Pick a Castaway... Any Castaway is the fourth episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands.


Day 10

At the Morgan camp, tides are coming in pretty high.  With the tides coming in higher and higher each day, the Morgan tribe is starting to regret voting out Lillian.  Without Lillian's work ethic, this has definitely impact the tribe, especially with the tides, crabs, mosquitoes, and fire ants coming in.  Ryan O. and Osten have been trying to dig deeper and longer trenches to avoid water getting near their camp, which hasn't been paying off.

At the Drake camp, even though the tribe has won every Immunity Challenge, that doesn't stop them from cracking under pressure and everyone gets on each others nerves.  

Day 11

Day 12


Challenge: Float-It Notes
Grab sixteen puzzle pieces buried in the sand and tied up underwater, then solve the puzzle.
Reward: Sewing machine and material; loot one item from losing tribe; piece of treasure map
Winner: Drake

Challenge: Boarding Party
Each tribe member would move one space at a time across a platform to try and get to the opposite tribes platform. If two contestants from different tribes block each other from moving they wil have to engage in a physical showdown, with the first person to fall having to go back to the start. The first tribe to get all their members to the opposite platform wins immunity.
Additional Stipulation: The winning tribe would kidnap a member of the opposing tribe until the next challenge, effectively granting them immunity.
Winner: Morgan (kidnapped Rupert Boneham)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S7 burton t.png
Burton (5 votes)
S7 christa t.pngS7 jon t.png
S7 sandra t.pngS7 shawn t.pngS7 trish t.png
Christa, Jon, Sandra, Shawn, Trish
S7 christa t.png
Christa (2 votes)
S7 burton t.pngS7 michelle t.png
Burton, Michelle
S7 burton bw.png
Burton Roberts

Voting Confessionals

Jon's vote was not shown during his confessional.

(voting against Burton) You're the biggest threat that we have. We'll see you, buddy.


(voting against Christa) Christa, this is a tough game, but I'm making strategic decisions.


(voting against Burton) Now, can you dig that, sucker?


Final Words

So, I've got to say I'm disappointed beyond what words could explain. But being a strategic player and knowing the threat that I posed to every individual in my tribe, I probably would have done what the majority ended up doing. It's going to be a lot harder without me. Challenges are not going to be guaranteed as they were when I was involved. So good luck to those left, and I'll see you on the other side.

Burton Roberts

Still in the Running

S7 nicole bw.png
 Ryan S.
S7 ryans bw.png
S7 lillian bw.png
S7 burton bw.png
S7 andrew t.png
S7 christa t.png
S7 darrah t.png
S7 jon t.png
S7 michelle t.png
S7 osten t.png
S7 rupert t.png
 Ryan O.
S7 ryano t.png
S7 sandra t.png
S7 shawn t.png
S7 tijuana t.png
S7 trish t.png


  • This marks the first time that a castaway was abstained from the vote, even after his tribe lost the Immunity Challenge.
  • This also marks the first time that a tribe has the right to kidnap an opposing tribe member for the time being.


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