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* According to a tweet by [[Jeff Varner]], on ''Survivor: Cambodia'', Peih-Gee sneaked in flint, fishing wire, and fishing hooks disguised as jewelry, though it was later confiscated by production.<ref></ref>
* According to a tweet by [[Jeff Varner]], on ''Survivor: Cambodia'', Peih-Gee sneaked in flint, fishing wire, and fishing hooks disguised as jewelry, though it was later confiscated by production.<ref></ref>
* Peih-Gee's finish in ''Cambodia'' is 13 places lower than her previous finish, which is the biggest drop among ''Cambodia'' players. 
* Peih-Gee's finish in ''Cambodia'' is 13 places lower than her previous finish, which is the biggest drop among ''Cambodia'' players. 
* Both time Penh-Gee played, she was on a yellow tribe 

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Peih-Gee Law is a contestant from Survivor: China and Survivor: Cambodia.

During her run in China, Peih-Gee found herself on the outs for the majority of the season, but stayed under the radar (despite her sometimes argumentative behavior) in order to reach the merge. Without an alliance, she became a useful asset to fellow contestant Todd Herzog and his alliance, allowing her to make it to the final five before finally being voted out after an immunity loss.

In Cambodia, Peih-Gee quickly found herself in the Ta Keo majority alliance, but due to the tribe switch and getting in multiple heated arguments with Abi-Maria Gomes, she was blindsided by her and the former Bayon members.


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Peih-Gee Law was born in Hong Kong and moved to Los Angeles at a very young age. She attended an all-girl Catholic high school, from which she graduated with a 4.0 GPA (she also received an almost perfect score on her SATs, 780 / 800). She attended the University of California, Los Angeles, but got kicked out for low grades (partying got in the way). A former dancer, she appeared in music videos for Daft Punk, Crystal Method, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Maxwell. She also appeared in the 1998 MTV Music Awards as a back-up dancer for Madonna's performance of "Ray of Light." Although she did this while still in college, she never wanted to pursue it as a career. She was reinstated to UCLA after attending junior college and eventually earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

After graduation, Law moved to England to set up an import/export company for her aunt and uncle. She eventually moved back to the US and now works for her parents' jewelry business, basically running the operation: everything from designing, manufacturing, appraisals, sales and accounting. She is currently working on launching her own jewelry line.

Law is no stranger to travel. She spent two months backpacking in Southeast Asia. She spent two weeks on an island in Malaysia living in a hut with no running water or electricity and went scuba diving every day. She also trekked through the Northeastern part of Thailand.

Law enjoys snowboarding, scuba diving and dancing. She is a voracious reader, loves organizing board game night and playing video games. She considers travel and adventure to be necessities in life. She describes herself as free-spirited, witty, spunky, assertive, optimistic and open-minded. She is outspoken and strong-willed, with a tendency to think like a guy. She considers her biggest strength to be having a good attitude, seeing the brighter side of things and having the ability to focus all her will on the task at hand. Law is a member of Jewelry Importers & Manufacturers Association.

Law currently resides in Marina Del Rey, California, with her two cats, Butter (short for Butterface) and Sugar. Her birth date is April 7, 1978.[1]

Season: Survivor: China
Previous Finish: 5th place
What will you do differently this time around? "I've come to realize that making strong social bonds and friendships will get you much farther in this game (as in life) than any amount of logic or strategy. I think one of my downfalls the last time I played was not having the numbers come merge time, but my biggest downfall was my lack of a social game. I wasn't very good at making friends with people around camp, which doesn't get people on your side. I was bossy and too opinionated. This time around, I am going to enjoy myself more, make friends, and try to keep my mouth shut."



Peih-Gee Law, being of Chinese descent herself thought it was amazing that she was competing on Survivor in China and believed her recently deceased grandfather would be amazed. After the conclusion of the welcoming ceremony, the castaways was asked to find the bag with their name on it. Peih-Gee's bag was yellow and she was on the Zhan Hu tribe. Peih-Gee felt usually serious when on the show in contrast to her tribe and believed she was on the losing tribe. Zhan Hu did lose the first challenge of the season to the Fei Long tribe. Peih-Gee cried after the loss and was comforted by Dave Cruser. Peih-Gee oversaw the construction of the shelter and asked Chicken Morris for his opinion. Chicken kept quiet about his opinion like he did in the past few days, which annoyed Peih-Gee. At Tribal Council, Peih-Gee voted against Chicken for his unwillingness to step up and he was voted out in a 5-2-1 vote. Peih-Gee had gotten a vote from Ashley Massaro for being bossy.

The next day, Peih-Gee settled for being the number two to Dave. However, Dave's attitude and leadership irritated the tribe. At the Reward Challenge, Peih-Gee was unable to compete as Fei Long won the challenge in two rounds. They also kidnapped Jaime Dugan until the next Immunity Challenge. When Zhan Hu returned to their camp, they discovered it was flooded. Zhan Hu was unable to shake it's misfortunes and they lost the Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, the tribe elected to vote out Ashley over Dave in an unanimous vote.

Zhan Hu managed to shake their losing streak when the women won the tribe its first challenge for reward and the choice to kidnap someone from Fei Long until the next Immunity Challenge. Zhan Hu chose Leslie Nease to join them. Leslie was impressed by the tribe's positive attitude, despite their losing streak. The women also learned from Leslie some of the Fei Long's tribe dynamics while engaging in girl talk. Zhan Hu also managed to win tribal immunity, finally keeping Peih-Gee away from Tribal Council.

Unfortunately, Zhan Hu continued its misfortune when it was discovered that mold was growing in the rice and Zhan Hu lost the next Reward Challenge. As Dave was kidnapped, Zhan Hu had to do the work load he usually did. However, Sherea Lloyd sat in the shelter under the justification that she was using her energy for the challenges. At the Immunity Challenge, Peih-Gee was partnered with Sherea. While Peih-Gee failed to score, Sherea scored a point for Zhan-Hu. However, Zhan-Hu ended up losing the challenge. At Tribal Council, Peih-Gee joined the tribe in voting out the hard working but annoying Dave over the stronger but lazier Sherea in an unanimous vote.

On Day 13, Zhan Hu received a note saying to select two members of Fei Long and they would become members of Zhan Hu. Like her tribemates, Peih-Gee assumed that Zhan Hu would be just gaining two members and Fei Long would be crippled. Zhan Hu picked James Clement and Aaron Reisberger. However, Zhan Hu was floored when they gotten another note revealing that Sherea and Frosti Zernow would be transferred to Fei Long. James was a workhorse but he kept to himself while Aaron was personable but Peih-Gee felt the latter should go first because he was more crafty and more likely to flip back to Fei Long. Peih-Gee talked to Jaime and convinced her to throw the next challenges, not only to eliminate the two biggest athletic threats, but also have even numbers when the tribes merge. The women's plans work and Zhan Hu lost. Peih-Gee and Jaime laughed about how badly they looked at the challenge. However, James was not amused and his attitude made the original Zhan Hu's consider axing him instead. But at Tribal Council, the Zhan Hu's stick with the original target with Aaron being voted out. Peih-Gee gotten a vote from James out of spite.

Peih-Gee was glad to have voted out Aaron, believing him to be one of the more powerful players in the game. Peih-Gee hoped that the tribes merged after they voted out James. During the Reward Challenge, Peih-Gee told Sherea that Zhan Hu got her and Frosti's backs. However, Sherea didn't say anything. Zhan Hu lost the Reward Challenge and James was kidnapped by Fei Long. Peih-Gee was upset by the loss. She was also troubled by Sherea not acknowledging her. Jaime pointed out that Frosti didn't even made eye contact with them and felt that they needed to win immunity. The Immunity Challenge was eating Chinese foods. Peih-Gee competed against Frosti but lost. Despite losing her round, Zhan Hu would win the challenge after Denise from Fei Long was unable to eat her balut. 

Peih-Gee attempt to sway James by pointing out that when Zhan Hu won immunity they basically sacrificed one of their allies to protect him, but he wasn't interested. On Day 20, The tribes would merge into one and the castaways would move to Fei-Long's campsite. The newly merged tribe was treated to a feast and entertainment provided by Chinese performers. Peih-Gee was the one to name the merged tribe Hae Da Fung. Later, the castaways was quizzed on events on the merge feast for immunity which was won by Frosti. Despite Zhan Hu's attempts to take control of the Game, Jaime was voted out in a 7-3 vote. At the next Reward Challenge, Peih-Gee became a captain and chose Erik Huffman, Frosti, and Courtney Yates to be on her team. However, they lost very badly. Peih-Gee attempted to organize the five people at camp into an voting bloc but the Fei-Longs weren't interested. At the Immunity Challenge, Peih-Gee became the fifth person out of the challenge with Courtney winning individual immunity. Peih-Gee was upset because she felt she was the next target. Despite getting a vote from Denise, Jean-Robert was blindsided in a 5-3-1 vote much to Peih-Gee's and even Courtney's relief who openly disliked him.

At the next Reward Challenge, Peih-Gee once again became a team captain. Peih-Gee picked James, who picked Todd Herzog, who picked Denise Martin. The group of four was very uncoordinated during the challenge, costing them the win. A frustrated Peih-Gee blamed James openly for the challenge while he quietly did the same to her. Even Peih-Gee was aware that she shouldn't get into arguments when she's alone. At the next Immunity Challenge, The castaways were given the chose of competing or eating burgers with all the fixins, fries, and drinking sodas. Peih-Gee chose to compete and would win immunity. At Tribal Council, Peih-Gee joined the tribe in voting out Frosti. After Frosti left the Tribal Council area, the castaways were quizzed on facts about China for a trip to Shaolin temple. Peih-Gee beat out James and Todd for reward. Peih-Gee picked ally Erik and Denise. On the way to the temple, Peih-Gee attempted to form a Final Three with them. Peih-Gee, Erik, and Denise were impressed by the temple and athleticism of the monks. At the Immunity Challenge, Peih-Gee failed to score and lost. Erik ended up winning immunity over Amanda. Correctly suspecting that James has the Hidden Immunity Idols, Peih-Gee wanted him to play one so she and Erik and vote out Todd. However, James didn't use one of his idols and he ended up getting blindsided in a 5-1-1 vote. 

Peih-Gee was relieved as she felt that James' blindside expose cracks in the Fei Long Alliance. The next Reward Challenge was the Loved Ones Challenge and Peih-Gee was partnered with her father, Lawrence. The challenge was won by Denise and her husband, who picked Todd, Amanda, and their sisters. Peih-Gee was particularly upset, since she picked Denise to join her on a once in a life time experience. The remaining three at camp agreed that Todd's reaction to his other sister's miscarriage was theatrical and pre-planned. Denise talked to Peih-Gee on why she didn't pick her. Peih-Gee asked Denise why she picked Amanda and she said that Amanda nearly fainted at Tribal Council. At the Immunity Challenge, Peih-Gee was trailing behind Todd, but was able to win because of Todd missing a question at the end. Peih-Gee attempted to convince Denise to flip and while Denise admitted she was on the bottom, she chose to stick with the Fei Longs, eliminating Erik from the game.

Peih-Gee was having an hard time being the last Zhan Hu standing. At the Reward Challenge, The castaways had to shoot arrows at board in order to score a point for the person's area that was hit. However, Peih-Gee only received one arrow from Courtney, who she thanked. Peih-Gee was unable to score. Denise ending up winning the challenge and opted to bring Courtney and Todd with her. Peih-Gee was disappointed that Denise didn't chose her for the trip to the Great Wall of China despite Peih-Gee chosing Denise to join her on the trip to Shaolin temple. Peih-Gee was also agitated with Denise's "I don't want Peih-Gee getting any stronger" comment. Back at camp, Amanda asked Peih-Gee on why she disliked her. Peih-Gee respected Amanda and for speaking her mind. The women bonded and fared well for themselves, finding fruit and catching fish. When the others returned, Peih-Gee and Amanda were annoyed with Todd and Courtney's complaining about the food. At the Immunity Challenge, Peih-Gee made it to the final round, but lost immunity to Amanda. Amanda and Denise contemplated voting out Todd for being untrustworthy. However, when the vote came, Peih-Gee was unanimously voted out over Todd.

At Final Tribal Council, Peih-Gee's first question was for Todd on whether was he an strategist or was just carried to the end. Todd said he wasn't carried and pointed out that Jean-Robert called him strategic threat and was correct. Todd also pointed out that he gotten numbers by getting Amanda, Courtney, and Denise to pick off the Zhan Hu's, then followed by an Head-to-Head battle with each other and he fought until the end. Peih-Gee turned her attention to Amanda, annoyed with how the Montana Beauty had presented herself at Final Tribal Council. Peih-Gee wanted to know something that Amanda did better than Todd. Amanda said that her strategy was to be surrounded by people who she compete with in challenges and said that she suggested that they vote out James because of his athleticism and idols could easily get him to Day 39. Peih-Gee voted for Todd to become the Sole Survivor, which he did in a 4-2-1 vote.  

Voting History

Peih-Gee's Voting History
Episode Peih-Gee's
Voted Against
1 Chicken Ashley
2 Ashley -
3 Zhan Hu Tribe Immune
4 Dave -
5 Aaron James
6 Zhan Hu Tribe Immune
7 Jean-Robert -
8 James Denise
9 Frosti Individual Immunity
11 Todd James
12 Todd Individual Immunity
13 Todd Amanda, Courtney,
Denise, Todd
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Peih-Gee was one of twenty castaways chosen by the public to compete on the Second Chance season, Survivor: Cambodia. Peih-Gee was placed on the Ta Keo tribe. After the initial marooning, Peih-Gee become indirectly involved in an incident involving Abi-Maria Gomes after she found her missing bracelet in Peih-Gee's bag, implying to the rest of the tribe that Peih-Gee took it. Peih-Gee told Abi-Maria that she presumed the bag was empty because it lacked a name tag. The women agreed that the whole incident happened without intention to harm. At the first challenge of the season, Ta Keo lost, with Peih-Gee opting to join the "new-school" side of the tribe in voting out Vytas Baskauskas.

Despite their implied friendship, Peih-Gee continued to show disdain against Abi-Maria, who caught Peih-Gee talking behind her back with Shirin Oskooi. Than Peih-Gee, Shirin, and a few others later while in the shelter made fun of Abi causing Abi to go down to the beach and cry. Ta Keo lost the second immunity challenge and Shirin was voted out. Peih-Gee's rivalry with Abi did not show signs of ceasing when a switch was held the day after Shirin's elimination. In a random draw of buffs, Peih-Gee joined the new Angkor tribe. Upon reaching their new home, Woo Hwang wanted the former Ta Keo to use their numbers advantage to vote out former Bayon members Andrew Savage and Tasha Fox. Despite best efforts, Angkor ended up losing the next challenge. Before Tribal Council, the Ta Keo deal fell through due to Jeff Varner trying to communicate with Wiglesworth, implying mistrust. Abi-Maria also realized if she stays with Peih-Gee and Woo, she will be on the bottom of their totem pole and told them outright she was voting with the Bayon members. At Tribal Council, Peih-Gee was blindsided, becoming the third person to leave the game in a 4-2 vote over Abi-Maria. Before leaving Tribal Council, Peih-Gee wished Woo good luck.

Voting History

Peih-Gee's Voting History
Episode Peih-Gee's
Voted Against
1 Vytas -
2 Shirin -
3 Abi-Maria Abi-Maria, Andrew,
Jeff, Tasha
Voted Out, Day 9


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  • Peih-Gee was the oldest female castaway on Zhan Hu.
  • Peih-Gee was the first female to have a confessional in Survivor: China.
  • Peih-Gee was the highest placing member of the Zhan Hu tribe.
  • Peih-Gee is tied with Amanda Kimmel for the most Individual Immunity wins, in Survivor: China with two.
  • Peih-Gee is tied with Ashley Massaro for the most votes cast against a female, in Survivor: China with eight.
  • Peih-Gee is the only returnee from Survivor: China to not return in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
  • On a Reddit thread, Peih-Gee claimed she was cast for Survivor: Micronesia, but was ultimately cut and replaced by Amanda Kimmel.[2]
  • Peih-Gee admitted that when she was at the Survivor: Worlds Apart Reunion Show and live reveal of the Survivor: Cambodia cast, she assumed that Teresa Cooper was the one chosen to be on Survivor: Cambodia, with Jeff Probst announcing only one of the three women sitting in her row (Peih-Gee, Teresa, and Stephanie Valencia) had been chosen to compete on the season. [3]
  • Peih-Gee was the first returnee from Survivor: China who failed to make the jury phase on her second season.
  • Peih-Gee was the first castaway to finish in 18th place with three tribes but not be the first person voted out.
  • Both times Peih-Gee was voted out, she received 4 votes at that Tribal Council
  • According to a tweet by Jeff Varner, on Survivor: Cambodia, Peih-Gee sneaked in flint, fishing wire, and fishing hooks disguised as jewelry, though it was later confiscated by production.[4]
  • Peih-Gee's finish in Cambodia is 13 places lower than her previous finish, which is the biggest drop among Cambodia players. 
  • Both time Penh-Gee played, she was on a yellow tribe 


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