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Rebecca Borman is a contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands.


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Rebecca Borman was born and raised in Laurelton, New York, where she attended Jamaica High School. She attended three years of college at Montgomery Community College and Essex Community College. She then went on to study drama at Queens College. While in school, Borman was also a dancer and did make-up for theater productions.

Borman has been a make-up artist for 15 years. She received her first Emmy Award for Outstanding Make-Up on a Daytime Talk Show for her work on "The View," where she still works and does make-up for former Survivor Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Borman enjoys dancing, tennis, collecting music and rescuing stray cats. She is very proud of her family, including her father who, after 40 years as a banker, is retired and living in Long Island with Borman's stepmother, a professional belly dancer. Her mother is a principal in White Plains, New York, and her sister, Nicole, resides in New Jersey with her husband. Borman just recently purchased her first home with her stepsister, Jocelyn.

Borman currently resides in Laurelton, New York, with her two cats, Blinky and Pookie. Her birth date is August 31, 1971.[1]


Rebecca Borman started her journey on the Manihiki tribe. Her tribe consisted of five African-American tribe members. Immediately, Rebecca claimed that tribal divisions by race were a great way to disprove common stereotypes.

Within the first few days of being on the tribe, Rebecca quickly developed a bond with tribe member Sundra Oakley. The two were inseparable and tribe members quickly commented on how close the two had been getting. When Manihiki lost the first challenge, Rebecca's tribe had to face the vote. Stephannie Favor quickly became the swing vote between the men and the women. Rebecca managed to convince Stephannie that Sekou Bunch was the weakest link and, at Tribal Council, Rebecca, Sundra, and Stephannie eliminated Sekou.

The tribe continued to work hard at camp; Rebecca and Stephannie finally managed to make fire on Day 4. Tribe outsider Nate Gonzalez did the majority of the work to prove he was worth keeping. At the Immunity Challenge on Day 5, Manihiki was trailing but managed to claim third place due to Aitutaki wanting to throw the challenge. On Day 7 , the Manihiki tribe was no more and Rebecca was chosen by Cristina Coria to be on the new Rarotonga tribe, along with Stephannie. During the next Immunity Challenge, Rebecca was seen as an asset when Jeff Probst identified her as the last woman remaining in the challenge. Rebecca helped lead her tribe to win the challenge and win immunity.

Unfortunately, Rarotonga was not able to continue winning as they lost the next Reward Challenge and the next Immunity Challenge. After the Immunity Challenge, Rebecca's ally Stephannie openly told the tribe that she was the weakest link and would understand if she was voted out at Tribal Council. Rebecca was not comfortable with voting out Stephannie, so she asked her if she wanted to go home, which Stephannie said no to. Rebecca came up with a plan to blindside J.P. Calderon, who was annoying the tribe. She rallied the women to create an alliance. Some of the women seemed hesitant to keep Stephannie, so Rebecca brought Brad Virata and Adam Gentry into the alliance. At Tribal Council, Rebecca's plan worked, and J.P. was blindsided.

During "Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus", Cristina Coria began to annoy Rebecca and the rest of the tribe, and, when Rarotonga lost the Immunity Challenge, she became an instant target. Rebecca was set with voting Cristina out, but, when Nate told the tribe that Stephannie had told him that she wanted to go home, Rebecca changed her vote. At Tribal Council, Rebecca's ally, Stephannie was voted out.

In "Plan Voodoo", Rebecca was surprised to learn that both tribes would be visiting Tribal Council. Rebecca rallied for Cristina to be eliminated, as she was still causing trouble at camp. Cristina asked Rebecca for another chance, saying she would be useful to the tribe if they kept her. Despite Cristina's lobbying, Rebecca still joined the tribe in voting her out.

Rebecca cost her tribe the Reward Challenge in "Why Aren't You Swimming?!", but was able to make up for it by helping the tribe win the following Immunity Challenge. In Mutiny, Rebecca chose to stay on Rarotonga, and the tribe gained Jonathan Penner and Candice Woodcock as new tribe members. Rebecca wanted to eliminate Jonathan first because he was untrustworthy, but, when Rarotonga lost the Immunity Challenge, she joined the tribe in voting out Brad, who openly told the tribe that he doesn't trust them. When Rarotonga lost the Immunity Challenge in "People That You Like Want to See You Suffer", she once again targeted Jonathan, unaware that she was being targeted for her weakness in challenges. Rebecca thought that the message in a bottle the tribe received after the Immunity Challenge would signal a merge. She did not get to find out what the message said because, at Tribal Council, Rebecca was eliminated for her weakness in challenges. Rebecca placed 11th overall and became the second member of the jury.

At Final Tribal Council, Rebecca congratulated the finalists and stated she was torn between Yul Kwon's strategy and Ozzy Lusth's athleticism. Rebecca asked both men why they deserve the title from the money. Yul said his reason was the fact that ethnic minorities was under represented by the media and he wanted to be a good spoke person for Asian-American men. Ozzy said he was there also to change the perception of Mexicans. Rebecca gave her jury vote to Ozzy, who lost the title of Sole Survivor in a close vote.

Voting History

Episode Rebecca's
Voted Against
1 Sekou -
2 Manihiki Tribe Immune
3 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
4 J.P. -
5 Stephannie -
6 Cristina -
8 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
9 Brad -
10 Jonathan Adam, Candice, Jenny,
Jonathan, Nate, Parvati
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • Rebecca worked as a makeup artist for The Australian Outback's Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who use to host The View from 2001-2013. Rebecca kept her Survivor stint a secret to avoid legal problems with television network ABC (which airs The View). When Rebecca revealed to Hasselbeck that she competed, Rebecca claimed that Elisabeth "was literally floored."
  • Rebecca, along with Jenny Guzon-Bae, are the first two castaways to be voted out by the same tribe at the same Tribal Council.
  • Rebecca is the first contestant to place 11th and be a member of the jury.
  • Rebecca was the second juror to not be on the same tribe as the eventual finalists, the first being Erin Collins.
    • Rebecca had the fewest interaction of any juror with finalists in Survivor history. Rebecca was on separate tribes with the Final Three and was voted out before the merge. The only time she interacted with one of the finalists before Final Tribal Council was when Ozzy Lusth accidentally discovered the Rarotonga camp.


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