Pole Dancing (also known as Money Box) is a recurring Survivor challenge.


Survivors must race to untangle a series of ropes while attached to the rope at the waist. When they feel that have collected enough rope, they will race to the finish line to complete one final task. The first person to finish wins.


The challenge debuted as the final five Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Guatemala where Stephenie crossed the finish line first and won the first and only individual immunity of her Survivor career.

In Survivor: Nicaragua, the first three castaways to get enough rope to cross the marked line would go to the solving-puzzle round. Sash solved his puzzle ahead of Benry and Fabio and won individual immunity.

The challenge was used as the final five Reward Challenge in Survivor: San Juan del Sur. Keith Nale won the challenge, which was an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge.

The challenge reappeared as the final seven Reward Challenge in Survivor: Cambodia. Keith Nale won the challenge again and shared the reward with Spencer Bledsoe and Kelley Wentworth to a trip to the temples.

The challenge appeared once again as the final seven Reward Challenge in Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Davie Rickenbacker had an early lead which allowed him to win the challenge. He shared the reward, a trip to the Malamala Beach Club, with Kara Kay and Nick Wilson.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Big Win, Big Decision, Big Mistake?"
Individual Immunity
S11 stephenie t
Stephenie LaGrossa
"Not Sure Where I Stand"
Individual Immunity
S21 sash t
Sash Lenahan
San Juan del Sur
"This Is My Time"
Individual Reward S29 keith t
Keith Nale
"Villains Have More Fun"
Individual Reward S31 keith t
Keith Nale
David vs. Goliath
"Are You Feeling Lucky?"
Individual Reward S37 davie t
Davie Rickenbacker



  • Stephenie LaGrossa is the only woman to win this challenge.
  • Both times this challenge was used as an individual Immunity Challenge:
  • Keith Nale is the only player to compete in this challenge twice. He won both times.
    • Keith is one of three contestants to win the same individual challenge twice, following Parvati Shallow and Ozzy Lusth.
    • In Cambodia, Jeff Probst claimed Keith was the only person to have won this challenge, possibly referring to the beanbag tossing portion of the challenge.
  • All three times this challenge was used for reward, it was the final Reward Challenge of the season.


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