user to steal any reward from the winner of a Reward Challenge, with seemingly no exceptions. Like other advantages, it can be used only once, so the holder will have to think carefully of what reward they would want to steal.


Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

The Reward Steal was first found by Adam Klein hidden in the Tree Mail's roof after the merge. He gave the advantage to Jay Starrett after Jay chose him to share the loved ones' reward.

At the final six individual Reward/Immunity Challenge, David Wright won for himself a steak dinner at camp, as well as the right to pick two of the other five castaways to join him. Jay used the advantage and claimed the reward for himself. He picked David, the challenge winner, and Adam, who had given him the advantage, to join him on the reward.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction

During the marooning on Day 1, a secret advantage was hidden among the supplies that castaways could gather. Ron Clark found the advantage, which turned out to be an Advantage Menu giving him one of three advantages up until the third Tribal Council. The finder can either steal the reward from the winning tribe, use the parchment as an Extra Vote, or use it for individual immunity, which works similar to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Ron did not have to choose any advantage as his tribe did not go to any of the first three Tribal Councils, leaving the Advantage Menu to expire after the Day 8 Tribal Council.

Survivor: Winners at War

After the merge, any player still in the game may purchase the power to steal another player's spot for a future reward for three Fire Tokens.


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