Play to Win is the seventh episode of Survivor: Cambodia.


Day 17

Ta Keo returns to camp after blindsiding Woo. It is raining on Night 17 and Kass talks about how the game offers second chances. Andrew Savage is upset about his ally's (Woo) blindside and says in his confessional that the others are incredible liars. Andrew tells the others that he would have done what they wanted and they tell him it is not personal. Andrew says he thinks Kass is the worst for not being Bayon strong and says he will not go down without a fight. He calls his tribemates "pieces of sh*t".

Day 18

Later, Andrew tells Kass and the other women they should take him to the merge. He's acting all nice but he's really mad. Spencer says they all want to win and asks if Andrew is done targeting him. Andrew shakes his hand and vows he'll never write his name down again. Spencer says they have a tight group and he and Kass seem to be solid allies right now. Over at Bayon, they get Tree Mail. They read that they need to await visitors down the beach. They wonder if it's a merge, but others think it's not.

Tasha says it's too early for a merge based on Survivor history. She's nervous. Ta Keo is told to pack their stuff and follow the map to their new home. Ciera hopes it's not a merge since Andrew is so mad. Kass tells the others to stick together and look for a crack in the Bayon tribe. Andrew is thrilled at the idea of a merge. They head out in the pouring rain. They meet the Bayon tribe on the beach and Joe wonders why they're merging with 13 people – that's a big merge.

Keith reads a note that confirms it's definitely the merge. Joe says everything will change. Andrew is thrilled to see his Bayon friends. Joe says it's day one again and dangerous. They share a meal that Survivor provided them and they open up supplies that they were given. Kelley is thrilled since she didn't make it to the merge last time she played. They talk about Woo's blindside and Kass says Andrew and Kelly Wiglesworth voted for Spencer. Kass says Spencer showed her trust and she upheld it.

Spencer says Kass saved him last night. Fish says he was waiting because he knew when the feast ended, it would be chaos. He says you need an alliance of seven to survive the first vote. Andrew chats with Jeremy and he tells Jeremy what happened last night scared him. He says they were so stealthy and says this will go down fast. He says six of them could come at either of them and they would never know it. He says they need seven people. Jeremy says Andrew, Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen, Kimmi, and Kelly Wiglesworth makes six for an alliance.

They need one more person. Andrew decides to talk to Joe about sticking with the Bayons. Kelley and Kass talk about who else they need and Kass says they have Spencer and Abi-Maria, Ciera, Keith, and they also want Joe. Kelley made a final five deal with Joe back at camp. She's a bit worried about Abi-Maria though. Kelley thinks Spencer and Joe will be power players and they need them. Joe does his morning yoga when Andrew hits the beach. Andrew wants to talk to Joe and reconfirm that they're working together.

He sits down by Joe and says they have Bayon strong. Andrew says they have them, Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi, Stephen, and Kelly Wiglesworth. Joe says Andrew is playing with his heart and he knows he can trust him but he also had ties with Ta Keo. Joe says he's going to talk to everyone and feel things out. Kelley talks to Spencer who says he's overwhelmed with everything. He asks who she wants to play with and she says Kass, Ciera, him, Abi and says she can't trust Andrew and Tasha. Kelley says Keith is 100% with them and she needs to talk to Joe to make sure he's with them. Spencer realizes he and Joe are in the middle. They talk later and Spencer tells him all his allies are brand new.

Joe says he hasn't been to Tribal so he hasn't tested loyalties. Spencer and Joe talk about the Bayon alliance and then who they can play with. He says he's trying to put it into "Joe Language" and lays out a football metaphor. It starts raining again and they all huddle in the shelter. Kass says she feels like she's grounded. Fish says he has a poem called Gods Grandeur. He recites it. The others just stare blankly and Spencer rolls his eyes. Others try not to laugh. Kass fails. They snap in "appreciation."

Kass thinks that there's a bro-down going on and she needs to work hard to pull numbers to go against the Bayon guys. Kass talks to Tasha who tells her it's really murky with all the swaps. Kass tells her she could be on the list because she's a good challenge person. Tasha knows Kass is with Ta Keo so she lies and tells her she doesn't think they're Bayon strong since she's not tight with Fish. Tasha says she trusted Kass last time she played the game and Kass sent her home, so she's playing Kass now.

Kass doesn't like that Tasha clearly doesn't trust her and is still hung up on the old game. That sets Kass off and she says in her confessional that Tasha unleashed the beast in Kass. The new tribe is named Orkun.

Day 19

Kass talks about being ready to rumble. Kass wonders if 'Chaos Kass' needs to come into the game. Kass goes to try and talk to Tasha again. Kass says she asked her point-blank and Tasha says she can't tell her the truth since she knows she can't trust her.

Kass says Tasha didn't learn from last time but Tasha says she learned not to trust Kass. Then Kass says Tasha just drew a clear line and says: game on. Tasha then goes to the others and says she talked to Kass who walks up and says Tasha told her that Bayon was over. Kimmi says they need a clean slate and Kass says not when someone lies to her face. Ciera says the chaos is starting already and she's happy to try and use this to her advantage. She wants to try and break up Bayon.

She tells the Bayon's that Woo and Andrew were close and they were talking about the threats they needed to send home at the merge and mentioned Jeremy and Joe both. Andrew is there and says he never said their names and tells Ciera to stop lying. Andrew goes to her and starts to boil. Now it is the first Individual Immunity Challenge. Jeff asks Ciera about the merge and she says they're trying to figure things out and where lines are drawn.

Jeff takes back the tribal immunity statue and shows them the fancy individual Immunity Necklace. The challenge is to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on a round platform on a stick. They have to move down to a narrower section and then hold the pole at a lower point to make it more difficult. Jeff says this was in Survivor: Brains, Brawn and Beauty (Cagayan) and Spencer, Kass, and Tasha played and it came down to Spencer and Tasha that time and Tasha won. They draw for spots and start the challenge.

Stephen is out almost immediately. They will have 10 minutes in each position before they move to something harder. After 9 minutes, Keith starts to wobble and falls out. Ciera falls out shortly thereafter as does Kimmi. They have 10 seconds left in round one. The other 10 move to the next level. Abi-Maria is out one second into round two leaving 9 in the challenge. Kass loses hers and there are 8 left. Kelly Wiglesworth is out then Kelley Wentworth. It's down to Tasha and four guys: Andrew, Joe, Spencer, and Jeremy.

After 20 minutes, they are all still hanging in there. They move to the third stage. Joe is the only one who's standing sideways for the first two rounds. He's facing backward in stage three. Andrew falls out almost immediately and it's down to 4 people. Tasha loses control and is out. Jeremy is out. That leaves Joe and Spencer competing for immunity. Jeff calls Joe one of the fiercest competitors. Spencer begins to wobble and then finally falls out. Joe wins the first individual immunity.

Joe says he has a big decision tonight and knows he and Spencer are the swing votes and says this will be one hell of a Tribal Council. Back at camp, Andrew is upset that he didn't win. Tasha listens to Kass talking about how people are lying. Andrew wants Ciera to go home tonight. He tells Joe and some of the others that she should be sent home for her lying. Kelly Wiglesworth says she thinks Kass is stirring up more trouble but Andrew keeps pushing hard for Ciera.

Joe is ready to vote with the majority against Kass since she can be all over the place. Jeremy comes to talk to Spencer and asks who he thinks. The both mention Kass since she's a troublemaker. Keith comes by and says it's fine with him. Spencer says he can't stop the momentum of the tribe and knows he can't save her. Jeremy wonders if Kass has an idol and Spencer mentions splitting the vote. Jeremy talks to Tasha, Joe, Spencer, and some of the others. Tasha suggests splitting the vote with Ciera.

Keith is happy to vote Kass out since she stirs up trouble. Abi-Maria talks to Kass and says the others are vultures. Kass knows they are targeting her. She says she thinks Keith is voting with the majority. Then they talk about how they will likely split the vote. Kass hopes she can get enough to vote Tasha to combat the split vote. Kass hopes they can get to Spencer and get him to vote Tasha with them. Ciera knows she's also got a target on her.

Kass talks to Spencer about voting for Tasha with the girls. Kass says this move will further both of them. He says she had his back so he'll do it. Spencer says his vote will determine who goes home. He thinks of Tasha as a friend but Ciera and Kass saved him. He talks about how he's never been in a position before to influence the game and he's thoughtful about what he should do. They head into Tribal Council.

Jeff says this is the biggest Tribal they've ever had on Survivor. He asks Ciera about camp and she says chaos is putting it mildly. She says it's been crazy. Kass says she hasn't been playing the chaos game but others are and calls out Tasha who tells her not to even play with her. Tasha says if there is chaos, that's Kass's MO. Kass says Tasha lied and told her the Bayon alliance is over. Ciera says Kass wasn't lying. She says you don't want to be part of the chaos in the game.

Joe says it could be anybody out but it's the first vote after the merge so everyone is afraid so they will take the easy vote. Ciera says it should not be easy, it should be going for the jugular. She says voting for she and Kass is not the smart vote. Ciera says only one person will win and they should play for first place, not sixth. Spencer says playing means different things to different people on different days. Fish says this game is moving fast and says they are seeing an evolution in the gameplay.

Jeff says maybe you don't need alliances, but voting blocs. Ciera says there is an element of trust and you want to be in the top four not at the bottom of a 9-person alliance. Jeff calls for the vote. Tasha writes down Kass' name, Jeremy wrote down Ciera's name and Kass wrote down Tasha's name. Jeff goes to tally the votes then comes back and calls for Hidden Immunity Idols. Kelley and Jeremy do not play their idols, and Joe, Keith, and Spencer join the Bayon alliance. The votes are: Kass, Ciera, Tasha, Kass, Ciera, Tasha, Kass, Ciera, Andrew, Kass, Ciera, Kass, Kass. Kass becomes the 8th person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia and the 1st member of the jury.

Jeff says "the tribe has spoken" and extinguishes Kass' torch. Jeff says the rest of the season is going to be a wild ride. He sends them back to camp. Ciera was the one who voted for Andrew which screwed up the split vote strategy. We see that Spencer voted for Ciera: he finagled it so he could vote on the Ciera side of the split and not vote for Kass because he knew she was going home. Kass says her being eliminated is on her and that she did it to herself.


Immunity Challenge: Hard to Handle
The castaways must stand on an angled balance beam while balancing a ball. At regular intervals, they would move further down the beam, making it harder to keep steady. The last person standing wins.
Winner: Joe Anglim

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
S31 kass t.png
Kass (6 votes)
S31 andrew t.pngS31 keith t.pngS31 kelley t.png
S31 kimmi t.pngS31 stephen t.pngS31 tasha t.png
Andrew, Keith, Kelley, Kimmi, Stephen, Tasha
S31 ciera t.png
Ciera (4 votes)
S31 jeremy t.pngS31 joe t.pngS31 kelly t.pngS31 spencer t.png
Jeremy, Joe, Kelly, Spencer
S31 tasha t.png
Tasha (2 votes)
S31 abimaria t.pngS31 kass t.png
Abi-Maria, Kass
S31 andrew t.png
Andrew (1 vote)
S31 ciera t.png
S31 kass bw.png
Kass McQuillen

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were shown. Tasha was shown writing Kass's name down on the parchment. Jeremy was shown writing Ciera's name down on the parchment. Kass was shown writing Tasha's name down on the parchment.

Final Words

S31 kass bw.png

This time I came in, and I wanted to build relationships with people and work on my social game, and I think I had a good change for the eighteen days. I wasn't on the radar for anything, but I tried to bring out Chaos Kass and really threw a bomb on my game and I just got caught. So it's on me.

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw.png
S31 shirin bw.png
S31 peihgee bw.png
S31 jeff bw.png
S31 monica bw.png
S31 terry bw.png
S31 woo bw.png
S31 kass bw.png
S31 abimaria t.png
S31 andrew t.png
S31 ciera t.png
S31 jeremy t.png
S31 joe t.png
S31 keith t.png
S31 kelley t.png
S31 kelly t.png
S31 kimmi t.png
S31 spencer t.png
S31 stephen t.png
S31 tasha t.png


Secret Scenes

  • Tribe Name: The newly merged tribe decides for a tribe name and chooses "Orkun", which means "thank you" in Khmer. The tribe name is in reference to the fans who voted for the castaways during the second chance voting period and Cambodians for letting them play the game in their country.[2]

Unaired Confessionals

  • I Love Poetry: Stephen discusses his love for poetry.[3]
  • A Few More Checkboxes: Kimmi expresses her delight for making the merge, after failing to do so the last time.[4] She states she would like to win individual immunity in the future.
  • A Sense of Relief: Ciera is relieved after making it to the merge.[5]
  • The Merge is Big for Me: Kelly explains what it means for her to make it to the merge this time. She then compares it to the first-ever merge back in Survivor: Borneo where they did not have a merge feast and only had ambassadors as liaisons to the rival tribe.[6]
  • I'm Working It: Kelley assesses her current status in the game.[7]
  • A Milestone Moment: Tasha discusses how surprised she was when they merged so early.[8]
  • Making the merge is Iconic: Stephen explains the importance of making it to the merge.[9]
  • Last Girl Standing: Tasha feels proud to be the last woman standing in the challenge she once won.[10]
  • The Day After: Kass explains her sentiments the day after she was voted out.[11]

Life at Ponderosa

Kass gets her customary post-game weigh-in where she finds out she lost 8 lbs. in the 19 days she was in the game. She enters Ponderosa and eats cheeseburger and fries for dinner. Kass states she will not be bitter towards anyone; and instead, she decides to have more fun going to future Tribal Councils by not shaving and wearing tank tops to flaunt her underarm hair.[12]

The next day, Kass says having the most days spent in Ponderosa would help her decompress and have alone time. To alleviate boredom, Kass spends the rest of the day doing writing exercises.


  • This is the first time Kelley and Kimmi have made the merge, and the first time the two of them and Andrew have made the jury phase of the game.
  • This is the second time Joe has won the first individual Immunity Challenge.
  • As of this episode, all castaways this season have attended Tribal Council, though Joe has yet to be vulnerable because of his individual immunity win.
    • This episode marks the second time where a merged tribe has members who have yet to go to Tribal Council. Joe and Keith never visited Tribal Council until this episode.
  • This is the first episode of the season where no original Ta Keo members receive votes at Tribal Council.
  • At the end of this episode, Kimmi is the only woman from the original Bayon tribe to not receive a vote against them.

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