• Tyson Apostol believes that he had to make Rachel Foulger's sacrifice worth it "by fighting and scraping until the end." In the past, when Tyson played he would have "brain farts" or "relax for a day," but with Rachel gone, she was his inspiration to win. Tyson goes on to confess that he tried to have an "A, B, C, and D plan in place at all time."
  • Even though Monica Culpepper only received one vote from the jury, host Jeff Probst believes that "with every episode, she gained the respect of more and more viewers." Monica believes that she had to prove herself on Survivor, and that she could accomplish something great without her husband, Brad Culpepper, by her side.
  • Jeff asks Gervase Peterson why he didn't "take on more of a leadership role?" Gervase believes that he was "playing smart" by riding on Tyson's coattails and letting him take all the heat. He confesses that he always had a plan in the back of his head to get rid of Tyson.
  • Jeff believes that Ciera Eastin made the two "biggest moves in the game" this season. It was a game-changer when they drew rocks at Tribal Council, and then shocked everyone when she voted out her own mom, Laura Morett.
  • Jeff wants to know why Colton Cumbie quit. Colton confesses that he has always looked for other people to take care of him, and when no one was taking care of him on the island, he freaked out.
  • Katie Collins discusses the unexpected death of her brother, Taylor. Since her brother passed away, they have received an abundance of love, and that the Survivor finale has given her a degree of closure.


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