Pot Head (also known as Price On Your Head) is a recurring Survivor challenge.


In Survivor: Guatemala, the Survivors would balance a Mayan pot on their head for an hour while standing on a perch.  After the 60 minutes had elapsed, the remaining contestants would race up the steps of a temple.  The first person to reach the top would win immunity.

In South Pacific, the castaways must place a pot on their head and balance it. They would have to race over a series of balance beams to deposit rice in a bowl at the end. The first person to fill their bowl of rice up wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Guatemala, where the power alliance (minus Judd and Cindy) chose to sit and watch the contestants while feasting. In the end, Gary beat everyone up the pyramid and won immunity.

In Survivor: South Pacific, the top 9 raced to fill up their bowl with rice. In a tight race, Sophie beat everyone else to win.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Hidden Immunity Idol"
Individual Immunity S11 gary t
Gary Hogeboom
South Pacific
"Running the Show"
Individual Immunity S23 sophie t
Sophie Clarke



  • This challenge was only used in seasons with blue, red, and yellow tribes.
  • Both winners were on a starting blue tribe.


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