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Pagong is a tribe from Survivor: Borneo.

Although relatively younger and physically stronger compared to their rivals, Pagong became infamous for its strategic failure before and after the merge, as the concept of alliances was not yet universal in the series. Their extinction coined the term "Pagonging". Their tribe color is yellow.


B.B. Andersen
64, Mission Hills, KS
Real estate developer
S1 bb t.png
Colleen Haskell
23, Miami Beach, FL
S1 colleen t.png
Gervase Peterson
30, Willingboro, NJ
YMCA basketball coach
S1 gervase t.png
Greg Buis
24, Gold Hill, CO
Ivy League graduate
S1 greg t.png
Gretchen Cordy
38, Clarksville, TN
S1 gretchen t.png
Jenna Lewis
22, Franklin, NH
S1 jenna t.png
Joel Klug
27, Sherwood, AR
Health club consultant
S1 joel t.png
Ramona Gray
29, Edison, NJ
S1 ramona t.png

Tribe History

In the early days of the game, personalities clashed, with most of the arguments surrounding B.B. Andersen, the oldest member of the tribe, as his hard work ethic rubbed his younger tribemates the wrong way. The second oldest of the tribe, Gretchen, was seen as the mediator. Despite the dysfunction, Pagong narrowly won the first Immunity Challenge on Day 2 which also won them 50 waterproof matches.

Frictions continued over next few days as B.B. continued to push his work ethic to his tribemates, particularly Ramona, who was sick and could not muster up enough strength to rise up to B.B.'s expectations. After losing the Day 6 Immunity Challenge, B.B., failing to fit in with his tribe, already resigned into going home, and the tribe gave him his wish by voting him out, 6-2.

After B.B.'s elimination, Gretchen took over the leadership position which was relatively well-received, despite some minor arguments. The tribe dismantled B.B. mostly built and constructed a new, more comfortable one. On Day 7, while foraging the jungle for tapioca, Greg, Gretchen, and Colleen stumbled upon a mud volcano. This new attraction became the special bonding place of the tribe. This allowed Pagong to arrive at the next Reward Challenge with a rather jovial mood, despite losing the challenge.

Ramona had been sick and pale early in the game, worrying her tribemates. Though she redeemed herself by dominating the Day 12 Immunity Challenge, the tribe lost, and her newfound strength was not enough to save her, and she was next to go with a 4-2-1 vote.

Despite their close bond as a tribe, conflicts continued to plague the tribe. The worst one was when Gervase and Joel blurted sexist remarks against their female tribemates. When the tribe lost by a hair in the Day 18 Immunity Challenge, the women of Pagong made a pact against Gervase and Joel. During their third Tribal Council, the three girls, plus Greg, eliminated Joel in a 4-2 vote.

On Day 20, Pagong and the rival Tagi tribe were merged into one tribe. The remaining Pagongs migrated to Tagi's beach for the rest of the game.

After the merge, the five remaining members of Pagong fell victim to the Tagi Alliance, consisting of four of five members of the rival team.

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out Result Eliminated
1 Quest for Fire Reward/Immunity None Won Tribe Immune
2 Water Torture Reward Unknown Won1 B.B.
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Buggin' Out Immunity None Lost
3 Treasure Chest Reward None Lost Tribe Immune
Rescue Mission Immunity None Won
4 SOS Signal Reward None Lost Ramona
4th Voted Out
Day 12
Buried Treasure Immunity Joel Lost
5 Choose Your Weapon Reward None Won Tribe Immune
Shipwrecked Immunity None Won
6 Abandoned Barracks Reward None Won Joel
6th Voted Out
Day 18
The Obstacle Course Immunity Colleen, Gervase Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 20
^1 An unaired Reward Challenge was held sometime between Days 4 and 5.

Voting History

Original Tribes
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Voted Out Tribe
S1 bb t.png
S1 ramona t.png
S1 joel t.png
Vote 6-2 4-2-1 4-2
Colleen B.B. Ramona Joel
Gervase B.B. Colleen Jenna
Jenna B.B. Ramona Joel
Greg Ramona Jenna Joel
Gretchen B.B. Ramona Joel
Joel B.B. Ramona Jenna
Ramona B.B. Colleen
B.B. Ramona



  • Pagong is the first tribe to win a challenge.
  • Pagong is the first yellow tribe in Survivor history.
  • Due to Pagong's subsequent failure after the merge, being systematically eliminated over the next six episodes, fans introduced a new word into the Survivor jargon: "Pagonging", which describes a post-merge situation of one tribe dominating the other tribe by systematically voting them out, until they are all eliminated from the game.[1]
  • During Pagong's first visit to Tribal Council, they all jokingly voted for host Jeff Probst before casting their real votes, to Probst's chagrin.
  • Pagong's mud pit was later used in a post-merge challenge.


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