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The Power Six is an alliance formed in Survivor: Game Changers.

The seeds of the alliance were sown in the pre-merge phase of the game, as Brad Culpepper, Sierra Dawn Thomas, Tai Trang, Troyzan Robertson and Debbie Wanner formed various overlapping partnerships. The alliance was fully activated when Sarah Lacina collaborated with the above five players on a blindside of Ozzy Lusth. This play initiated a long-term struggle against the other axis of power in the season, the Tavua Alliance helmed by Cirie Fields and Andrea Boehlke. Sarah's prompt defection from the alliance, followed later by Tai's, resulted in a Tavua ascendancy and the elimination of Debbie and Sierra; however, Sarah brought the surviving members of the Power Six back into the fold of a reconstituted majority at the Final 7 Tribal Council. Sarah, Brad, and Troyzan comprised the Final Three of the season, with Sarah ultimately emerging as the Sole Survivor.


Sierra Dawn Thomas
Days 7-32
S34 sierra t.png
Brad Culpepper
Remained Loyal
Days 7-39
S34 brad t.png
Debbie Wanner
Remained Loyal
Days 7-13; 19-26
S34 debbie t.png
Sarah Lacina
Remained Loyal
Days 24-26; 35-39
S34 sarah t.png
Tai Trang
Days 7-29
S34 tai t.png
Troyzan Robertson
Remained Loyal
Days 14-39
S34 troyzan t.png



While the alliance was not officially formed until after the tribe switch, Brad and Sierra aligned on Day 1.

Breaking Up A Pair

Nuku members Brad, Sierra, Debbie and Tai were switched to Mana at the tribe switch, and were joined by former Mana members Hali and Caleb. After Mana lost Immunity, Caleb became a target for his relationship with Tai, largely because Brad was concerned about Caleb's relationships with Tai and with former Mana members now on other tribes. Brad prevailed upon Tai to vote with the old Nuku majority and eliminate Caleb.

The Tables Have Turned

On Day 11, Tavua won immunity, but a twist obliged both Mana and Nuku to go to a Joint Tribal Council, where they would collectively vote out one player. Nuku debated the merits of voting out Sandra Diaz-Twine or Malcolm Freberg, both of whom presented threats of different types. However, Mana was in the majority at the joint tribal by a 6 to 5 margin. Brad and Sierra got their first major break in the game at the joint tribal when their former Nuku tribemate, J.T. Thomas, leaked to Brad the crucial information that Sandra's old-Mana majority was targeting Sierra. This prompted Brad to convince Tai to use a Hidden Immunity Idol on Sierra. The votes against her were negated. Although J.T. had perpetrated the leak with the apparent purpose of enabling Brad and Sierra to eliminate Sandra, their alliance targeted J.T.'s friend Malcolm instead, emerging with a major strategic victory and devastating J.T.

Merging in the Majority

At the merge on Day 19, the alliance comprised a significant proportion of a majority that seemed poised to pick off outsiders Hali Ford and Michaela Bradshaw at the first two post-merge Tribal Councils. This overwhelming 11-person majority agreed to split the vote between Hali and Michaela in order to ward off the threat of an idol, but there was disagreement as to which of the two would be the primary target. Cirie Fields and Zeke Smith subtly lobbied to keep Michaela (the initial primary target) in the game, with an eye toward incorporating her into a majority alliance that would be more manageable for themselves. The result was Hali's elimination in a 7-4-2 vote.

Following winning the Reward Challenge on Day 22, Zeke targeted his allies Andrea and Cirie and opted to clue in Debbie and Tai, with the former being skeptical of his scheme. After the Immunity Challenge in which Tai narrowly won against Ozzy, Zeke continued his targeting of the duo. Reaching out to Sierra for her aide in voting out Andrea, he revealed that Andrea, Aubry, and Cirie were conspiring to vote her out. Sierra brought this information to Debbie, who then brought up the idea of blindsiding Ozzy, the biggest physical threat left in the game. This move would sever Zeke's nascent alliance at the knees and establish Debbie, Sierra, Brad, Troyzan, Tai, and Sarah in the majority. The plan came to fruition, and the Power Six alliance was established.


The alliance now had a 6 to 5 majority. They planned on targeting Andrea next. However, Sarah did not see the benefit in perpetuating the Power Six as a long-term power structure, and contemplated flipping away from the alliance. She considered staying after Sierra offered her a final three deal, but after being told that Debbie did not trust her, Sarah decided to flip. At Tribal Council, Sarah cast the deciding vote on Debbie, blindsiding her.

On the Outs

With Debbie gone the alliance was now in the minority. At the next Tribal Council, various Power Six members voted against one another in hopes of saving themselves, but Cirie and Andrea blindsided Zeke, who had been conspiring against them for some time. This result, while encouraging on its face for the remaining Power Six members, took them entirely by surprise, and indeed Brad and Troyzan had been counting on Zeke's complicity in future votes.

The next day, Sierra told Sarah about her Legacy Advantage in an attempt to gain her trust. Brad won Immunity. At camp, Michaela listened to Tai make a case for Andrea as the best target. However, Sarah told both Michaela and Tai about Sierra's legacy advantage and managed to convince them to target her. Sierra was voted out at Tribal Council and willed her Legacy Advantage to Sarah, and Tai became estranged from the remnants of the Power Six.

Brad's Immunity Run

These developments left Brad and Troyzan alone in the minority with eight players left. Due to his challenge prowess, Brad was made the main target for the majority. Despite losing the next Immunity Challenge, he was spared when Cirie, Sarah, Michael and Tai blindsided Andrea for being a bigger overall threat to win at the Final Tribal Council.

Now at a 5-2 disadvantage, Brad managed a crucial win at the next Immunity Challenge. Though Troyzan was left without immunity, he still possessed an idol from his days on Tavua. Such measures became unnecessary as the dominant Tavua Alliance began to fracture irreparably. Sarah initially wanted Aubry gone following the ouster of Andrea, whereas Cirie put pressure on Tai, hoping to destabilize the position of the holder of two idols. Aubry and Michaela agreed to Cirie's plan while Sarah tried to curry favor with Cirie by giving her temporary custody of the Vote Steal advantage. At Tribal Council, Cirie attempted to spring a surprise using this advantage, with the object of exposing Tai as unreliable and eliminating him from the game. However, she had neglected to read a rule on the advantage stating that it was non-transferable, and this misplay caused chaos to ensue at Tribal Council. Feeling betrayed by Cirie, Sarah reclaimed the advantage to negate Tai's vote and convinced Brad and Troyzan to eliminate Cirie's trusted ally Michaela.

Following a tense confrontation in which Tai confessed his targeting of Sarah, the next morning Tai tried to realign with Brad and Troy. Instead, Brad tried to aggressively force Tai to give him one of his idols in order to prove his loyalty. The intention was to give Tai false hope so that Brad could blindside him with the other five members of the Final Six at the upcoming Tribal Council. At the Day 36 Immunity Challenge, Brad won for the third time and chose to share the feast reward with Sarah and Troyzan. During the feast, the three agreed to go the Final Tribal Council and conspired to split the vote between Aubry and Tai in case of an idol play from the latter. At Tribal Council, the three went ahead with their plan, with Brad voting for Aubry, and Sarah and Troyzan voting for Tai. However, after an 11th-hour consultation with Aubry and Cirie, who recognized the looming threat that Sarah posed with Brad and Troyzan in her pocket, Tai played both of his idols for himself and Aubry, and the three of them voted for Sarah. Sarah was saved by the Legacy Advantage she had obtained through her betrayal of Sierra. This sequence of events obliged Troyzan to play his idol as well. With Brad immune, this left Cirie as the only remaining player eligible for votes. She was eliminated by default in sixth place.

Returning from Tribal Council in a 3-2 majority, the new threesome targeted Aubry for being the bigger threat. Brad managed to win his fourth Immunity Challenge, and third in a row to make it to the Final Four. Aubry attempted to get Sarah and Tai to side with her against Troyzan to break up his partnership with Brad, but this plan was for naught, and Aubry was eliminated unanimously on Day 37. The next day, Tai was left as the final outsider. Feeling vengeful after Tai's constant betrayals, Brad targeted him for the penultimate vote. He would go on to win Immunity once more, thus bringing him to the Final Tribal Council. Troyzan agreed to target Tai while Sarah weighed the possibility of forcing a tie with Tai against Troyzan. Ultimately Sarah made the safe play, eliminating Tai and proceeding to the Final Tribal Council. Thus the Final Three was dominated by former Power Six members.

Final Tribal Council

Troyzan was generally ignored due to the universal perception that he was a lesser follower of Brad, so the jury focused their attention on Sarah and Brad. Sarah was commended for her strategic control and social flexibility, but condemned for using her social relationships for strategic purposes and betraying many in the process. Brad was praised for his challenge performances, but criticized for being condescending and irritable, and failing to interact respectfully with players in worse positions than him. Sarah's strategic control was the difference, and she was awarded the title of Sole Survivor in a 7-3-0 vote.



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