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Ramona Salins, also known as "Doctor Ramona", is a former member of the Medical Department of Survivor. A New Zealand native, she was present whenever a contestant's health was compromised.


Prior to Survivor, Dr. Ramona worked for producer Mark Burnett on another reality show, Pirate Master. Aside from that, she has been an aid worker and traveled around the world to remote places such as Zimbabwe, Chile, and the Himalayan mountains of India.


Dr. Ramona's first known appearance was on Survivor: Fiji as a member of the Survivor Medical Team during the exit of Gary Stritesky. However, she did not become the person in charge of the medical team until Survivor: Samoa, where she hand-picked every medic herself.

Before the filming of the show, Dr. Ramona would examine potential contestants in Los Angeles, and again a few days before filming began to make sure the contestants are physically qualified to compete. As seen on the web-show Life at Ponderosa, after the contestants are voted out, Dr. Ramona can be seen waiting for them at the production camp next to the Tribal Council area to do a quick check, although in some seasons, it is conducted by another member of the team.


In 2014, Dr. Ramona retired from her job at Survivor to settle down with her husband and daughter in Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia. She is now working at a local medical center.[1][2]


  • Dr. Ramona is a certified PADI open water scuba diver.[3]
  • She attended the University of Wallongong, the University of Newcastle and the Wildrness Medical Scoiety, USA.[3]
  • After she retired, Joe Rowles took over her position.



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