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Perilous Scramble is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Panama.


Day 28[]

The tribe, running low on food, decided to go fishing and use what they could for bait. In a confessional, Terry calls Bruce's evacuation as good for him because of the cancelled challenge. He adds that he must make allies. Shane goes to his thinking seat after gathering some wood with a block of wood. Cirie points this out. Shane explains that he saw the block of wood while going to the rocks and it reminded him of his Blackberry. He lists the features and says it helps him because he can communicate with others not on the island. Danielle makes a confessional about Shane and his "Blackberry".

Jeff reveals that for the Reward Challenge that castaways will be divided into two teams. After explaining the rules of the challenge, Jeff reveals the winning team would win a barbecue feast. The black team of Aras, Cirie, and Shane struggled because of Cirie and getting stuck in the knots. This allowed The white team of Courtney, Danielle, and Terry to win unopposed. The winning team decided to exile Aras. Before the winning team head out to the feast, they would compete for a GMC Yukon. Terry was able to beat out Courtney for the win. 

Day 29[]

At Exile Island, Aras does yoga. In a confessional, Aras believes that Terry has the idol. The winning team arrives to their reward via airplane. Terry states in a confessional that his wife wanted a car. As the three were eating, Terry proposes to Courtney to be in a final three alliance with Danielle. They agree that Aras goes next then Shane. In a confessional, Courtney says she wanted to align with Terry because she thinks she can beat him at Final Tribal Council. Terry talked to Danielle about the plan. Danielle said that was a given because he wants Aras out Badly. Although she likes the idea, Danielle didn't want to make it easy for Terry.

At Gitanos, Shane plans to stick to the five. If Terry wins immunity, Shane proposes to vote out Danielle. When Cirie suggests Courtney, Shane points out that they could be beat her at Final Tribal Council. Cirie makes a confessional about how Shane could win if he takes Courtney but questionable against the others, which makes Courtney more dangerous than Terry in Cirie's mind. Cirie notices the snails escaping from the pot. Cirie decides to go fishing. She was disgusted when she had to smash the snail for bait. Cirie tosses the drop line into the water and soon gets a bite. She was excited that it was an actual fish and not a puffer. Cirie carries it by the line to the beach. Shane was in disbelief. Cirie makes a confessional about the experience. The reward winners return and were happy that Cirie caught a fish.

Day 30[]

While smashing snails, Danielle asks Terry if he is going to take Courtney to the final two. He says he hadn't put much thought into that. Terry make a confessional about the situation and said that both he and Danielle would take Courtney to the finals. Danielle states that she doesn't want to place third. They agreed in the Final Immunity Challenge that the first and second placers would go on to Final Tribal Council. Danielle tells Courtney of the agreement. Courtney asks Danielle if she thought if it was fair, which the latter states no one is getting a free ride. Courtney states in a confessional that she was insulted by it as she was being carried and is the easiest one to beat. Courtney disagreed, saying that both of them earned it and no one is getting a free ride. Cirie asked about the women's conversation. Danielle explains the situation to Cirie. Cirie asks Danielle if Terry comes in first, who comes in second. Cirie makes a confessional about the situation. Cirie proposed to Danielle to take out Courtney because she is who Terry wants to takes to the finals. She points out that Terry is dictating what Danielle does and would likely take Courtney anyway.

The Final six arrives for the challenge. Jeff explains that the last person left dry would win immunity. It ultimately comes down to Terry and Courtney. Shane encourages Courtney by saying that Terry was about to let go. However, Terry stays strong and moving. Courtney struggles and eventually drops, giving Terry his fourth immunity win in a row.

Terry states in a confessional that it was awesome winning immunity again and believes that Aras is the target. Courtney talks to Cirie about voting out Aras and how the vote will work. Courtney states that is going to deal with Shane's wrath after Tribal Council. Courtney talks to Terry about her almost winning the challenge. In a confessional, Terry believes that he is getting rid of his biggest rival, Aras and going to be in the majority at the final five. Aras, Cirie, Courtney and Shane talk about the vote tonight with Danielle. Cirie in a confessional, says that Courtney is the most dangerous person in the game because she is likely going to the final two. Aras was quickly told by Cirie by her plan. Danielle states in a confessional that she is wondering who is better to go with, Aras and Cirie or Terry and Courtney. Cirie tells Danielle of her plan. Cirie hopes that Danielle follows through with the plan.

At Tribal Council, The final six were happy that Bruce was okay. Jeff asked about the Reward Challenge, Terry's immunity streak and if people are approaching him for deals. Also, the pros and cons of keeping Aras was discussed and the factors in the vote. Courtney was asked about the previous Reward Challenge and how it might affect her. When it was time for the vote, Cirie voted against Courtney. Terry voted against Aras, praising him for being his rival. Shane voted against Danielle, adding that she can eat all she wants with him yelling at her. Courtney votes for Aras. When they voted, it was Courtney was voted out in a 3-2-1 vote like Cirie planned. She states that was a shocker. After her torch was snuffed, Courtney takes one last look before walking away. In her final words, Courtney accurately predicted that her sisters turned on her because she was too much of a threat to go to the final two.


Challenge: The Key of Sea
The challenge is divided in two: the team half, and the individual half.

  • Team Half: In two teams of three and attached to a rope, castaways will move around a hitching post and an underwater frame, then swim to a floating platform. They must then move around two poles, rope crisscrossing with the other team in between, then over and under water-level hurdles to final platform. All players on a team must complete an obstacle before moving on. At the final platform, one at a time unclip, run across a set of small pontoons, dive into the water, untie a slipknot on a crate, retrieve a bag from inside, surface, run back across the pontoons to the platform, and clip back on to the rope. Once all three players have bags, return along the course to the starting line. The first trio to finish the task wins the first half of the reward and the right to compete for the second reward.
  • Individual Half: the winning trio must use a slingshot to break hanging tiles, with the first to do so wins the second reward.
Reward: The winning team wins a flight to a private island where the winners will have their own barbecue feast, including steak, sausages, soft drinks, and chocolate cake. The winner of the second reward gets a car.
Winners: White Team (Courtney Marit, Danielle DiLorenzo, and Terry Deitz) (Terry also won the car, exiled Aras Baskauskas)

Challenge: Hold Your Own
The contestants will kneel on a plank over a pool while holding two small ropes, which are connected to a hook holding weight. The challenge starts with the contestants holding 20% of their body weight, with 10% of their weight being added every fifteen minutes. When a contestant can no longer hold on to their ropes, their plank will drop, and so will they. The last person left hanging on wins.
Winner: Terry Deitz

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 10:
S12 courtney t
Courtney (3 votes)
S12 aras tS12 cirie tS12 danielle t
Aras, Cirie, Danielle
S12 aras t
Aras (2 votes)
S12 courtney tS12 terry t
Courtney, Terry
S12 danielle t
Danielle (1 vote)
S12 shane t
S12 courtney bw
Courtney Marit

Voting Confessionals[]

S12 cirie t
(voting against Courtney) There is, uh, some point where we have to play a individual game, and this is just a strategic move. So, fight any further. I just can't settle for third or fourth place after the things I've heard. Sorry.
S12 terry t
(voting against Aras) You are the ultimate competitor. I couldn't have asked for a better rival, but you are still the number one threat.
S12 shane t
(voting against Danielle) Now you get to eat as much as you want, and I will never yell at you again.
S12 courtney t
(voting against Aras) You're so beautiful, brother, but this is for strategy. Namaste.

Final Words[]

S12 courtney bw
I'm just, uh, completely shocked right now. Uh, my sisters that I unfortunately trusted, uh, turned on me. Uh, I guess they saw me a little bit much of a threat for going to the final two, but, uh, that's the way it goes, and life goes on from here. You know, I'm gonna continue to live my dreams and make it happen, and that's what matters.

Still in the Running[]

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
S12 dan bw
S12 nick bw
S12 austin bw
S12 sally bw
S12 bruce bw
S12 courtney bw
S12 aras t
S12 cirie t
S12 danielle t
S12 shane t
S12 terry t


  • After Courtney's elimination, Danielle is the only remaining member of the former Bayoneta tribe.


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