Peter Fiegehen (often referred to as "Pistol Pete" or "Fiegs") is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2016).

From the first few days of the game, Peter struggled with elements and lack of food, viewing himself as a liability to the tribe. Despite his tribemates sparing him at their first Tribal Council as well as his ally, Kylie Evans needing him as a number, Peter couldn't handle it anymore and decided to quit the game.


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Age: 62
Occupation: Air Traffic Controller
State: ACT

As the eldest competitor on Australian Survivor, Peter is a unique and quirky Australian with a tonne of life experience and a passion for aviation.

Thinking he will be underestimated because of his age, Peter is confident he has what it takes for the physical and mental challenges. His hobbies include mountaineering, scuba diving, running and kayaking, and he has a holiday planned for Nepal Base Camp.

A devoted husband and father of six, Peter has had a variety of occupations including potato picker, casino inspector, postman, aircraft accident investigator and pilot. He says: "Most of my life, my job has been my hobby. I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

Most of his career has been focused on civilian and military aviation and Peter describes his air traffic control job as being as complicated as 3D chess. He thinks this will help him stay ahead of the game while on the island.

Peter also believes he will become the tribe's counsellor. He expects to be everyone's friend and confidant as he fills that role for his friends in the real world. However, it will not stop him from playing the game.

Peter says: "I'm competitive in a really sneaky, non-visible threat, under the radar kind of way. I will be clinical and ruthless while portraying the nice, trusting guy image."[1]

Australian Survivor

Peter was placed on the Saanapu tribe and from very early on, struggled with the harsh conditions. He felt that he was a liability to the tribe, but his tribemates did not want to admit it. After losing the second Immunity Challenge on Day 5, Peter asked his tribe to vote him out. However, Flick's majority alliance felt that Bianca was too untrustworthy, and she was promptly voted out instead.

The following morning, Peter and fellow outsider, Kylie were tasked with choosing between a big bag of beans for the tribe and a smaller bag of beans with a clue the Hidden Immunity Idol. While Kylie was unsure, Peter urged her to choose the clue, as he wanted to help her find it so that she could save herself. Peter and Kylie began looking for the idol together, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Despite winning their third Immunity Challenge on Day 10, Peter felt that he had reached his breaking point and wanted to quit. After a tearful goodbye from his tribemates, Peter decided to leave, becoming the first ever castaway to quit on Australian Survivor.

Voting History

Peter's Voting History
Episode Peter's
Voted Against
1 Saanapu Tribe Immune
2 Kylie Bianca, Kylie
3 Saanapu Tribe Immune
4 Saanapu Tribe Immune
Quit, Day 10


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