The Raro Alliance is an alliance formed during Survivor: Cook Islands.

This alliance had the numbers advantage over the Aitu Four coming into the merge. However, they were betrayed by Jonathan Penner when he jumped ship to the Aitu Four when Yul Kwon warned that if he didn't switch, then he would use his idol on himself and the Aitu Four would throw their votes toward Jonathan, which would eliminate him. Due to Jonathan's flip, the alliance crumbled, being systematically being eliminated, with the only exception being when both alliances got rid of Jonathan in exchange for jury votes.



Before the Day 20 Reward Challenge, the two tribes were offered a mutiny (leave your current tribe and join the other tribe).Candice Woodcock and Jonathan Penner accepted a mutiny offer to join the Raro tribe, leaving the Aitu tribe down to 4 members and the Raro tribe up to 8.

Losing Challenges

Despite having the confidence in their numbers, this did not help the Raro tribe overcome the determination and unity of the Aitu Four, which went on a winning streak, sending the Raro tribe to Tribal Council, resulting in the elimination of Brad Virata, and the double elimination of Rebecca Borman and Jenny Guzon-Bae at the same Tribal Council.


The merge finally came on Day 25, and enjoyed the traditional merge feast. The Aitu Four were outnumbered by Raro's 5. Confident with the numbers advantage, Raro decided to vote for Yul Kwon, not knowing he had the Hidden Immunity Idol. With 4 people against 5 people, Yul hatched a plan to use his Hidden Immunity Idol to lure Jonathan Penner into voting with Aitu Four, making Jonathan the swing vote.

The Flip

With Jonathan as the swing vote and knowing that he will be voted by the Aitu 4 if he chose to stay with the Raro alliance, he chose to side with the Aitu 4 and voted off Nate Gonzalez, much to the shock of the Raro alliance.

Angered at the betrayal, the remaining 3 Raro's  targeted Jonathan and tried to figure out what to do to stay alive. Instead of a Reward Challenge, the castaway got into the Survivor Auction, where Becky Lee (with $140 assistance from Yul) bought the right to send someone to Exile Island and take all their money, Yul pointed out that Candice and Adam Gentry had not spent any of their money. Becky chose Candice, much to her dismay. Before Candice left, Yul revealed and showed everyone that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol, and explained that he used the Hidden Immunity Idol to turn the game around in favor of the Aitu 4. After the auction, everyone was annoyed at Jonathan buying most of the items and being arrogant. Parvati Shallow saw this as an opportunity to convince the Aitu 4 to vote Jonathan out. At the Immunity Challenge, Parvati, Jonathan, and Adam edged out Candice to move on to the Final round where the challenge was "casually" won by Adam. With Adam immune, the targets were on Candice and Parvati. The Raro alliance tried to convince the Aitu 4 into voting with them to vote off Jonathan. Their efforts would be futile however, since the numbers advantage now on the Aitu's side, Jonathan was backed by the Aitu 4 and they plus Jonathan chose to vote out Candice.

Taking Out The Traitor

With Candice gone, the 2 remaining members of the Raro alliance, Adam and Parvati were the next targets to be voted off. At the next Reward Challenge, involving their loved ones, Parvati won the Reward Challenge (despite an injury on her thumb). Parvati's dad chose Adam and Sundra Oakley to go on reward with their loved ones and sent Jonathan to Exile Island for revenge of the betrayal, strategy to keep herself in the game, let the tribe have a bonding moment without Jonathan and to let the Aitu 4 realize what it was like to play the game without Jonathan. Ozzy easily defeated everyone and won the Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Adam approached Yul and tried to convince that the Aitu 4 vote with Adam and Parvati to take out Jonathan. Jonathan, sensing that his time on Exile Island was a bad time away from the rest of the tribe, approached Yul and told him that the Aitu 4 owed him for their survival in game. At Tribal Council, the Aitu 4 sided with Parvati and Adam and voted off Jonathan unanimously.

Futile Attempts

With Jonathan voted off, Parvati and Adam felt good that they are still in the game, but still felt vulnerable to the powerful Aitu 4 alliance. At the Reward Challenge, Ozzy won the mud collecting challenge, with Parvati and Yul in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Ozzy chose Adam to go to Exile Island. Ozzy, Yul, and Parvati enjoyed the spa reward. Parvati tried to get closer with Ozzy into getting him to vote with her, even with Yul around. At Exile Island, Adam was upset he was chosen, that the Hidden Immunity Idol was not on Exile Island anymore but it is with Yul, and not being with Parvati to talk about strategy to stay in the game. For the 2nd time in a row, Ozzy won the Immunity Challenge, leaving Adam and Parvati vulnerable. Adam, sensing he was on the chopping block, talked to Yul into keeping him instead of Parvati, in which Yul agreed to as long as Adam will not try to sway the rest of the Aitu alliance to vote otherwise. Parvati, knows that it will either be her or Adam going home at the next vote, approached Yul and tried to convince Yul that Adam was a bigger threat than her. The two Raro's were talking to Ozzy about changing his vote and vote for Sundra, with Ozzy considering it. Yul caught Parvati and Adam talking to Ozzy about flipping, and confronted Adam about it, with Adam confessing and saying that he needs at least to do something to change his and Parvati's fate at Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Ozzy stuck with his Aitu alliance and they chose to vote off strategic threat Parvati over physical threat Adam, leaving Adam with heavy odds against him.

Being the last of his alliance and powerless against the impenetrable Aitu 4, Adam's last hope was winning the next Immunity Challenge. Adam's efforts failed however, as Ozzy wins the challenge for the third time in a row. Without immunity around his neck, Adam tried to stir things up by trying to convince Ozzy and Sundra to flush the idol out of Yul's hands before being voted off and making the game more interesting. The plot failed, however, and the Aitu 4 stuck together, voting off Adam as being the last member of the Raro Alliance, with Jeff Probst commenting that the Aitu Four had achieved the seemingly impossible.


  • Adam and Nate are the only members of the alliance to not return to compete in a further season.



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