Patrick Brasier De Thuy is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Palawan.

Boss of the Batang, Patrick stood out for being the main villain of his season. He managed, thanks to the ambassadors, to make his alliance dominate after the merge. His arrogant character and his very mocking humour made a strong impression on viewers. It was at the Final 5 that Patrick got angry with Maryline Hemelsdael because she kept him out of the Reward Challenge. After this fight, Simon Quintilla and Maryline got together against Patrick and it was Jade Handi who decided after much hesitation to eliminate Patrick, eliminating the man who had carried his entire alliance to the final 4.

Today Patrick is seen as one of the biggest villains on the show.


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Patrick est un chef d'entreprise qui apprécie diriger et régenter son entreprise. Il justifie ainsi sa participation: "Vivre une aventure humaine, avec l'esprit d'équipe et l'adhésion du groupe. Sans renoncer à mes valeurs éthiques".


Patrick was selected by Jade Handi to be a member of the Batang tribe. When Ali Jaffar quit the game on Day 5, Pascale Bodin returned to the game in his place. Pascale failed to integrate herself into the well-unified Batang tribe and, when they lost the second Immunity Challenge, she was voted out unanimously. Though Jade was the captain of the Batang tribe, she had relinquished herself of a leadership role and left the tribe to control themselves as a collective unit. At the third Tribal Council of the season, Denis Brogniart asked the Batang tribe if, considering that they had lost four consecutive challenges, their strategy of working without a leader was working for them. In response, the tribe appointed Patrick as their leader before eliminating Marie-Laure Dagniaux unanimously for her laziness around camp. In time, Jade reemerged as a leader and she and Patrick led their tribe through a generally successful remainder of the tribal phase.

When the Batang tribe won the fourth Reward Challenge on Day 11, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Guntao tribe as part of a tribe switch. The Batang tribe chose Érick Africaa, who up until then was the leader of the Guntao tribe. Like Pascale before him, Érick initially had difficulty integrating himself into the Batang tribe, however, his strength in challenges and his charismatic demeanour soon boosted his rapport with his new tribemates and more of them felt that he deserved to stay. Érick formed a friendship with Simon Quintilla, but remained on edge around Patrick as Patrick felt that Érick would never be a true Batang member since he hadn't been with them since Day 1. When the Batang tribe lost the fourth Immunity Challenge, Érick received a vote from Patrick at Tribal Council, but was ultimately spared by the rest of the tribe over Mélanie Guyon, who had been performing mediocrely in challenges over the past few cycles. In spite of their respect for him, Érick's tribemates were concerned over where his loyalties would like come the merge. In turn, Érick figured that he was in the hot seat and felt more certain of his status when Patrick asked him to decide who to sit out of the sixth Immunity Challenge so that he would take responsibility for the tribe's outcome. Fortunately for Érick, the Batang tribe did not lose any more Immunity Challenges and its six members made the merge.

Before the tribes merged, the Batang tribe assigned Patrick as their Ambassador and, before going to meet the Guntao tribe's Ambassador Laurent Boudes, Patrick asked his tribemates who they would want to be the Ambassadors' vote. All of the tribe agreed upon Grégoire Gorge as their first pick because of his challenge prowess and poor sportsmanship during tribal challenges, with the exception of Érick due to his amity with Grégoire. At the Ambassadors' Meeting, when Laurent turned down Patrick's suggestion about Grégoire being the Ambassadors' vote, Patrick suggested Érick, who turned out to be the Batang tribe's second pick. Laurent was initially reluctant about this, but he was swayed when Patrick told him that Érick was "neither a Batang nor a Guntao" and that Laurent was Érick's first pick for the Ambassadors' vote. The evening after the tribes merged, when Érick learned why Laurent agreed upon his name, he told Laurent that Patrick was not telling the truth and that Kevin Cuoco was his first pick. In response to Patrick's duplicity, the original Guntao tribe members planned to vote him out at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council for his duplicity and tried to convince Maryline Hemelsdael and Simon to vote in a different direction than Érick. However, after Érick lost the first individual Immunity Challenge, Maryline and Simon remained loyal to the original Batang tribe members and sorrowfully contributed to eliminating Érick in a 6-5 vote.

Though the original Guntao tribe members appreciated Patrick for his fishing, his arrogance and duplicity concerning bringing his alliance to the Final Five earned him numerous votes from the original Guntao tribe members over the next few cycles. However, this didn't matter as the original Guntao tribe members were being pagonged anyway.

At the Final Six, Patrick won the corresponding individual Immunity Challenge. Two days before the corresponding Tribal Council, the tribe received a letter which revealed that their letters from home were on a neighbouring island. They built a small raft and the they sent Laurent and Simon to retrieve the letters. Upon arriving on this island, Laurent and Simon discovered that it was bountiful in bananas and spent the night there before finding the letters the next morning. After reading their letters, they returned to camp without their tribemates' letters. This was because the pair proposed to their tribe that they all enlarge the raft and permanently move to the island where the letters are. At Tribal Council, Laurent, the last of the original Guntao tribe members, was voted out unanimously. At the Final Five, when the tribe received Tree Mail revealing that they would be using a bow and arrow in the next Reward Challenge, Patrick, who had the most experience of the tribe with this kind of weapon, helped Kevin and Jade practice. However, he didn't help Maryline much because, according to him, she didn't ask. During the first round of the challenge, Maryline randomly and unexpectedly hit the bullseye, which granted her the right to eliminate someone else from the challenge because she shot the closest arrow to the bullseye. She chose to eliminate Patrick, which ironically placed him last in that challenge. After the challenge, which Kevin won, Patrick displayed resentment and poor sportsmanship towards Maryline and called her out on her subpar challenge record. Eventually, Patrick approached Maryline to apologize for his behaviour and the two reconciled, but this did not stop Maryline and Simon from voting against him at Tribal Council anyway. Meanwhile, Patrick and Kevin voted against Maryline because they felt that she was the least deserving of the five remaining contestants to continue. Jade, who was in the middle, initially voted against Kevin, which led to the first revote ever in Koh-Lanta taking place. Being forced to pick a side in the revote, Jade sorrowfully voted against Patrick as she knew that he would be her biggest threat.

Voting History

Patrick's Voting History
Episode Patrick's
Voted Against
1 Batang Tribe Immune
2 Pascale -
3 Marie-Laure -
4 Erick Mélanie
5 Batang Tribe Immune
6 Batang Tribe Immune
7 Érick Adrien, Érick, Filomène,
Grégoire, Laurent
8 Filomène Adrien, Filomène,
Grégoire, Laurent
9 Grégoire Adrien, Grégoire
10 Grégoire Grégoire
11 Laurent -
12 Maryline;
Maryline, Simon;
Jade, Maryline, Simon1
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In episode 12, the vote ended with a 2-2-1 tie between Maryline and Patrick, forcing a revote. Jade changed her vote to Maryline on the revote, eliminating him from the game.

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