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Pick a Tribemate is the eighth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 20

Kathy comes back saddened that just after partying with Chapera, her tribe had just voted out Colby. Ethan no longer trusts Lex and knows he is on the chopping block, but Jerri is happy that she outlasted her rival, Colby.

Chapera wakes up with Tree Mail telling them to pick a tribemate to send to the Mogo Mogo camp. They fear that the person they send would join Mogo Mogo, so they draw straws and Jenna is sent.

Mogo Mogo gets the same Tree Mail that Chapera got and send Kathy because she knows it would likely not hurt to join, as they've bonded.

At the challenge, Jeff reveals they picked three items from the other tribe to be playing for, and while Mogo Mogo has an early lead, Chapera catches up and wins.

That night at Chapera, Boston Rob and Amber finally kiss for the first time and state that they love each other in confessionals, and Amber feels "99.99% secure", when in the beginning, they were merely flirting.

Day 21

Back at Chapera, in the morning, Rupert goes to catch fish and Rob calls him "Aquaman". Rupert rebuts in a confessional that Rob is arrogant. Then Rob goes to catch fish and catches eleven small fish.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jerri wins round one for Mogo Mogo, and the score is 2-1 her team. In round two, Rupert wins for Chapera, making the score 3-3. Then the tiebreaking round contains Rob beating Jerri, and Mogo Mogo heads to tribal.

Lex proposes to Jerri that it would be best to get rid of Ethan at this point in the game and she agrees. Lex tells Ethan about him going, and Ethan tries to make a counter-alliance with Kathy and Shii Ann, but in the end, they side against him as a past winner and Ethan is the eighth "All-Star" to go.


Challenge: Log Jam
Log-rolling competition. Last one standing wins.
Reward: Any three items from losing tribe's camp
Winner: Chapera

Challenge: Choose Your Weapon
First round: Everyone tries to hit a target with blowdarts. Closest to the center wins two arrows for their tribe, other tribe wins one.
Second round: Same thing, but with spears.
Third round: Tribes choose a player to use a bow and arrow to hit a target farther away. Closest to the center wins.
Winner: Chapera

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Mogo Mogo
S8 ethan t.png
Ethan (4 votes)
S8 jerri t.pngS8 kathy t.pngS8 lex t.pngS8 shiiann t.png
Jerri, Kathy, Lex, Shii Ann
S8 jerri t.png
Jerri (1 vote)
S8 ethan t.png
S8 ethan bw.png
Ethan Zohn

Voting Confessionals

S8 ethan t.png

(voting for Jerri) Jerri, today you took my life into your hands, and you blew it. I feel you've not played the game well. I feel you've not worked hard enough, and I think you should be voted off.

S8 lex t.png

(voting for Ethan) It's really, really easy to win with grace and dignity, but it's much harder to lose with that same grace and dignity. Let's see how you do. (winks)

Final Words

S8 ethan bw.png

I do have some solace in knowing that, uh, I played the game my way. Tonight I had no control over what happened. You know, I fought to the bitter end, and I got further than any other winner, and I'm extremely proud of that, and I wouldn't trade any of this experience. I'll treasure this for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Still in the Running

S8 tina bw.png
S8 rudy bw.png
 Jenna M.
S8 jennam bw.png
 Rob C.
S8 robc bw.png
S8 richard bw.png
S8 susan bw.png
S8 colby bw.png
S8 ethan bw.png
S8 alicia t.png
S8 amber t.png
 Jenna L.
S8 jennal t.png
Mogo Mogo
S8 jerri t.png
Mogo Mogo
S8 kathy t.png
Mogo Mogo
S8 lex t.png
 Rob M.
S8 robm t.png
S8 rupert t.png
 Shii Ann
Mogo Mogo
S8 shiiann t.png
S8 tom t.png



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