Jerri getting booed by the audience.

  • Jerri Manthey was booed by the audience when she tried to explain that Survivor provides entertainment at the expense of ruining friendships and that the castaways are real people and not actors. Lex van den Berghe attempted to defend Jerri and told the audience off. Despite that, after returning from commercial break, Jerri had left the reunion, leaving the reunion now with only 17 castaways in attendance.
  • Richard Hatch revealed he is in a relationship with a man named Emiliano Cabral.
  • Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca revealed they are dating.
  • Amber Brkich gave a car to Shii Ann Huang because she said Shii Ann was the "swing vote".
  • Susan Hawk showed off her new makeover.
  • Jeff Probst announced Survivor: America's Tribal Council, where one of the 18 All-Stars would be awarded $1,000,000.


  • Rob Cesternino, Richard Hatch, and Susan Hawk sat out of order, with Rob sitting in between Richard and Susan, possibly because of the incident between the latter two earlier in the season.


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