• Host Jeff Probst asks Jeremy Collins why he didn't tell anyone that his wife, Val Collins, was pregnant. He explains that he didn't want to make himself more of a target. Jeremy says they talked about if there was anything with the pregnancy or kids, and if there was, he would leave the game and come home.
  • Jeff says a big twist and why they played so hard was because the fans voted them in. All the castaways agree that this is true. Ciera Eastin says that in a normal season, it was family only but this time, fans wanted to see them again. Jeff then talks about hiding the Hidden Immunity Idols in plain sight. Jeremy says "you're so pumped up, and then you find out it's an idol clue then you have to worry about grabbing it."
  • Kelley Wentworth says the one idol under the shelter was really stressful. She says an idol puts a target on your back but she needed it so bad. A video of her grabbing the one at the challenge while the others were looking away is shown. She says it was so much stress. Jeff says Kelley was very impressive this season. Jeff says Kelley lost 31 pounds, which is 23% of her body weight.
  • Jeff talks about Kelley playing her idol and nullifying nine votes against her to send Andrew Savage out of the game. She explains that she heard them saying it was either her or Ciera. She says her social game helped her be alert in knowing when she needed to play it. Andrew says they didn't split the vote and were trying to blindside Kelley. Andrew says no one thought they had an idol because they thought they would have seen it or heard it.
  • Stephen Fishbach says there's little information and that gets lost when you're watching on the show on television. He says that he thought Joe Anglim had an idol or could have had 15. Stephen says Joe was his white whale and says America is fixated on Joe because he's the golden boy. Jeff asks if that was his mistake and Stephen says yes.
  • Jeff Varner says this is a tough cast and they're all good. He says the alliances don't work because they're all playing hard. He says you had to join voting blocs to buy one more day.
  • Jeff says Kelley used the fact that the idols were all different to make one. Keith Nale says it was a cheesy way to go out and didn't want to risk it. Jeff says he gets asked a lot of questions about how Keith juggles, balances, and falls. Keith says he can't run fast or jump high but he has ball "savviness." Keith says Survivor is not fun but says it's an adventure. Keith says he thought letting Kimmi stay in the game was the right thing to do.
  • Kimmi Kappenberg says she wanted to be in the game but decided to own her game and try something and the consequences were hers. She tried to take out Jeremy, which was smart, but it didn't work out.
  • Jeff asks Spencer Bledsoe about their history and says he thought he was arrogant and saw people like chess pieces. He says he was vulnerable and tried to grow. Spencer says it's a mixed bag watching it back and says the vulnerability was the best part of it. He says the bad thing was second guessing and regretting. He says kicked himself for a lot of decisions. Spencer says he stopped watching. He says he didn't want to watch thinking about how he should have voted and says he wanted to focus on his job and life. He says he needed to take a step back and not obsess over Survivor. Spencer says he grew and built relationships that he couldn't have made in Survivor: Cagayan and expressed himself in ways he couldn't before. Jeff says they invested in all the players this season.
  • Jeff says a player connects with everyone every so often. Joe is paid a retrospective montage showing Joe's individual immunities then getting blindsided. They call him "Survivor MacGyver". The crowd loves him. Jeff says he was immune 28 days, six tribe challenges, four individual immunities (one shy of the record) and was the first who had his vote stolen in Tribal Council history. He says Woo Hwang is also adored by the kids. Joe says it's overwhelming and surreal. He says he grew up watching the show as a kid and watched Rob Mariano and Ozzy Lusth and wanted to be them. Jeff says kids now want to be him and Joe says they can do that and just need to set goals. Jeff says he wanted to get his dad to the Loved Ones Challenge and this time he made it. Jeff says his dad told him he loved him and Joe says his dad was always tough love and says he respects the hell out of him but over time, they had to develop their relationship. Joe says this they are still growing and their family has grown so close. He says it was an amazing thing and his dad is in the crowd. Jeff says when Joe got voted out, it was huge. Some castaways (Jeremy, Tasha Fox, Kelley, and Abi-Maria Gomes) raise their hands after being asked if they got hate mail for voting Joe out. Abi-Maria says some people loved that she voted him out.
  • Jeff says there's a cool online series called Life at Ponderosa about life after you're voted out. Ponderosa is where they live after they get voted out.
  • There is a flashback of all the pouring rain this season. Jeff asks Tasha about her near-drowning. She says your body gives out like it did with Joe.
  • Jeff asks Joe about when he fell and says he thought he fell, not passed out. Joe says you put so much into the game and your body just starts to break down and you can't do anything about it. He says he saw black and his hands and feet went numb. He says he remembers them talking before he passed out. He says it was like he was underwater and you hear voices but can't make it out. Jeff says Keith was close behind and he went to his knees after that. Jeff says the doctors said they pushed the body further than it wants to go.
  • Jeff comes to Terry Deitz about his family situation. He says his son, Danny, was fine when he left home. Terry says his son has a genetic heart condition and was on the transplant list. He says he had an electrical pump put into his heart. Terry says they were bridging him to transplant. He says the doctor called with the perfect heart for him. He says he beat the bell curve and they're so lucky. Jeff goes to talk to Danny and Trish, Terry's son and wife. Danny says his dad slept in his hospital room for three months. Trish says it was tough because they didn't know what was wrong with Danny and he had to stop all his sports. All the transplant doctors and nurses are there too.
  • There is a look at the next season of Survivor, Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. Jeff says another season begins as the last ends. There is a new group of castaways.



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