• Ted Rogers, Jr. revealed that the basis of his jury question to Clay Jordan was that Helen Glover said that Clay was making racial slurs behind his back.
  • Jeff Probst asked Ted, Helen, and Jan Gentry on why they didn't turn on Brian Heidik or Clay.
  • The incident between Ted and Ghandia Johnson was discussed along with how it impacted their respective spouses.
  • Robb Zbacnik talked about his Survivor experience and how it was like a coming-of-age story. He also expressed embarrassment about his immaturity being shown on national television.
  • Stephanie Dill's audition tape, in which she appears nude, was shown. Jeff Probst expresses disappointment with her performance on the show because he had expected her to be a more interesting contestant because of her audition tape.
  • Jeff talked to Erin Collins about being the stereotypical "Hot Chick" and how she had to overcome the stereotype.
  • Jeff said that Jed Hildebrand appeared to be one of the strongest castaways on paper, but he ended up an instant outcast. Jed said that he didn't really fly under the radar well. Shii Ann Huang also confirmed that Sook Jai threw the third Immunity Challenge specifically to vote Jed off the tribe. 



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