• The reunion began with Rosie O'Donnell riding on the back of a motorcycle with a mysterious motorcycle driver. The driver of the motorcycle took off his helmet and was revealed to be The Australian Outback runner-up Colby Donaldson, getting an applause from the audience. Rosie started chatting with Colby until he politely told her to get off the bike because she had a reunion to host.
  • Rosie sang an song and mentioned some of the castaways in the song.
  • Rosie gave Neleh two caps, one saying "Oh My Heck" and the other saying "This Sucks".
  • Rosie made all but Vecepia taste "yucky" in order to win a mystery prize. In reality the "yucky" stuff was really gummy worms. She told them they had five seconds to eat the "yucky" stuff. Everybody finished their gummy worms and were rewarded with DVD's of the first four seasons of the show. She then also surprised everyone by giving them each a brand new car.
  • Rosie had Paschal's wife Beverly join everybody on stage at the end of the reunion.


  • This season's reunion show is the last one to not be hosted by Jeff Probst.


Survivor (franchise)

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