Piranha Feast (also known as Hungry for Love and Pig Out) is a tribal Immunity Challenge that originated in Survivor: The Amazon.


Using only their mouths, the castaways must rip pieces of meat off a large roast animal and place them into a basket. The tribe with the most meat (by weight) in the basket after a given amount of time wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: The Amazon as Piranha Feast, where the tribes tore off pieces of beef with their mouths. Tambaqui won the challenge and immunity.

The challenge returned in Survivor: Fiji. This usage would be an individual challenge wherein the top three would go on a river rafting trip. The person with the most meat by weight would also receive an advantage to the upcoming Immunity ChallengeBoo Bernis easily came in first place in the challenge and received the advantage. Yau-Man Chan and Dreamz Herd came in second and third and joined Boo on the reward.

In Survivor: South Pacific, the challenge reappeared with a slab of pork. Upolu won the challenge, receiving immunity and the meat in their basket, vegetables, and spices as a bonus reward. Several contestants noted receiving injuries during the challenge, including cuts to the mouth and chipped teeth.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
The Amazon
"More than Meats the Eye"
Tribal Immunity S6 butch tS6 christy t
S6 dave tS6 heidi tS6 roger t
"A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket"
Individual Reward S14 boo t
Boo Bernis
S14 yauman t
Yau-Man Chan
S14 dreamz t
Dreamz Herd
South Pacific
"Taste the Victory"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S23 albert tS23 brandon tS23 coach t
S23 edna tS23 mikayla tS23 rick tS23 sophie t




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