Phoebe Timmins is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2016) and Australian Survivor: All Stars.

In 2016, Phoebe was placed on the Aganoa tribe and soon took control, forming a close bond with both El Rowland and Rohan MacLaren, even helping the latter find a Hidden Immunity Idol. After the tribe dissolve, Phoebe found herself on the outs as a former Aganoa member, but with the help of two Hidden Immunity Idols, was able to combat the Vavau alliance, orchestrating a string of blindsides to survive five Tribal Councils. However, a non-vote Tribal proved her undoing, as her former ally Kristie Bennett found out about Phoebe's plan to vote her off and proceeded to blindside her unanimously.

In All Stars, Phoebe originally began the game in the Vakama majority, however she was switched into the minority after the tribe swap. Consistently targeted by Moana Hope, Phoebe attempted to vote her out at the Double Tribal Council alongside Nick Iadanza, but was eliminated instead. After winning her way back into the game, ally David Genat turned on her for not voting with him to take out Nick, and helped Moana eliminate her at their next Tribal Council.


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Age: 27
Occupation: Criminal Lawyer
State: NSW

Phoebe is coming into Australian Survivor with her eyes open and firmly on the prize. She says: "I've loved Survivor for a really long time. I used to watch it with my dad when I was growing up. I applied because I love the game and I think I'll be really good at it."

A qualified lawyer who has worked on criminal cartel enforcement, Phoebe does not take anything at face value and she has learnt to manipulate people when required.

She is used to interrogating people and working under pressure and says she is a natural mediator who rarely loses an argument.

Growing up, Phoebe was sporty, popular and a straight A student. She was also Dux of her college. She says: "I'm smarter than I look and there's a lot more to me than meets the eye."

Phoebe has been living overseas for the past few years and will be moving back to Australia with her partner to start a new chapter. She expects the half a million dollar prize money will help her with that.

Phoebe says she is highly competitive and is planning to win Australian Survivor for her father, who is her hero.[1]

30, Lawyer — Season 1

If anyone had a run of bad luck during their season, it was Phoebe. The ultimate battler who got knocked down but kept coming back up, she's a fan favourite for a reason.

In the minority at every turn, Phoebe managed to swing the game around to stay as long as possible. "I drew short straws the whole time and got very unlucky, but it happens, and I kept pushing. "I think I'm back because I played hard, I set records, I never gave up and I had a blast. I played hard from day one all the way till my torch was snuffed. I'm definitely fitter and now have four more years of life experience that I hope will help me this year!"

A lawyer from Melbourne, Phoebe used all those professional skills to play a strong social game and use her alliance with Rohan to her advantage.

Phoebe is a superfan of Survivor and is thrilled with the chance to play again. "I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it! I'm such an Australian Survivor fan, so how lucky am I to get to have a crack at this twice! "I want to play this game fearlessly so I'm trying to keep that attitude!"

She's had to leave behind her beloved dog and the comforts of home, but Phoebe is hoping to win so she can help support her family.[2]

Australian Survivor


Phoebe was a part of the majority Aganoa alliance along with Rohan MacLaren, El Rowland, Lee Carseldine, and Evan Jones. Though Evan viewed Phoebe as just a number and along for the ride, Phoebe would slowly but surely assert herself as a power player. In the aftermath of the fallout between Rohan and Evan over Rohan lying about the Hidden Immunity Idol clue, Phoebe sided with Rohan and convinced the tribe (excluding Lee) to blindside Evan.

After the tribe dissolution, the original Aganoa members were outnumbered by Vavau 5-4. Rohan had the idol, so Phoebe asked Rohan to play it on her, thinking she was the target. She also planned to blindside Sue Clarke, the weakest of the Vavau alliance, in order to keep the tribe strong. Her plan backfired when Kat Dumont and Kristie Bennett went rogue and voted for Rohan, which saw him get voted out effectively by playing his own idol. Phoebe did manage to bounce back by flipping Kate Campbell and Craig I'Anson to blindside Andrew Torrens, and with her own idol took out Craig as well. Phoebe looked set to throw her ally Kristie under the bus to save herself once more since Vavau's losing streak had no end in sight. However, Jonathan LaPaglia revealed that there would be no vote this Tribal Council, and that instead, Saanapu observer Brooke Jowett would select a Vavau member to join her tribe. After learning from Jonathan that Phoebe played an idol at the previous Tribal Council, she selected Sue. This gave Kristie time to retaliate, and in the next Tribal Council, Kristie targeted Phoebe. Conner Bethune and Kate sided with Kristie, and Phoebe was voted out, just narrowly missing out on the merge.

Voting History

Phoebe's Voting History
Episode Phoebe's
Voted Against
1 Des -
2 Aganoa Tribe Immune
3 Evan -
4 No Vote
5 Aganoa Tribe Immune
6 Aganoa Tribe Immune
7 Aganoa Tribe Immune
8 No Tribal Council
9 Sue Andrew, Conner,
Craig, Kate, Sue
10 Kat -
11 Andrew -
12 Craig Conner, Craig,
Kate, Sue
13 No Vote3
14 Kristie Conner, Kate, Kristie
Voted Out, Day 31

^1 In "Episode 9", Phoebe used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 5 votes against her.
^2 In "Episode 12", Phoebe used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 4 votes against her.
^3 In "Episode 13", instead of a traditional vote, Brooke (a member of Saanapu) was allowed to attend Vavau's Tribal Council and choose one member of Vavau to join her tribe.

All Stars

Like in her first season, Phoebe started off in a majority alliance consisting of AK Knight, Brooke Jowett, Flick Egginton, Locky Gilbert, David Genat, and Daisy Richardson. Phoebe did consider flipping alongside AK when Jericho Malabonga approached them, but due to Jericho's threat level and former winner status, Phoebe and AK decided to stick with their alliance and vote out Jericho instead. Phoebe grew closer to Locky when the pair were selected for a trip to the Survivor gift shop. While there, they selected an advantage that allowed them to join a future reward won by the other tribe. Phoebe would later use this reward to learn the dynamics of the Mokuta tribe. In Phoebe's only other pre-swap Tribal Council on Vakama, her alliance was a victim of David's scheming with rival Mat Rogers as the former tipped off the latter's idol play, resulting in Daisy's elimination.

Not knowing of David's role in that elimination, Phoebe viewed David as her only remaining ally after the Tribe Switch as the rest of the new Mokuta tribe consisted of players from the rival Vakama alliance and original Mokuta members. Phoebe made a quick ally in Nick Iadanza as she helped him secure an Extra Vote advantage. When a surprise Double Tribal Council occurred, Nick and Phoebe thought they had the votes to blindside Moana Hope, Mat's closest ally on Mokuta. However, Moana managed to gather numbers to vote Phoebe out 4-3-2. But the Double Tribal Council yielded an opportunity for Phoebe to save herself by beating Vakama's vote out Lydia Lassila in a fire-making challenge. Despite Lydia being the stronger challenge performer, Phoebe managed to beat her to keep her place in the game. After this Tribal Council, David secretly turned on Phoebe for targeting Moana behind his back, but Phoebe continued to trust him, even sharing the idol clue she found at the cake reward. This allowed David to find the Hidden Immunity Idol, but he pretended he didn't have it. David would go on to continue plotting Phoebe's demise, successfully voting Phoebe out at the next Tribal Council while wearing the idol.

Voting History

Phoebe's Voting History
Episode Phoebe's
Voted Against
1 Vakama Tribe Immune
2 Jericho -
3 Moana -
4 Vakama Tribe Immune
5 Vakama Tribe Immune
6 Vakama Tribe Immune
7 Mokuta Tribe Immune
8 Moana Jacqui, Lee,
Moana, Sharn
Voted Out, Day 18
Returned, Day 181
9 Mokuta Tribe Immune
10 Mokuta Tribe Immune
11 Moana;
David, Jacqui,
Moana, Tarzan, Zach;
David, Jacqui,
Sharn, Tarzan, Zach2
Voted Out, Day 24

^1 In "Episode 8", both tribes attended Tribal Council to vote someone out. The two people voted out would then compete in a fire-making challenge where the winner returned to their tribe and the loser was eliminated. Phoebe was voted out by Mokuta, but then won the challenge and returned to the game.
^2 In "Episode 11", the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Phoebe and Moana, forcing a revote. Sharn changed her vote to Phoebe on the revote, eliminating her from the game.



  • Phoebe is the first castaway to play two Hidden Immunity Idols in the Australian Survivor series.
  • Phoebe is the first castaway to find a Hidden Immunity Idol without a clue in Australian Survivor.
  • Phoebe is the only Australian Survivor castaway to have played in multiple seasons and never reached the merge.
    • She is one of two Australian Survivor castaways to have played in multiple seasons and never reached the jury stage, along with Lydia Lassila.


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