Pascale Bodin is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Palawan.

Although Pascale was the first boot, she was a great help to Grégoire Gorge for the creation of his first campfire. She injured her ankle after wrapping a rope around her during the Pull your weight challenge.


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Fitness, cardio training... Le temps libre, chez Pascale, est synonyme de brûlure de calories. Pas étonnant pour cette chef d'entreprise de 39 ans qui aurait bien aimé être coach professionnel. Autoritaire, elle mène son petit monde à la baguette.


Pascale was selected by Érick Africaa to be a member of the Guntao tribe. After the tribe failed to win the first Reward Challenge, which was for fire, Pascale lent her glasses to Grégoire Gorge, who was trying to start a fire, to use as a magnifying glass. This helped the tribe succeed in making fire. At the first Immunity Challenge, which was the Pull Your Weight challenge, Pascale was the contestant positioned on her tribe's rope. In order to have more security, Pascale wrapped the rope around her ankle. This backfired because the tightness of the rope caused her to feel pain above her ankle and, as a result, she lost concentration, let go of the rope, and fell backwards. Even though she was still suspended in the air because of the rope around her ankle, her hand touched the water, which resulted in her tribe losing the challenge. Upon returning to camp, Pascale's irritable delegations, along with her costing the tribe the first Immunity Challenge and her decline in productivity around camp, resulted in her being targeted for elimination. At Tribal Council, Pascale was voted out over Véronique Lambert, whose potential for improvement contrasted with Pascale's recent decline. When Ali Jaffar quit the game on Day 5, Pascale returned to the game on the Batang tribe in his place. Knowing that she would be at the bottom going into her new tribe, Pascale changed her approach and backed off from leading. In spite of her work around camp, Pascale had a hard time integrating herself into the Batang tribe and it was evident that she wasn't exactly welcome there. Unfortunately, just when the rest of the Batang tribe began opening up more to Pascale, she returned to her old leadership habits, which irked them. When the Batang tribe lost the second Immunity Challenge, Pascale was voted out unanimously by the well-unified tribe.

Voting History

Pascale's Voting History
Episode Pascale's
Voted Against
1 Véronique Adrien, Érick,
Grégoire, Laurent, Véronique
Voted Out, Day 4
Returned, Day 5
2 Mélanie Jade, Kevin, Marie-Laure,
Maryline, Mélanie, Patrick, Simon
Voted Out, Day 7



  • Pascale is the first Koh-Lanta contestant to be voted out consecutively.


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