• James won the Sprint Player of the Season prize and $100,000 over Denise and Peih Gee.
  • Denise claimed that her appearance on Survivor led to her being demoted to janitor, as she was too easily recognized by the students. After losing the fan favorite award to James, Denise received $50,000 from Executive Producer Mark Burnett. However, a day after the reunion, Denise's superior, Douglas Public School District Superintendent Nancy T. Lane, refutes her claims, as Denise, per her request, was in fact promoted from lunch lady to custodian with better pay and additional benefits, and the school's management actually approved Denise's appearance on the show.[2] Remorseful, Denise issued a public apology and insisted on having the money be donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation instead.[3] Additionally, Lane had stated that Denise's new job was still waiting for her once she returned after the live show.[4]


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