Rescue Mission (also known as Triage and Mayday) is a tribal challenge in Survivor. Tribes must use a stretcher to 'rescue' tribe mates located in the wilderness.


Tree Mail will indicate that each tribe is to construct a stretcher (or similar piece of equipment) using designated supplies. At the challenge, a given number of tribe members will be taken out into the wilderness. The remaining competitors race to find their tribe mate(s) and carry them back to the mat on the stretcher. The first tribe to "rescue" all of their tribe mates wins the challenge.


This challenge debuted in Survivor: Borneo as an Immunity Challenge. Simulating a plane crash, the smallest members from both tribes (Kelly Wiglesworth and Colleen Haskell, pretending to be plane crash survivors) were sent to the middle of the jungle and harnessed into a parachute dangling from a tree prior to the challenge. Tribe leaders chosen by the tribe (Susan Hawk for Tagi and Joel Klug for Pagong) guided their tribe members to rescue the survivor and proceed to the "first aid tent". Pagong won the challenge and immunity.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: The Australian Outback as a Reward Challenge, with the tribes instructed to build a triangular structure known as a travois. Two tribe-members played the part of the accident-survivors, while the rest of the tribe raced to find them and carry them back, one at a time, to a "first aid tent." Kucha won, receiving blankets, spices, and soup mix.

In Survivor: Cook Islands, the challenge was used as an Immunity Challenge. Four players untied and assembled a wooden puzzle stretcher then run to the beach. One tribe member then swam out to a mast to free a hostage, then they both swim back holding a life ring. The hostage gets on the stretcher and is carried back. Aitutaki won the challenge for immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Quest for Food"
Tribal Immunity S1 colleen tS1 gervase tS1 greg t
S1 gretchen tS1 jenna tS1 joel tS1 ramona t
The Australian Outback
"The Gloves Come Off"
Tribal Reward S2 alicia tS2 elisabeth tS2 jeff t
S2 kimmi tS2 michael tS2 nick tS2 rodger t
Cook Islands
"Ruling the Roost"
Tribal Immunity S13 becky tS13 candice tS13 caoboi tS13 jessica t
S13 jonathan tS13 ozzy tS13 sundra tS13 yul t



  • This is the first recurring challenge to be played solely for reward in its second appearance.
  • Every time the challenge was used, the eventual seventh placer was on the winning tribe.
    • They were also all male.


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