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Pholien Systermans[1] is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: L'Île des Héros.


Profile retrieved from[2]

  • Prénom: Pholien (29)
  • Métier: Kiné-ostéopathe belge
  • Localisation: Belgique

Ancien nageur de haut niveau. Il a fait partie de l'équipe nationale de son pays. Il rêve de retrouver l'adrénaline de la compétition. D'un naturel calme, il sait être explosif sur les épreuves.


Pholien was placed on the Nacomo tribe. Over the first few cycles, the Nacomo tribe welcomed Koh-Lanta veterans Teheiura Teahui, Claude Dartois, and Jessica Potel into the tribe, but the five remaining original members agreed to stick together when it came to Tribal Councils and, following a strategy conceived by Ahmad Abadie, they voted out Teheiura at their first opportunity. This decision isolated Claude and Jessica from their five other tribemates going into the fourth cycle, with the pair vowing to work with the Lawaki tribe come merge. Even worse for the future of the positioning of these five, Denis Brogniart announced that Teheiura would be returning to the game at the end of the cycle on the Lawaki tribe in the place of Sara Tallon, who suffered a hernia following her participation in the fourth reward challenge.

Before the merge, the Lawaki and Nacomo tribes selected Ahmad and Claude and Alexandra Leveau and Moussa Niangane, respectively, to be the rookie-veteran pairs of Ambassadors of their rivals, resulting in a total of four Ambassadors for this season. At the Ambassadors' Meeting, Claude, Alexandra, and Moussa forced a deal upon Ahmad, stating that they would be pagonging the original Nacomo tribe members come merge and that he could be assured to be the last of them standing should he agree upon one of them to eliminate immediately. Eventually, Ahmad bit the apple and sacrificed Delphine Hergault. On Delphine's way out after receiving the news, Éric Peyrache and Pholien confessed to her that the pair and Ahmad had agreed to throw Delphine under the bus should the worst occur at the Ambassadors' Meeting, to which she thanked them for their honesty but not without frustration.

Understanding that they were doomed anyway going into the merge, Charlotte Caron, Éric, and Pholien agreed to vote against Ahmad at every Tribal Council going forward for his sneakiness. Regardless, at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council, the votes were tied between Éric and Pholien as everyone else had voted against either one of them. On the revote, Pholien was voted out.

Voting History[]

Episode Pholien's
Voted Against
1 Joseph -
2 Nacomo Tribe Immune
3 Teheiura -
4 Nacomo Tribe Immune
5 Ineligible -
6 Ahmad;
Claude, Moussa,
Régis, Sam, Teheiura;
Ahmad, Alexandra, Claude, Éric,
Moussa, Régis, Sam, Teheiura1
Voted Out, Day 16
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In Episode 6, the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Éric and Pholien, forcing a revote. Pholien changed his vote to Éric on the revote. Ahmad, Alexandra, and Éric changed their votes to Pholien on the revote, eliminating him from the game.

Post Koh-Lanta[]

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  • Pholien was a contestant in the 2018 season where filming was suspended.
  • Pholien appeared as a contestant on the Belgian version of The Traitors. He won the show as a Faithful, and split the jackpot of 18 200 € with fellow Faithful Philippe Scofield.


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