Price for Immunity is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Guatemala.


Day 31

At the Survivor Auction, everybody enjoys food and visits from their loved ones. Danni Boatwright buys an advantage to the next Immunity Challenge. Cindy Hall, Judd Sergeant, and Stephenie LaGrossa enjoy an overnight stay with their loved ones.

Day 32

Day 33

At the Immunity Challenge, the advantage Danni bought at the auction ultimately leads to her winning the challenge. After the challenge Danni convinces Stephenie and Rafe Judkins to betray their alliance and blindside Judd due to him being untrustworthy. At Tribal Council, Judd becomes the fourth jury member by a 4-2 vote.


Challenge: Loved Ones Auction
The castaways will receive money to outbid each other for items, mostly food. The auction culminated with one final offer, the castaways' loved ones will have an overnight stay at the Xhakúm tribe camp, with two other players and the loved ones in tow.

Challenge: Watch Your Step
One at a time, players make a move on the giant multi-level playing board. Flip a tile to the red side, and step onto it. Once a tile has been flipped and stepped on, it cannot be used again. In addition, the top level is a spinning platform to be used for strategic repositioning on the board. If a player is completely surrounded by flipped tiles, they are eliminated from the challenge. The last person standing wins.
Additional Stipulation: For purchasing the Challenge Advantage during the auction, Danni Boatwright is allowed to switch positions with any remaining player on the board once in the challenge.
Winner: Danni Boatwright

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
S11 judd t
Judd (4 votes)
S11 danni tS11 lydia tS11 rafe tS11 stephenie t
Danni, Lydia, Rafe, Stephenie
S11 lydia t
Lydia (2 votes)
S11 cindy tS11 judd t
Cindy, Judd
S11 judd bw
Judd Sergeant

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Judd) Judd, I'm pretty sure it's one of us tonight. I hope it's you, but if it's not, then good job.


(voting for Judd) You told me today that there was only one sure way to avoid being voted off, and that was to have an Immunity Necklace. But you also forgot that there's also an alliance that I tried to form with you, but I think you chose your own destiny.


(voting for Judd) You always say we're a bunch of squirrels trying to get a nut. Well, sorry I had to write your name down, but I had to do what I had to do today.


(voting for Judd) I really did not want to do this, but some conversations have come up that you were turning on our alliance, and I've heard a number of things, so I feel that I can't trust you, and if I don't get rid of you, then I won't go to the end. I'm so sorry. I love you like a brother, and I hope you'll forgive me.


(voting for Lydia) Hey, Lydia, you sang and you danced your way right out of the jungle. Adiós.


(voting for Lydia) Lydia, being who you are makes you a threat in this game. People love you, and you're so dang smiley. Like your recipes, you always bring a smile to my face, and I'll never forget any of 'em. Thanks a lot.


Final Words

I am really pissed off. I mean I feel I'm, I was pissed on and pissed off, lied to, and betrayed. It doesn't feel good being blindsided and it sucks being lied to, man, because one thing I didn't do was lie to anybody, man. Get rid of the biggest target? That's what they did, man. I really believe that you're all a bunch of scumbags and I can't wait until the Final Two, man. I will have a lot more to say than that, man.

Judd Sergeant

Still in the Running

S11 jim bw
S11 morgan bw
S11 brianna bw
S11 brooke bw
S11 blake bw
S11 margaret bw
S11 brian bw
S11 amy bw
S11 brandon bw
S11 bobbyjon bw
S11 jamie bw
S11 gary bw
S11 judd bw
S11 cindy t
S11 danni t
S11 lydia t
S11 rafe t
S11 stephenie t


  • This season's Survivor Auction holds a lot of records:
  • As of this episode, all of the male original Nakúm members have been eliminated.


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