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The Reunion Show is a live event held immediately after the season finale.


After the live announcement of the newest Sole Survivor, the reunion show, featuring all contestants of the season, will commence. This is done to celebrate and look back at the most memorable moments of the season. The host will also catch up on what the castaways are doing after filming. Furthermore, the contestants, including the winner, will receive an extra $10,000 for appearing at the live show.

In Survivor: All-Stars, a second reunion show was held to announce a special Fan Favorite Award, which was won by Rupert Boneham. The prize for winning the Fan Favorite Award was $1,000,000. From Survivor: Panama to Survivor: Caramoan (except for Survivor: Fiji), the said award became a staple with the prize varying from a new car to $100,000.

The reunion show concludes with revealing the preview for the next season.

Many times during the Reunion Show, Jeff will spot a former castaway in the audience and sometimes catch up with them about their personal lives.

From Survivor 41 onwards, the Reunion Show has been instead replaced with an on-location After Show for the forseeable future.[1]


  • Host Jeff Probst has hosted every Reunion Show since Thailand. The previous live shows were hosted by Bryant Gumbel (Borneo to Africa) and Rosie O'Donnell (Marquesas).
  • Two marriage proposals have occurred during the Reunion Show:
  • The reunion show for Caramoan was the first that did not feature every castaway. None of the pre-jury contestants were allowed on stage, causing an outrage on Twitter from the cast members and the show's fans.
    • In response to the demotion, Caramoan castaway Allie Pohevitz wrote on her Facebook account about how the pre-jury castaways were treated at the live show. According to her, she was disappointed that she and the other pre-jury castaways were not even mentioned, nor remotely referenced. Allie also revealed that she was only one of the four contestants who actually applied for that season. She also revealed that each contestant was entitled to have six family members to come with them at the live show.[2]
  • The Blood vs. Water Reunion Show separated the 20 contestants into the pairs of loved ones.
  • From Africa to One World, the location of the Reunion Show alternated between Los Angeles (odd-numbered seasons) and New York City (even-numbered seasons). All reunions since Philippines have been held in Los Angeles.
  • Due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, the makeshift "reunion" of Winners at War was held virtually, with Jeff reading the votes from a makeshift set in his garage while the Final Three watched on webcam.[3] It is not considered an official Reunion Show.[citation needed]

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