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This page refers to the Redemption Island twist in international versions of Survivor. For the American version's twist, see Redemption Island.

Redemption Island (also known as Island of the Dead, Isla Puragotyo, Vale dos Exilados, Ghost Island and Exile Beach) is a major twist that have appeared in multiple international versions of Survivor.


The concept of Redemption Island rooted from three foreign versions of the Survivor franchise, namely, the Island of the Dead of the Israeli version, Isla Purgatoryo in the Philippine version's second installment, and Ghost Island from the Serbian version. Instead of being eliminated for good, players that have been voted off from their tribes will be given an opportunity to re-enter the game and have a second shot at winning the game.



No Limite 3 was the first season of the Survivor franchise to use the concept of Redemption Island. After the fifth elimination, the castaways went to the Vale dos Exilados to wait for the chance to compete to re-enter to the game at the final three.

South Africa

In Survivor South Africa: Panama, starting at the merge, the castaways voted out at Tribal Council would be exiled to an island called Dead Man's Island without knowledge of the castaways remaining at the game, where they would wait to compete for two spots to re-enter the game at the Final Three.


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The twist was implemented during Survivor Philippines: Palau with the following elements:

Living Conditions

The inhabitant has similar rations of supplies and food as the tribes, and he or she has a companion dog, a golden retriever named Jumbo. 

If the inhabitant's previous tribe wins a Reward Challenge, the inhabitant secretly gets a portion of their reward. 

Face-Off Challenges

The challenges are just as strenuous as the main game challenges. The winner of the challenge owns the second Immunity Bracelet, disguised as one of the eyes of the tribal Immunity Idol.


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New Zealand

Redemption Island was featured in Survivor NZ's inaugural season. Redemption Island was played exactly as the American version, with the slight difference that two players returned to the game instead of one upon the conclusion of the final duel.

Three contestants returned to the game from Redemption Island. They were Shay, Jak and Nate.

La Isla: El Reality

There would be duels each week, but, in each duel, a contestant will be returning to the game, while another will be eliminated. The contestant who returns will be able to choose the Tribe they want to go into. When they enter their new Tribe, this tribe will send a contestant from the same gender to Playa Destierro. It lasted from Day 2 to Day 20. The contestant who returns from Playa Destierro will have this bracelet, and will be immune at the next Trial, in case their Tribe goes to Trial.


In Koh-Lanta: Le Combat des Héros, every castaway voted out at Tribal Council is secretly sent to Exile Island, where they compete in duels where one castaway is permanently eliminated from the game. The twist is revealed to the remaining castaways two days after the first post-merge Tribal Council, where the final duel takes place and the winning castaway comes back in the game.

Australian Survivor

In Australian Survivor (2017), after Samatau's Day 20 Tribal Council, Tara Pitt and Anneliese Wilson who were voted out were exiled until the following day, where they'll switch to Asaga, needing 2 people from Asaga to offer to switch tribes.

In Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018), Exile Beach was introduced on Day 18 where Tegan Gasior voted out at the Tribal Council and the following one on Day 20 where Anita Berkett was voted out. They went to Exile Beach and Anita lost the duel eliminating her.

In Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019), On Day 38 and 40 the people voted out (Daisy Richardson and Simon Black, respectively) will not be sent home but will be sent to Exile Beach to face each other to earn their spot back into the game. Simon returned to the game.

In Australian Survivor: All Stars, On Days 34 and 36, where the three people that received the most votes at Tribal Council would not be sent home but instead would be sent to Exile Beach. The six exiled castaways would compete in two challenges in order for three of them to return to the game. Finally, all of the castaways would vote off one of the three remaining exiled castaways on Day 38, returning the two others to the game in the process.

Redemption Arenas

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