Rachel Ako is a contestant from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

A bubbly personality, Rachel's enthusiasm and controlling personality almost immediately caught the ire of her tribe, especially the more serious Paul Wachter. After digging a deeper hole by blowing her part during the first Immunity Challenge, she became the first person voted out of the season.


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Name: Rachel Ako
Age: 37
Current residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Recruiting director
Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X)
Three words to describe you: Energetic, authentic, and fun!
Hobbies: Dancing, traveling, and high-ropes or high-adventure activities.
Pet peeves: I guess I would say bad manners.
What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer? We used to be viewed as the slackers until Millennials came along. Kidding. Gen-Xers are hard workers; however, I value what every generation brings to the table.
Personal claim to fame: Sharing my raw story of the tragedies I've been through in a book in order to help others; although, I was scared to because I was so vulnerable.
Inspiration in life: My father because he has great values, is loyal, authentic, and has integrity. He is my hero! Growing up as a child, it was Harriet Tubman because she was courageous, bold, and risked her life to save others.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? SPF, tampons, and lip balm, so I'm camera ready.
Survivor contestant you're most like: Myself, I'm bold, sexy, fun, confident, and real.
Reason for being on Survivor: Winning a million dollars! Also, the experience, which includes the physical challenges, the rewards, and meditating on a tropical island in the morning and at night. I'd also like to inspire Asian Pacific Islanders to be confident and self-expressive!
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I aim to be the first Asian Pacific Islander female to win Sole Survivor and $1 million! I have the ability to think so many steps ahead. I've been strategizing since a very young age. (I started competing in chess at 6 years old and won trophies for it!)[2]


Rachel was initially placed on the Takali tribe consisting of Gen-X castaways. She quickly found herself in the minority due to her seemingly controlling personality rubbing her tribemates the wrong way. At the first Immunity Challenge, she blundered her portion of the challenge, which led to the tribe losing and being sent to Tribal Council. Despite CeCe Taylor and David Wright seemingly being in the minority, Rachel had a bad omen that she would be going home, due to the fact that none of the other tribe members would tell her who they were voting for. At Tribal Council, her predictions came true, as she was the first person voted out by a 5-3-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Rachel's Voting History
Episode Rachel's
Voted Against
1 Sunday Bret, Chris,
David, Ken, Paul
Voted Out, Day 4


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  • Rachel previously applied for Survivor: San Juan del Sur along with her father. However, Rachel turned down the offer because her father was unable to compete due to having knee surgery.[3]
  • Rachel is the first person to be voted out on Day 4, due to the postponing of the first Immunity Challenge because of a tropical cyclone.


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