Pilfering Pirates is a physical challenge in Survivor. The challenge debuted in Survivor: Thailand, where it became the first challenge to allow physical contact between competitors, as well as the first time a contestant was disqualified from a challenge. The challenge reappeared in Survivor: All-Stars.


A narrow series of bamboo walkways connect four boats, two for each tribe. The tribes race to steal items from the opposing tribe's boats, with the first tribe to steal a given number of items winning the challenge. In a specified "attack zone" in the center of the course, contestants are permitted to physically engage their opponents and push them off the course.


The challenge was first used in Survivor: Thailand for reward. During the course of the challenge, Ken Stafford, Robb Zbacnik, Stephanie Dill and Jed Hildebrand became the first contestants to be disqualified from a challenge for engaging their opponents outside of the designated "attack zone", much to the ire of Jeff Probst. As a penalty for breaking the rules, one of Sook Jai's items would be transferred to the other tribe, giving Chuay Gahn an advantage that enabled them to win the challenge, and 24 hours with two Thai Red Berets.

In Survivor: All-Stars, the challenge was the first immunity following the dissolution of the Saboga tribe. During the challenge, Richard Hatch (competing nude) rubbed himself up against Susan Hawk, an event that later led to Susan quitting the game. Ultimately, Chapera won the challenge, sending Mogo Mogo to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Family Values"
Tribal Reward S5 brian tS5 clay tS5 ghandia t
S5 helen tS5 jan tS5 ted t
Chuay Gahn
"I've Been Bamboozled!"
Tribal Immunity S8 alicia tS8 amber tS8 jennal t
S8 robm tS8 rupert tS8 susan tS8 tom t




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