• Sandra was revealed to be the Sole Survivor by a vote of 6-3-0, beating Parvati and Russell. This made Sandra the first person to win Survivor twice.
  • Parvati was revealed to have played a total of 114 days in her three seasons.
  • Russell explains he thinks there's a flaw in the game because of Sandra winning twice; he says the flaw is that America needs to have the percentage of the votes.
  • Russell shows the letter JT wrote to him. JT attempts to grab it and throw it into the fire causing the audience and cast to erupt in laughter, but Russell grabs it before it lands in the fire.
  • There was a contest for "Dumbest Move in Survivor History". The nominations included Colby's move for bringing Tina Wesson to the Final 2 in Survivor: The Australian Outback, James not playing either of his two Hidden Immunity Idols in Survivor: China, J.T. giving his Hidden Immunity Idol to Russell, Tyson changing his vote to Parvati, and Erik Reichenbach giving up his individual Immunity Necklace up and being voted out in Survivor: Micronesia. J.T. ended up winning.
  • Russell wins the Fan Favorite Award for a second time after winning it in his previous season Survivor: Samoa.
  • A photo of the first nineteen/twenty winners was shown with their faces morphed into one.
  • A montage video of Survivor: Palau contestant Jenn Lyon (who passed away to breast cancer on January 19, 2010) was shown while going into commercial break.


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