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|image = 45190 survivor allstars.jpg
|description = Former castaways compete for another shot at winning the title of [[Sole Survivor]].
|seasonsappeared = {{S2|8}}<br />{{S2|11}}<br />{{S2|16}}<br />{{S2|20}}<br />{{S2|22}}<br />{{S2|23}}<br />{{S2|25}}<br />{{S2|26}}<br />{{S2|27}}<br />{{S2|31}}<br />{{S2|34}}<br />{{S2|38}}
}}'''Returning Player''' seasons offer the opportunity to former contestants to play the game of ''Survivor'' again.
The idea of former players returning originally occurred in {{S|8}}. Executive Producer [[Mark Burnett]] wanted to showcase "The best of the best" after the ratings increase of {{S|7}}. During pre-production for ''All-Stars'', Burnett wrote down the series' most likable, villainous, and memorable players on a legal pad and shortlisted eighteen names within minutes.
"All-Stars" seasons feature casts comprised entirely of returning players. The eponymous season, {{S4|8}}, saw 18 returnees divided into three competing tribes. The All-Stars twist was revived for the ten-year anniversary season, {{S|20}}. This season divided the returnees based on the heroic or villainous reputations.
{{S|31}} featured a "second chance" theme, consisting of contestants who played only once and lost; and its cast was entirely chosen by viewers through an online poll. {{S|34}} featured former contestants who contributed to the evolution of ''Survivor'' strategy and gameplay.
===Fans vs. Favorites===
Although initially intending to produce a second all-stars season, Burnett pushed for ''Survivor'' to experiment with different twists in their 16th season. The result was the "Fans vs. Favorites" twist that saw a tribe of ten returning players pitted against a tribe of ten "superfans". {{S|16}} and {{S|26}} both utilized this format.
===One Returnee per Tribe===
This format features two to three former castaways, each being assigned to a tribe of new players. {{S|11}}, {{S|22}}, {{S|23}}, and {{S|25}} followed this format.
===Blood vs. Water===
Another type of "Returnees vs. New Players" format is the couples format, where returnees would compete against people they personally know. It was first used in {{S|27}}, where ten returning castaways would compete against their loved ones, similarly to the "Fans vs. Favorites" format. However, each castaway would compete individually, so a castaway would still be in the game even after their partner was voted out. The twist would play its part when a castaway could opt to replace their partner on {{dab-twist|Redemption Island}} before a [[duel]] took place, thus allowing their partner to take their place on their tribe.
==Returning Players by Season==
{| class="wikitable" style="margin:auto; text-align:center; font-size: 8pt;"
! Season
! Returned to Future Season
! Season
! Returned to Future Season
| [[File:Borneo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Borneo]]
| [[File:S1 gervase t.png|60px|link=Gervase Peterson]][[File:S1 jenna t.png|60px|link=Jenna Lewis]][[File:S1 kelly t.png|60px|link=Kelly Wiglesworth]]<br />[[File:S1 richard t.png|60px|link=Richard Hatch]][[File:S1 rudy t.png|60px|link=Rudy Boesch]][[File:S1 susan t.png|60px|link=Susan Hawk]]
| [[File:SurvivorAustraliaLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: The Australian Outback]]
| [[File:S2 alicia t.png|60px|link=Alicia Calaway]][[File:S2 amber t.png|60px|link=Amber Brkich]]<br />[[File:S2 colby t.png|60px|link=Colby Donaldson]][[File:S2 jeff t.png|60px|link=Jeff Varner]][[File:S2 jerri t.png|60px|link=Jerri Manthey]]<br />[[File:S2 kimmi t.png|60px|link=Kimmi Kappenberg]][[File:S2 michael t.png|60px|link=Michael Skupin]][[File:S2 tina t.png|60px|link=Tina Wesson]]
| [[File:Africa NB.png|100px|link=Survivor: Africa]]
| [[File:S3 ethan t.png|60px|link=Ethan Zohn]][[File:S3 lex t.png|60px|link=Lex van den Berghe]][[File:S3 tom t.png|60px|link=Tom Buchanan]]
| [[File:Marquesas NB.png|100px|link=Survivor: Marquesas]]
| [[File:S4 kathy t.png|60px|link=Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien]][[File:S4 rob t.png|60px|link=Rob Mariano]]
| [[File:ThailandTransparentLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Thailand]]
| [[File:S5 shiiann t.png|60px|link=Shii Ann Huang]]
| [[File:Amazon NB.png|100px|link=Survivor: The Amazon]]
| [[File:S6 jenna t.png|60px|link=Jenna Morasca]][[File:S6 rob t.png|60px|link=Rob Cesternino]]
| [[File:SurvivorPearlIslandsLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Pearl Islands]]
| [[File:S7 andrew t.png|60px|link=Andrew Savage]][[File:S7 jon t.png|60px|link=Jon Dalton]]<br />[[File:S7 rupert t.png|60px|link=Rupert Boneham]][[File:S7 sandra t.png|60px|link=Sandra Diaz-Twine]]
| [[File:SurvivorAllStarsLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: All-Stars]]
| [[File:S8 colby t.png|60px|link=Colby Donaldson]][[File:S8 jerri t.png|60px|link=Jerri Manthey]]<br />[[File:S8 robm t.png|60px|link=Rob Mariano]][[File:S8 rupert t.png|60px|link=Rupert Boneham]][[File:S8 tina t.png|60px|link=Tina Wesson]]
| [[File:Vanuatu NB.png|100px|link=Survivor: Vanuatu]]
| [[File:S9 ami t.png|60px|link=Ami Cusack]][[image:S9 eliza t.png|60px|link=Eliza Orlins]]
| [[File:Palau NB.png|100px|link=Survivor: Palau]]
| [[File:S10 bobbyjon t.png|60px|link=Bobby Jon Drinkard]][[File:S10 stephenie t.png|60px|link=Stephenie LaGrossa]][[File:S10 tom t.png|60px|link=Tom Westman]]
| [[File:GuatemalaLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Guatemala]]
| [[File:S11 stephenie t.png|60px|link=Stephenie LaGrossa]]
| [[File:PanamaLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Panama]]
| [[File:S12 aras t.png|60px|link=Aras Baskauskas]][[File:S12 cirie t.png|60px|link=Cirie Fields]]<br />[[File:S12 danielle t.png|60px|link=Danielle DiLorenzo]][[File:S12 terry t.png|60px|link=Terry Deitz]]
| [[File:SurvivorCookIslandsLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Cook Islands]]
| [[File:S13 candice t.png|60px|link=Candice Cody]][[File:S13 jonathan t.png|60px|link=Jonathan Penner]]<br />[[File:S13 ozzy t.png|60px|link=Ozzy Lusth]][[File:S13 parvati t.png|60px|link=Parvati Shallow]]
| [[File:SurvivorFijiLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Fiji]]
| [[File:S14 yauman t.png|60px|link=Yau-Man Chan]]
| [[File:ChinaLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: China]]
| [[File:S15 amanda t.png|60px|link=Amanda Kimmel]][[File:S15 courtney t.png|60px|link=Courtney Yates]]<br />[[File:S15 james t.png|60px|link=James Clement]][[File:S15 peihgee t.png|60px|link=Peih-Gee Law]]
| [[File:MicronesiaLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Micronesia]]
| [[File:S16 amanda t.png|60px|link=Amanda Kimmel]][[File:S16 cirie t.png|60px|link=Cirie Fields]]<br />[[File:S16 erik t.png|60px|link=Erik Reichenbach]][[File:S16 james t.png|60px|link=James Clement]][[File:S16 jonathan t.png|60px|link=Jonathan Penner]]<br />[[File:S16 ozzy t.png|60px|link=Ozzy Lusth]][[File:S16 parvati t.png|60px|link=Parvati Shallow]]
| [[File:GabonLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Gabon]]
| [[File:S17 corinne t.png|60px|link=Corinne Kaplan]][[File:S17 randy t.png|60px|link=Randy Bailey]][[File:S17 sugar t.png|60px|link=Sugar Kiper]]
| [[File:TocantinsLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Tocantins]]
| [[File:S18 coach t.png|60px|link=Coach Wade]][[File:S18 jt t.png|60px|link=J.T. Thomas]]<br />[[File:S18 stephen t.png|60px|link=Stephen Fishbach]][[File:S18 tyson t.png|60px|link=Tyson Apostol]]
| [[File:SamoaLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Samoa]]
| [[File:S19 laura t.png|60px|link=Laura Morett]][[File:S19 monica t.png|60px|link=Monica Padilla]]<br />[[File:S19 russellh t.png|60px|link=Russell Hantz]][[File:S19 russells t.png|60px|link=Russell Swan]]
| [[File:HvVLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains]]
| [[File:S20 candice t.png|60px|link=Candice Cody]][[File:S20 cirie t.png|60px|link=Cirie Fields]][[File:S20 coach t.png|60px|link=Coach Wade]]<br />[[File:S20 jt t.png|60px|link=J.T. Thomas]][[File:S20 rob t.png|60px|link=Rob Mariano]][[File:S20 rupert t.png|60px|link=Rupert Boneham]]<br />[[File:S20 russell t.png|60px|link=Russell Hantz]][[File:S20 sandra t.png|60px|link=Sandra Diaz-Twine]][[File:S20 tyson t.png|60px|link=Tyson Apostol]]
| [[File:NicaraguaLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Nicaragua]]
| [[File:S21 brenda t.png|60px|link=Brenda Lowe]]
| [[File:RedemptionIslandLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Redemption Island]]
| [[File:S22 andrea t.png|60px|link=Andrea Boehlke]][[File:S22 francesca t.png|60px|link=Francesca Hogi]][[File:S22 phillip t.png|60px|link=Phillip Sheppard]]
| [[File:SouthPacificLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: South Pacific]]
| [[File:S23 brandon t.png|60px|link=Brandon Hantz]][[File:S23 cochran t.png|60px|link=John Cochran]]<br />[[File:S23 dawn t.png|60px|link=Dawn Meehan]][[File:S23 ozzy t.png|60px|link=Ozzy Lusth]]
| [[File:OneWorldLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: One World]]
| [[File:S24 colton t.png|60px|link=Colton Cumbie]][[File:S24 kat t.png|60px|link=Kat Edorsson]]<br />[[File:S24 monica t.png|60px|link=Monica Culpepper]][[File:S24 troyzan t.png|60px|link=Troyzan Robertson]]
| [[File:PhilippinesLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Philippines]]
| [[File:S25 abimaria t.png|60px|link=Abi-Maria Gomes]][[File:S25 malcolm t.png|60px|link=Malcolm Freberg]]
| [[File:CaramoanLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Caramoan]]
| [[File:S26 andrea t.png|60px|link=Andrea Boehlke]][[File:S26 malcolm t.png|60px|link=Malcolm Freberg]]
| [[File:BvWLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Blood vs. Water]]
| [[File:S27 brad t.png|60px|link=Brad Culpepper]][[File:S27 ciera t.png|60px|link=Ciera Eastin]][[File:S27 vytas t.png|60px|link=Vytas Baskauskas]]
| [[File:CagayanLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Cagayan]]
| [[File:S28 kass t.png|60px|link=Kass McQuillen]][[File:S28 sarah t.png|60px|link=Sarah Lacina]][[File:S28 spencer t.png|60px|link=Spencer Bledsoe]]<br />[[File:S28 tasha t.png|60px|link=Tasha Fox]][[File:S28 tony t.png|60px|link=Tony Vlachos]][[File:S28 woo t.png|60px|link=Woo Hwang]]
| [[File:SJDSLogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: San Juan del Sur]]
| [[File:S29 jeremy t.png|60px|link=Jeremy Collins]][[File:S29 keith t.png|60px|link=Keith Nale]][[File:S29 kelley t.png|60px|link=Kelley Wentworth]]
| [[File:WALogo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Worlds Apart]]
| [[File:S30 hali t.png|60px|link=Hali Ford]][[File:S30 joe t.png|60px|link=Joe Anglim]]<br />[[File:S30 shirin t.png|60px|link=Shirin Oskooi]][[File:S30 sierra t.png|60px|link=Sierra Dawn Thomas]]
| [[File:Survivor31logo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Cambodia]]
| [[File:S31 ciera t.png|60px|link=Ciera Eastin]][[File:s31 jeff t.png|60px|link=Jeff Varner]]<br />[[File:S31 joe t.png|60px|link=Joe Anglim]][[File:S31 kelley t.png|60px|link=Kelley Wentworth]]
| [[File:Survivor kaoh rong logo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Kaôh Rōng]]
| [[File:S32 aubry t.png|60px|link=Aubry Bracco]][[File:S32 caleb t.png|60px|link=Caleb Reynolds]]<br />[[File:S32 debbie t.png|60px|link=Debbie Wanner]][[File:S32 tai t.png|60px|link=Tai Trang]]
| [[File:Survivor 33 Logo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X]]
| [[File:S33 david t.png|60px|link=David Wright]][[File:S33 michaela t.png|60px|link=Michaela Bradshaw]][[File:Zeke Smith t.png|60px|link=Zeke Smith]]
| [[File:Survivor 34 Logo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Game Changers]]
| [[File:S34 aubry t.png|60px|link=Aubry Bracco]]
| [[File:Survivor 35 Logo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers]]
| [[File:Survivor 36 Logo.png|100px|link=Survivor: Ghost Island]]
| [[File:Survivor 37 Logo.png|100px|link=Survivor: David vs. Goliath]]
| ''None''
| [[File:S38 Logo Transparent.png|100px|link=Survivor: Edge of Extinction]]
| ''Upcoming Season''
* Of the 92 returnees: 67 have played twice, 21 have played three times, and 4 have played four times.
** [[Rob Mariano]], [[Rupert Boneham]], [[Cirie Fields]], and [[Ozzy Lusth]] are the only contestants to play four times. Rob is the only 4-time returnee who won on his fourth attempt.
* [[Jenna Morasca]], [[Michael Skupin]], and [[Colton Cumbie]] are the only returning players to never be voted out.
** [[Amanda Kimmel]], [[Russell Hantz]], and [[Sandra Diaz-Twine]] each played their first two seasons without being voted out, but were each voted out in their [[Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains|third]] [[Survivor: Redemption Island|sea]][[Survivor: Game Changers|son]].
* On every season featuring an all-returnee cast, the eventual [[Sole Survivor]] was playing for the second time.
* [[Kelly Wiglesworth]] currently holds the record for the longest period between appearances on ''[[Survivor (U.S.)|Survivor]]'', with 30 seasons.
===Seasons and Twists===
* {{S|20}} currently has the most castaways return from it, with nine.
* {{S|2}} has the most first-time castaways return from it, with eight.
** The eight returnees from ''The Australian Outback'' have returned twelve times total, the most of any season.
* [[Richard Hatch|The]] [[Kelly Wiglesworth|fin]][[Rudy Boesch|al]] [[Susan Hawk|four]] of {{S|1}}, [[Aras Baskauskas|the]] [[Danielle DiLorenzo|fin]][[Terry Deitz|al]] [[Cirie Fields|four]] of {{S|12}}, and [[Tony Vlachos|the]] [[Woo Hwang|fin]][[Kass McQuillen|al]] [[Spencer Bledsoe|four]] of {{S|28}} have all been returning players.
* [[J.T. Thomas|All]] [[Stephen Fishbach|four]] [[Coach Wade|returning]] [[Tyson Apostol|players]] from {{S|18}} have reached [[Final Tribal Council]] at some point in their ''Survivor'' careers.
* All the returnees from {{S|13}} have participated in the game at least three times, with [[Ozzy Lusth]] having competed four times. ''Cook Islands'' has introduced the highest number of three-time players, with four.
* Throughout his ''Survivor'' career, Ozzy Lusth is the only person to compete in all different styles of player seasons: [[Survivor: Cook Islands|an all-new players season]], [[Survivor: Micronesia|a season with half new players and half returnees]], [[Survivor: South Pacific|a one returnee per tribe season]], and [[Survivor: Game Changers|an all-returnees season]]. Ozzy has also been to both {{dab-twist|Exile Island}} and {{dab-twist|Redemption Island}}.
** [[Aras Baskauskas]] and [[Candice Cody]] are the other two contestants who have been to [[Exile Island|both]] [[Redemption Island|islands]].
** Of the three, Ozzy is the only person to return from Redemption Island.  
* [[Stephenie LaGrossa]] is the only female contestant to return in [[Survivor: Guatemala|a season with one returnee per tribe]].
* Every season prior to {{S|34}} has produced at least one returning player.
** However, no players that debuted in {{S|11}} or {{S|26}} have returned. The only returnees from ''Guatemala'' ([[Stephenie LaGrossa]]) and ''Caramoan'' ([[Andrea Boehlke]] and [[Malcolm Freberg]]) were returnees themselves on those seasons.
* Prior to {{S|25}}, no contestant to place worse than 10th on their first season had returned. ''Philippines'' broke this pattern by having [[Michael Skupin]] (11th) from ''The Australian Outback'' and [[Russell Swan]] (14th) from {{S4|19}} return.
** Russell was the first pre-merge returnee who failed to reach the [[merge]] twice. He was followed by [[Francesca Hogi]], [[Colton Cumbie]], and [[Caleb Reynolds]].
** Though he did reach the merge once, [[Jeff Varner]] competed thrice and missed a spot on the jury in all three of his seasons.
* In all three seasons where the tribes were divided as new players against returning players:
** A [[Tribe Switch]] occurred, mixing the tribes between new and returning players.
** Post-switch, the tribe originally consisting of new players won every [[Immunity Challenge]].
** The Sole Survivor and at least one runner-up were returning players, and no new players received votes from the [[jury]].
* In every all-returnee season in which at least one previous winner returned, a [[Richard Hatch|wi]][[Tom Westman|nn]][[J.T. Thomas|er]] was the fifth person eliminated.
* In every season with a returnee, at least one returnee reached the [[Final Tribal Council]].
* [[Andrea Boehlke]] has received more votes over her ''Survivor'' career than any other returning player, with 36 total votes.
* [[Cirie Fields]] is the only contestant to successfully make it to the finale episode of a season on three separate occasions.
* On every all-returnee season that included at least one Tribe Switch, [[Mogo Mogo|one]] [[Ta Keo|tri]][[Nuku|be]] had no members remain on the tribe during its entire existence.

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