• David Murphy proposed to his girlfriend, former Survivor: Tocantins contestant Carolina Eastwood, who was sitting in the audience. She accepted and would join David and the rest of the cast on stage at the end of the reunion.
  • Rob Mariano revealed that Grant Mattos was still very hurt about Rob's choice to blindside him despite it being due to his being a huge winning threat, and had not responded to his calls or texts in months. He tried to apologize and make up as friends with Grant at the reunion but Grant refused.
  • Phillip Sheppard was confirmed to have been a former Federal Agent after all.
  • Grant married Canadian actress Christina Cox between the show's taping and the reunion.
  • Andrea Boehlke and Matt Elrod had maintained a long-distance relationship since the show taping concluded, although they were not committing to a serious relationship due to the geographical difference.
  • Rob won the Fan Favorite Award over Matt.
  • Host Jeff Probst asked Russell Hantz if he was going to play Survivor again in the future or throw out his number and never call him to play again. Russell told him to "keep his number".


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