Pyramid Scheme (also known as Tangled Up in Blue) is a recurring challenge of Survivor.


Castaways must make their way through multiple obstacles, before solving a four-piece puzzle in the shape of a pyramid. The first castaway or tribe to finish their pyramid puzzle wins.


The challenge debuted in Ghost Island as the final five Immunity Challenge. Each castaway had to swim out to a platform and cross a series of obstacles, while collecting two bags of puzzle pieces along the way. Wendell Holland held a narrow lead over Laurel Johnson throughout the challenge and finished his pyramid puzzle first, winning his second straight immunity.

The challenge reappeared in David vs. Goliath as a tribal Reward/Immunity Challenge. The first two stages required castaways to untangle ropes similar to the Around The Bend challenge. Then, two members would use the ropes to lasso and pull in a platform on which the last two members would build the pyramid puzzle. David and Goliath were neck-and-neck in the challenge, but ultimately Christian Hubicki and Gabby Pascuzzi edged out Alison Raybould and Natalie Cole in building their puzzle to win David immunity, sending Goliath to their first Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Ghost Island
"It Is Game Time Kids"
Individual Immunity S36 wendell t
Wendell Holland
David vs. Goliath
"I Am Goliath Strong"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S37 bi tS37 carl tS37 christian tS37 davie t
S37 elizabeth tS37 gabby tS37 lyrsa tS37 nick t




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