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This article is about the challenge. For the episode of the same name, see "Q and A".

Q and A (also known as Face Off, Voo Doo, Getting Smashed Q & A, Body Slam, Jala-Powed, The Knife Quiz, and Touchy Subjects) is a recurring challenge that originated in Survivor: The Amazon as an Immunity Challenge and was used in later seasons as a Reward Challenge.


The challenge starts with each of the castaways would fill out a questionnaire about the tribe in private, then the results would be tallied and the challenge would begin. The questions would be posed to the group and the castaways would guess whose name was written most often. Starting in All-Stars, whoever got the question right could strike against another castaway. This is denoted by chopping a rope attached to a battering ram, which would hit the castaway's representative effigy. After 3 strikes, the significant idol/mask/ceramic statue/voodoo doll would be destroyed, eliminating that player from the challenge.

There have been modifications to this challenge over seasons:

In The Amazon, the first castaway to answer 5 questions correctly wins.

In All-Stars, each castaway who answers a question correctly would be allowed to cut a section of rope connected to the swinging log of the castaway they wanted eliminated. Three cuts of the rope would send the logs smashing into the mask.

In Panama, after three chops, the rope will release a torch that will in turn send their voodoo dolls up in flames.

In Fiji, towers were smashed. When all three towers are gone, that person is out of the game.

In Micronesia, after three chops of the rope, the statuette would be smashed and that castaway would be eliminated from the challenge.

In Tocantins, after three cut ropes, an idol would be smashed, and that castaway was removed from the challenge.

In One World, three cuts of the rope would send the doll into a fire where it would burn, thus eliminating that player from the challenge.

The last castaway standing wins the challenge.


United States[]

In its debut during The Amazon, Rob Cesternino won this challenge, the only time it appeared as an Immunity Challenge.

Rupert Boneham won the challenge when it reappeared in All-Stars.

Cirie Fields won this challenge in Panama.

Cassandra Franklin won this challenge in Fiji.

Alexis Jones won this challenge in Micronesia.

Stephen Fishbach won this challenge in Tocantins.

Kim Spradlin won this challenge most recently in One World.


New Zealand[]

South Africa[]

In Malaysia, as opposed to answering a questionnaire prior to the question, the contestants will answer each question on the spot, with the most common answer being revealed in real-time. The contestants outside the majority will stick a knife in their station; once a contestant answers three questions incorrectly, they are out. The final round came down to Dyke Higginson and Grant Clark, who were asked who would be impacted most greatly by the million-rand prize. Since there was a two-way tie, the five eliminated contestants also participated in answering the question to determine a majority answer. Dyke won the challenge and the spa reward.

The traditional "three strikes" mechanics were employed in Santa Carolina. Sade Giliberti won the challenge and a spa day.

In Champions, the challenge was used as part of a tribe switch mechanic. The Selatan and Utara tribes would answer a survey about their tribemates. The game would then play as usual, with every person answering correctly moving one step down a staircase. Once the person leaves the staircase, they will be sorted into either the new Selatan or Utara tribes.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Celebrity Survivor Australia
Episode 9
Individual Reward AUS2 nicolle t
Nicolle Dickson
Australian Survivor (2016)
Episode 22
Individual Reward AUS3 flick t
Flick Egginton

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Episode 11
Individual Reward NZS1 barb t
Barb Raos

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor Québec (2023)
Episode 41
Individual Reward QCS1 christophe t
Christophe Tiffet

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Episode 10
Individual Reward ZAS2 dyke t
Dyke Higginson
Santa Carolina
Episode 9
Individual Reward ZAS3 sade t
Sade Giliberti
Episode 7

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Robinson 2023
Episode 9
Tribal Reward SES23 alva tSES23 amandae tSES23 caroline tSES23 christopher t
SES23 dennisj tSES23 marcus tSES23 oskar tSES23 sophie t
South Team (Robinson 2023)

Most Common Answer[]

Question Most Common Answer Question Most Common Answer
Who do you trust with
your life?
S6 butch tS8 robm tS12 cirie t
S14 earl tS18 jt tS24 kim t
Who is the most honest? S6 matthew tS8 rupert tS16 alexis t
Who never shuts up? S8 jennal tS12 courtney tS16 parvati t Who could never survive
on their own?
S6 jenna tS12 cirie tS18 debbie t
Who mistakenly thinks they're
running this game?
S12 shane tS14 alex tS16 parvati t Who uses sex appeal
as a weapon?
S6 jenna tS8 amber t
Who doesn't deserve to
be an All-Star?
S8 alicia tS8 shiiann t Who is the biggest poser? S12 courtney tS24 troyzan t
Who does the least for
the tribe?
S12 danielle tS24 sabrina t Who is most likely to stab
you in the back?
S12 terry tS18 sierra t
Who would you most like
to be stranded with?
S14 yauman tS24 kim t Who would you not invite
to a family dinner?
S14 boo tS16 james t
Who do you hope to never
see again?
S14 stacy tS24 troyzan t Who needs therapy? S6 matthew t
Who do you have a
crush on?
S6 heidi t Who would you want to see
pose nude?
S6 heidi t
Who mistakenly thinks they're
S8 alicia t Who is the moodiest? S12 shane t
Who is the most annoying? S12 courtney t Who most easily succumbs
to intimidation?
S12 courtney t
Who smells the worst? S14 dreamz t Who has the biggest
sense of entitlement?
S14 alex t
Who has wasted this
great opportunity?
S14 stacy t Who has surprised you
the most athletically?
S14 yauman t
Who does the most
for the tribe?
S16 james t Who has not lived up to
their potential?
S18 coach t
Who is most likely to
squander the million?
S18 sierra t Who would you least like
to see win?
S18 sierra t
Who most needs a wakeup
call in life?
S24 kat t Who does not deserve to
still be here?
S24 christina t



  • Despite originating in The Amazon, Tom Buchanan was the first castaway knocked out of this challenge in All-Stars.
    • This is due to the fact that in The Amazon, the winner was the first person to answer five questions correctly, not the last person standing.
  • Cirie Fields is the only castaway to participate in this challenge twice.
    • Despite this, she has only been the collective answer twice.
    • She has also participated in the reward both times, winning the challenge in Panama and being chosen by Alexis Jones to go on reward in Micronesia.
  • Kim Spradlin is the only Sole Survivor to also win this challenge.
  • Courtney Marit has been the collective answer for the most questions with 4.
  • The question "Who would you trust with your life?" has been asked the most times, six of the seven times this challenge has been played.
    • All six people who have been the collective answer for this question have made the final four of their season, and three of them have won. In addition, Rob Mariano won a future season after being the collective answer.
  • This challenge is almost always used with 7 castaways remaining, with the notable exceptions of Fiji with 9, and One World with 8.


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