Parvati Shallow is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Micronesia, and the runner-up of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She originally competed on Survivor: Cook Islands.

Her character as a manipulative flirt was first established in Cook Islands. She was part of the Raro Alliance, but after Jonathan Penner flipped she was relegated to the minority. She was voted out at the final 6 due to her flirtatious nature.

Returning in Micronesia, she formed a bond with James Clement and joined the Malakal Couples Alliance early on, but after the merge, she showed her dominance by forming the deadly Black Widow Brigade alliance which annihilated the men. After her close ally Amanda Kimmel won the Final Immunity Challenge she took Parvati to the Final Tribal Council where Parvati would win in a close 5-3 vote.

Already canonized as one of the better players and most distinct characters of all time, she then returned in Heroes vs. Villains and put forth yet another impressive performance. She made several key moves (including a memorable blindside of J.T. Thomas) that showed off her qualities not only as a cutthroat competitor but also as a keen forecaster of behavior and persistent force in the face of long odds. She thereby became one of two winners to face the jury a second time for the title of Sole Survivor, though she would ultimately lose to the other bearer of that distinction, Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Due to these exploits, Parvati has become a byword for charisma, villainy and high-level strategy, and remains in many respects a touchstone of Survivor culture.


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Parvati Shallow grew up the eldest of three siblings on a commune in Vero Beach, Florida. She and her family moved to Atlanta when she was 11 years old. Having studied martial arts since her youth, she currently works as a female boxer and cocktail waitress. She previously worked as a model, bartender and in public relations.

Striking out on her own when she was 17 years old, Shallow put herself through college, attending the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism with a minor in French. While in college, she was an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

Shallow enjoys boxing, running, hiking, volleyball, yoga, skiing, softball, dancing and swimming (she was on her high school swim team all four years). She loves the outdoors and gets "super cranky" if she can't play outside in the sun on a daily basis. She is most proud of being a female boxer for Perfect 10 Model Boxing.

Shallow currently resides in West Hollywood, California. Her birth date is September 21, 1982.[1]

Parvati Shallow grew up the eldest of three siblings on a commune in Vero Beach, Florida. She and her family moved to Atlanta when she was 11 years old. Shallow put herself through college, attending the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with minors in French and Italian. While in college, she was an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and is a huge Bulldog fan!

A nature lover at heart, Shallow has spent extensive amounts of time camping and hiking through North America's state parks including the Tetons and Yellowstone. While in college, she organized a two-month backpacking trip through Europe where she and two friends visited 13 countries, sleeping in youth hostels, train stations, on beaches and park benches. Shallow's favorites include good sushi, wearing oversized jerseys, karaoke and cheering on "The Dawgs." She is also training for triathlons with her mom, Gale.

Shallow has found her niche with the Los Angeles boxing community and began competing in 2004. She and some fellow boxers have parlayed her passion for the sport into the creation of a non-profit organization titled "Knockouts for Girls," a charity that provides scholarships and boxing lessons for underprivileged girls. The organization recently held their first fundraising event that included boxing matches and a fashion show. Having been a huge success, she will be boxing at a second fundraiser in February, 2008.

Shallow currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Her birth date is September 21, 1982.[2]

Parvati Shallow (26)
Occupation: TV host/charity fundraiser
Favorite "Survivor" moment: "Jeff Probst actually saying my name right".
Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Personal Claim To Fame: "Racking up thousands of friends on my fake Facebook accounts."
Inspiration in Life: Chuck Bass and Jeff Probst
Previous Finishes: Cook Islands: 15th Out, 7th Jury Member; Micronesia: Winner
Favorite Past Moment: "Eating chocolate cake in the tub while everyone watched."
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: "Sweet Lil' Cirie Fields (Panama, Micronesia) and Crazy Town Shane Powers (Panama)"
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: "Ozzy (for being a crybaby) (Cook Islands, Micronesia)"
Why Did She Come Back?: "For the love of the game, baby!"[3]


Cook Islands

Parvati started on the Caucasian tribe, Rarotonga, along with Adam Gentry, Jonathan Penner, Jessica Smith (also known as Flicka), and Candice Woodcock. Her tribe did not face any danger for the first six days as they won the first two Immunity Challenges. When the four tribes were dissolved into two, Parvati and Adam remained on Rarotonga while their other tribemates were sent to Aitutaki. While on Rarotonga, Parvati joined the women's alliance created by Rebecca Borman. She also flirted with the men of the tribe so she would be in a good place in both alliances. At Rarotonga's next Tribal Council, Stephannie Favor became a target for her weakness in challenges and for saying she would not mind being voted off. However, J.P. Calderon also became a target when he started annoying the tribe by bossing them around. Parvati was approached by Rebecca to blindside J.P.. At first, she was unsure of this plan, wanting to vote off the weaker tribe members, but, at Tribal Council, Parvati stuck with the women and J.P. was blindsided. At the next Tribal Council, Stephannie Favor was eliminated because her heart was not in the game. At the Double Tribal Council on Day 15, Cristina Coria was voted out, because she did not fit in with her new tribemates.

When the contestants were down to twelve, a new twist called Mutiny was presented where anybody could change tribes. Parvati's former tribe mates Johnathan and Candice decided to jump back to Rarotonga, thus having all remaining Caucasian contestants on the same tribe. Parvati instantly formed an alliance with Adam, Jonathan, and Candice. Rarotonga lost the next two Immunity Challenges; Parvati remained loyal to her Raro Alliance by eliminating Brad Virata and, at the Double Elimination on Day 24, Rebecca Borman and Jenny Guzon-Bae.

At the merge, despite coming with a 5–4 member advantage over Aitutaki, Parvati found herself in the minority as Jonathan betrayed his Rarotonga tribe mates and joined the Aitu Four in voting out Nate Gonzalez. After alliance member Candice was eliminated, Parvati and Adam found themselves fighting for survival. On Day 31, Parvati cut her finger with the machete while opening a coconut. The medical team was called in and Parvati received stitches. This did not slow Parvati down as she was able to win the next Reward Challenge, which was the Loved Ones Challenge, along with her father, Mike. Parvati chose to send Jonathan to Exile Island. Parvati and her father Mike chose Sundra Oakley, Adam, and their respective loved ones to join them on the reward.

When the three returned from the reward, they shared the food they had brought back with the remaining tribe members. Adam and Parvati talked to Yul Kwon about voting out Jonathan (who betrayed their alliance) before he voted out either Adam or herself, in exchange for their jury votes, a plan which succeeded as Jonathan was eliminated next. On Day 36, Parvati was voted out in a 4–2 vote when the Aitu Four saw her craftiness as more of a threat than Adam's physical strength.

At Final Tribal Council, as a juror, she cast her vote for runner-up Ozzy Lusth.

Voting History

Parvati's Voting History
Episode Parvati's
Voted Against
1 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
2 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
3 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
4 J.P. -
5 Stephannie -
6 Cristina -
8 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
9 Brad -
10 Rebecca -
Jenny -
11 Yul -
12 Jonathan -
13 Jonathan -
14 Sundra Becky, Ozzy,
Sundra, Yul
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Parvati returned to compete for a second time as part of the all-star Malakal tribe. She initially formed a strong alliance with her fellow Survivor: Cook Islands contestant Ozzy Lusth along with the duo of former Survivor: China contestants Amanda Kimmel and James Clement. After their tribe lost the first Immunity Challenge, they tried to swing Jon Dalton over to their side to gain a majority over the alliance of Yau-Man Chan, Ami Cusack, Eliza Orlins, and Jonathan Penner. However, Jon was voted out instead because he wanted to be with his expectant girlfriend. Parvati then made a pact with Cirie Fields to go all the way to the final three with Amanda. After losing the third Immunity Challenge, Parvati was targeted by the opposing alliance, but her alliance (now with Cirie) succeeded in voting off strategic threat Yau-Man.

At the tribal switch, Parvati and James were separated from their alliance as they moved to Airai. However, she remained safe as her tribe won the remaining tribal Immunity Challenges. On Day 20, she made a deal with Natalie Bolton to make an alliance with James and Alexis Jones, plus a final four deal with Alexis and Amanda, both of which Natalie accepted.

At the merge, Shallow found herself in a good position as she was aligned with six (Alexis, Amanda, Cirie, Natalie, Ozzy, and James) of the nine opposing contestants left. The alliance succeeded in voting out outsider Eliza Orlins. During the tenth Immunity Challenge, Shallow convinced Jason Siska to step down from the challenge so the tribe could have food, which worked (under the condition that the tribe would not vote for him). However, Parvati's "Couples Alliance", along with affiliate Erik Reichenbach, decided to turn back on what they had said and vote out Jason. Cirie saw this as an opportunity to blindside physical threat Ozzy who had the Hidden Immunity Idol and needed Parvati for it to work, which she agreed to. She recruited her Airai female allies Natalie and Alexis in on the plan, and Ozzy was blindsided by a 5–4 vote. After Ozzy was voted off, Parvati failed to patch things up with James and Amanda (who kept her distrust to herself). The five remaining women then formed an alliance to vote off the men, starting with Jason. However, when James was evacuated and Erik Reichenbach won Immunity, they were forced to vote off one of their own. Amanda was the intended target, a plan which Parvati did not want to be part of. She then helped Amanda find the Hidden Immunity Idol (which was buried under the tribe's flag) and, together, they voted off possible jury threat Alexis.

After the alliance's plans of voting out Erik, the last remaining man, were foiled by him winning immunity, they decided to target Natalie. Natalie convinced Erik to give her the Immunity Necklace, saving herself and thus eliminating Erik. When she failed to win immunity, Natalie was eliminated due to her not being part of the final three deal made by Parvati, Amanda, and Cirie. Parvati made it all the way to the final three with Cirie and Amanda (as promised). However, she was shocked to learn that only two of them would face the jury. She was eliminated first at the Final Immunity Challenge but was chosen to be in the Final Two by Amanda, likely because of Amanda and Parvati's strong friendship along with Cirie's strong likelihood of winning if she made it to the Final Tribal Council. At the Final Tribal Council, Parvati tried to convince the jury to vote for her because of her aggressive gameplay compared to her previous season. Despite being accused of being a mean person (by Eliza) and a backstabber (by Ozzy), the jury decided to award Parvati the title of Sole Survivor with a vote of 5–3 against Amanda. Parvati received the votes from all the women on the jury and Jason.

Voting History

Parvati's Voting History
Episode Parvati's
Voted Against
1 Jon -
2 Malakal Tribe Immune
3 Yau-Man Jonathan, Yau-Man
4 Malakal Tribe Immune
5 Airai Tribe Immune
6 Airai Tribe Immune
7 Airai Tribe Immune
8 Airai Tribe Immune
9 Eliza -
10 Ozzy Individual Immunity
11 Jason James
12 Alexis -
13 Erik Erik
14 Natalie -
Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Parvati
Alexis, Cirie, Eliza,
Jason, Natalie
Sole Survivor, Day 39

Heroes vs. Villains

Parvati returned to play Survivor for a third time as a part of the Villains tribe, where she first found herself in the minority, being considered a threat by several tribe members, mostly the men. With this, she quickly accepted an alliance with Russell Hantz and Danielle DiLorenzo. Any plotting against Parvati was postponed when the Villains tribe won the first two Immunity Challenges, but they lost the third on Day 8. Parvati was immediately targeted for being a huge social and strategic threat, and also for having a possible alliance with four of the Heroes who were tribemates with her in the past (James Clement, Cirie Fields, and Amanda Kimmel in Micronesia, and Candice Woodcock in Cook Islands). She was spared, however, so they could get rid of the weaker link, Randy Bailey.

The Villains then continued their challenge dominance by winning four consecutive challenges. During this winning streak, a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol was discovered, in which several tribe members agreed not to find. Wanting to usurp Boston Rob's alliance, Parvati's ally, Russell attempted to look for it anyway, causing Boston Rob's alliance of Tyson Apostol, Courtney Yates, Jerri Manthey, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Coach Wade to target them. On Day 15, both tribes were forced to go to Tribal Council with one person from each tribe winning immunity. Parvati knew she needed immunity, but failed to get it. Back at the Villains' camp, the majority alliance decided to split their six votes between Russell and Parvati, with Rob, Sandra, and Tyson voting for Russell, while Jerri, Coach, and Courtney voting for Parvati. If one of them played the Hidden Immunity Idol, a re-vote would occur and the alliance would vote for whoever was left among the two. Knowing Rob's plan, Russell tricked Tyson to switch his vote to Parvati, under the notion that he would rather betray her for his own survival. At Tribal Council, Tyson fell for Russell's plan for voting for Parvati, and, after a 3-2-0 blindside, Tyson was sent home.

On Day 18, the Villains lost immunity, and Parvati, Russell, and Danielle's alliance was still struggling to gain control of the game, but finally did when they persuaded Jerri to switch sides and vote out Russell's arch-rival, Boston Rob. While the Villains are yet to vote out a female member, the Heroes assumed that the Villains side was being run by an all-women alliance, led by Parvati. When the Villains lost immunity again on Day 21, they decided to vote Coach out to further confirm the Heroes belief of that. On Day 22, the Villains won a Reward Challenge where they got to go to Outback Steakhouse. There, Parvati found a clue to the re-Hidden Immunity Idol and showed it to Danielle, to get her to trust her more than Russell. The next day, Parvati and Danielle both found the idol together. They decided not to tell Russell, to keep him out of the loop for a while. After the Heroes won the Day 24 Immunity Challenge, one member of the Heroes tribe, J.T. Thomas, made an unprecedented move — giving his own Hidden Immunity Idol to Russell, in hopes that he would use it to vote out Parvati. Russell, however, showed it to Parvati, along with Danielle and Jerri, and began to laugh about it. They then discussed whether to get rid of Sandra or Courtney. Parvati wanted to get rid of Sandra, trusting Courtney more, but ended up voting with the rest of the Villains to vote Courtney out.

On Day 25, the Heroes and Villains merged into the Yin Yang tribe and migrated to the Heroes camp for the rest of the competition. The Heroes were confused to see Parvati still in the game. Parvati and Russell came up with a story that they both played their idols, negating all votes and that in the re-vote they voted out Courtney. The new tribe quickly alienated Parvati, who was deemed the biggest threat among the Villains. At the Immunity Challenge on Day 27, Parvati and Danielle were the last two remaining. Parvati decided to give it to Danielle because Parvati already had an idol. Before Tribal Council, Russell gave Parvati J.T.'s idol to protect Parvati, but unknown to him, Parvati already owned one. Parvati went and then talked to Amanda, her former ally and Final Two rival in Survivor: Micronesia, to see if she could trust her. Amanda told Parvati to play the idol for herself. Judging Amanda's body language and halfhearted facial expressions, Parvati did not believe her, and, at Tribal Council, she made an unprecedented move, by playing both of her idols, one for Sandra, and another to Jerri, to everybody's surprise. In effect, the vote, that could have ended up in a 5-5 tie between J.T. and Jerri, culminated with J.T.'s demise, because of Jerri's usage of the idol that Parvati supplied.

Right after the vote, Russell was furious with Parvati for keeping her idol a secret from him. The Heroes began to work on flipping Sandra to their side, to eliminate Russell. After Jerri won immunity, the Heroes switched their target to Parvati in case Russell plays a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, the Villains had already flipped Candice to their side and their plan failed, with Amanda sent to the jury in a 6-3 vote. After Parvati won immunity on Day 31, both Heroes and Villains temporarily banded together to vote Candice out for her duplicity. On Day 33, Russell won immunity and decided to turn on his alliance. He tried to pit Parvati and Danielle against each other but failed. Russell then aligned with the remaining Heroes to vote Danielle out, and, with a little help from Jerri, Danielle was voted out in a 4-3 vote. On Day 34, the final six were visited by their love ones. Jerri and her sister won reward and chose to bring Parvati, Sandra, and their respective loved ones with them. Russell then aligned with the Heroes and decided to target Parvati. However, his plan was ruined when she won immunity on Day 36. Parvati then won her third challenge on Day 37, and they voted the last Hero, Colby, out of the game in a 4-1 vote. After Parvati failed to win the Final Immunity Challenge, it seemed that she would be voted out, since everyone wanted her gone. Parvati wanted to get rid of Sandra, thinking she would get a lot of votes in the end. However, they voted out Jerri Manthey in a 3-1 vote, because Russell believed he would get her vote on the jury.

At the Final Tribal Council, Parvati confessed that she entered the game not knowing the threat she has become to the other castaways. She then sought help from Russell, but she did not let him treat her as a scapegoat by making her own, independent strategic moves. While she was castigated by the jury for aligning herself with Russell despite her strong abilities, she was applauded for playing an impressive physical and social game.

In the end, Parvati came in runner-up, gaining the jury votes of Coach, Danielle, and Jerri. She beat Russell, who received no votes, and was beaten by Sandra Diaz-Twine, who got the votes of all five Heroes, plus Courtney's. At the Reunion Show, it was revealed that Parvati has played the most days than anyone else in Survivor history, with 114 days in her three seasons, a record that will be surpassed a year later by Rob Mariano, who has played a total of 117 days in four seasons.

Voting History

Parvati's Voting History
Episode Parvati's
Voted Against
1 Villains Tribe Immune
2 Villains Tribe Immune
3 Randy -
4 Villains Tribe Immune
5 Villains Tribe Immune
6 Tyson Coach, Courtney,
Jerri, Tyson
7 Rob -
8 Coach -
9 Courtney -
10 J.T. -
11 Amanda Amanda, Colby,
12 Rupert Individual Immunity
Rupert -
13 Rupert Individual Immunity
14 Colby Individual Immunity
Jerri Jerri
Jury Votes
for Parvati
Coach, Danielle, Jerri
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In Banana Etiquette, Parvati used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 4 votes against her.


Parvati Host

Parvati as host of the Survivor Live After-Show.


  • Parvati originally auditioned for The Amazing Race along with a friend. They did not make the final cut. CBS producers, however, remembered her from her auditions and then approached her to take part in Survivor, which she accepted.[15]
  • Parvati is the second player to become the Sole Survivor as a returnee.
  • Parvati is the first returning player to win a season featuring new and returning players.
  • Parvati is the only female returning player to win a season with both new and returning players.
  • Parvati was the youngest member of the Villains tribe.
  • Parvati is the first contestant to play two Hidden Immunity Idols at the same Tribal Council.
  • Parvati is the first contestant to win the same challenge twice. She won the When It Rains, It Pours challenge in both Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Parvati is one of five contestants to make it to the Final Tribal Council twice. The others are Sandra Diaz-Twine, Russell Hantz, Rob Mariano, and Amanda Kimmel.
  • Parvati, Sandra, and Rob are the only winners to make it to the Final Tribal Council twice.
    • Parvati and Sandra are the only winners that were already winners in their second visit to the Final Tribal Council.
  • Parvati is the only former winner to lose to another former winner in the Final Tribal Council.
  • Parvati is one of four Survivor contestants (the others being Sandra Diaz-Twine, Amanda Kimmel, and Russell Hantz) to play at least 3 times and only be voted out once.
    • She is the only one of the four to be voted out of her first season.
  • Every time Parvati played, she only received 4 elimination votes that counted against her. While she received a total of eight in Heroes vs. Villains, the votes cast against her in "Banana Etiquette" were negated by Russell playing the Hidden Immunity Idol on her.
  • Parvati played the most days out of all three-season players with 114 accumulated days over her Survivor career. She is only surpassed by four-time players Ozzy Lusth with 128 days, Cirie Fields with 121, and Rob Mariano with 117 days.
  • Along with Amanda Kimmel, Ozzy Lusth, and Andrea Boehlke, Parvati is one of only four players to play at least three times and reach the merge in all of their seasons.
  • Parvati is one of six winners to have played at least 3 times. The others are Tina Wesson, Rob Mariano, Sandra Diaz-Twine, J.T. Thomas, and Tyson Apostol.
  • Parvati was the first woman to win since Danni Boatwright in Survivor: Guatemala, breaking a streak of four male Sole Survivors.
  • According to Candice Cody, Parvati was originally supposed to be a member of the Heroes tribe, however, she and Candice were switched at the last second.[16]
  • Parvati placed 6th, 1st and 2nd in her 3 seasons, which is the best result among any three-time player in Survivor history.


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