Reem Mishal Daly[2] is a contestant from Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Perceived as overbearing and blunt, Reem became the first person voted out. Given the chance to return to the game, Reem opted to live on the Edge of Extinction. Over the days, Reem had a scornful and unwelcoming personality to everyone who entered the Edge of Extinction, especially her former Manu tribemates. Although unable to return to the game in both opportunities, Reem survived 32 days, the longest out of everyone who lived on the Edge of Extinction.


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Age: 46
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Current residence: Ashburn, Virginia
Occupation: Sales
Hobbies: Chess, kickball, and neighborhood security.
Pet peeves: Intolerance, humming, bad manners, nose picking, slackers, and snobs.
Three words to describe you: Inquisitive, tenacious, and energetic.
What is your personal claim to fame? I don't mean to sound cheesy, but my kids! They are good, caring people and I am super proud of that!
Who or what is your inspiration in life? Mom.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?
Hat: to stay warm and my hair will be a mess.
Hoodie: comfortable, warm, and good for sleeping.
Which Survivor contestant are you the most like? Stephenie LaGrossa because she does not give up and Rudy Boesch because he just does NOT care.
What's your reason for being on Survivor? I need to challenge myself. Bucket list dream.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? My social game is amazing and although I am honest to a fault, I know when to chill. I've been watching since 2000—I trust no one. Words mean zero to me. Actions speak louder![3]


Assigned to the Manu tribe, Reem developed a liking for Wendy Diaz as she taught her how to weave palm fronds and Keith Sowell as she taught him how to swim. Reem's motherly instincts rubbed the remaining six tribemates the wrong way as she moved their clothes out onto the shore to dry, with Rick Devens noting that Reem's fondness of Wendy and Keith had put herself on the outs.

Following Manu's loss at the Day 3 Immunity Challenge, Reem was targeted by returning player David Wright, though Wendy attempted to tried to vouch on behalf of her. At Manu's first Tribal Council, Reem was called out for moving the tribe's clothes without consent and was confronted by the idea of the tribe not needing a mother figure. Initially defensive, Reem realized how she came across and apologized. Ultimately, Reem was voted out in a 4-3-1-1 vote after Keith turned on their alliance.

Upset and frustrated, Reem quickly got elated upon given a chance to come back. Without hesitation, Reem chose to take the torch and headed to the Edge of Extinction. Much to her chagrin however, Reem discovered that her new home was devoid of necessities.

While enduring the lonely life on the Edge of Extinction, Reem was soon followed by subsequent vote outs, mostly from her old Manu tribe, Keith, Chris Underwood, and Rick, the latter two of which she welcomed with utmost contempt. On Day 16, a game advantage was planted somewhere on the Edge of Extinction which Reem spotted. Keith retrieved the advantage. Chris jokingly quipped about Reem letting Keith have the advantage. Miffed by the remark, Reem lashed out at Chris.

The next day, Reem and the six other players voted out finally competed for the one spot back in the game. Despite a valiant effort, Reem and five others, Keith, Chris, Aubry Bracco and Wendy, lost to Rick. Jeff Probst however surprised them that they can still return to the game. For staying on the Edge of Extinction during the merge phase, Reem, along with Chris and Aubry were given seats on the jury. During this time, Reem found herself creating more enemies as more castaways entered the Edge of Extinction, notably former tribemates Wardog DaSilva and Kelley Wentworth, though Reem managed to reconcile and shared an emotional moment with the latter.

On Day 35, Reem eventually lost the second re-entry challenge, eliminating her and nine others. She voted Chris to win the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Reem's Voting History
Episode Reem's
Voted Against
1 Kelley Chris, David,
Keith, Rick
Voted Out, Day 3
2 On Edge of Extinction
Eliminated, Day 35
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • Reem was almost cast for David vs. Goliath.[4]
  • Reem is the oldest castaway on Edge of Extinction.
  • Reem is the first person to go to the Edge of Extinction.
  • Reem lasted the most days of all contestants who were eliminated without winning a challenge, lasting 35 days.
  • Reem is the first person to be the first voted out and be a jury member.
    • By extension, Reem is also the lowest placing juror in Survivor history.
  • Reem lost 20 lbs. during her time on Edge of Extinction.[5]


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