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Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: South Pacific, and Survivor: Game Changers.

In Cook Islands, Ozzy initially found himself on the bottom, but was able to leverage his fitness and his natural likability in order to stay in the game, and eventually operate as a core member of the highly successful Aitu Four alliance. He managed to win five out of the season's six individual Immunity Challenges, tying the record for most Immunity Challenge wins in a single season. His challenge wins allowed him to make it to the Final Tribal Council. Despite being respected for his challenge prowess, he was identified as the "brawn" to Yul Kwon's "brains", and the latter won the title of Sole Survivor in a close 5-4-0 vote, leaving Ozzy as the runner-up.

In Micronesia, Ozzy formed a relationship with Amanda Kimmel, and again gained traction in the game and believed himself a core member of an end-game alliance. However, this confidence proved illusory, as he was blindsided by the Black Widow Brigade with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his possession.

In South Pacific, Ozzy's chief accomplishment was his earning the distinction of being voted out three times in a single season, twice winning his way off Redemption Island thanks to his challenge prowess. He fell one day short of the Final Tribal Council after losing a critical Final Immunity Challenge to Sophie Clarke.

In Game Changers, Ozzy improved on his social game and managed to form early bonds in the Nuku tribe. However, these bonds did not last come the merge. When he lost the second individual Immunity Challenge, he was quickly taken out as a physical threat under Debbie Wanner's lead.


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Born in Mexico, Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth moved 10 times in his teen years to seven U.S. States and Central America while his mother remarried. He attended two years of college at Santa Barbara City College before moving to the Los Angeles area.

Lusth is currently a waiter and was formerly a restaurant manager. He enjoys big wave surfing, skateboarding, sailing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, gymnastics and motorcycle riding. He owns land in Panama and enjoys going there to spearfish. He can dive to 30 feet and can hold his breath under water for three minutes. He is skilled at building traps, forts, shelter and surviving in the wilderness on his own. In the summer of 2005, he camped all the way from Panama to San Diego over the course of five months.

He enjoys reading and writing.

Lusth currently resides in Venice, California with his German Shepard mix, Buddha (who also accompanies him on his board while surfing). His birth date is August 23, 1981.[1]

Born in the historic city of Guanajuato, Mexico, Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth, began his life in the house his father built for his grandmother (which still remains in the family today). A few years after he was born, his parents divorced and Lusth moved with his mother to Durham, North Carolina, where his mother eventually remarried and had two additional children. His father remained in Mexico and had two additional children as well.

Lusth moved many times in his teen years to seven U.S. States and Central America while his mother divorced and remarried for a third time (at which point, they were living in Mountain View, California) where he learned to surf. In high school, Lusth was able to attend an alternative learning program called Learning Community where he was introduced to acting and photography. After high school, he moved to Santa Barbara. He then attended two years of college at Santa Barbara City College before moving to the Los Angeles area.

Lusth is currently working as a freelance photographer and writer. He enjoys big wave surfing, skateboarding, sailing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, gymnastics and motorcycle riding. He owns land in Panama and enjoys going there to spearfish. He can dive to 30 feet and can hold his breath under water for three minutes. He is skilled at building traps, forts, shelter and surviving in the wilderness on his own. In the summer of 2005, he camped all the way from Panama to San Diego over the course of five months. Over the past year, Lusth has begun to develop a non-profit organization to build skate parks in Mexico.

Lusth currently resides in Venice, California with his German Shepherd mix, Buddha (who also accompanies him on his board while surfing). His birth date is August 23, 1981.[2]

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth (30)
Current Residence: Venice, Calif.
Previous Seasons: Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Micronesia

Ozzy Lusth may be a surfer from Venice, Calif. but he takes the game of Survivor seriously. "I'm here to play in a humble way, but I'm also here to win." This will be his third time playing Survivor, and he believes the game has made him a stronger person. "For the last two seasons, I feel it has really changed me for the better. And, I'm looking for this last, this third experience, to really be the end to it all, the redemption."

In previous seasons, Ozzy dominated in challenges but did not have the best social game and was even voted out of Survivor: Micronesia with an idol in his possession. He has grown a lot since the last time Jeff Probst snuffed his torched and is ready to give the game another shot. "The last Tribal Council that I went through, the one that voted me off, I've got to let that go, but I have to be able to remember and go back and say there were signs."

Not only has Ozzy matured as a player, but he has also transformed his personal life. Born in Mexico, Ozzy takes pride in his heritage and his community. In 2009, he started the non-profit organization,, to help grow the popularity of skateboarding and build skate parks in every town or pueblo in Mexico.

What does he think of Coach, his competition? "Honestly, I'm actually pretty excited that Coach is here. He can be a polarizing character but I think that he respects the way that I play the game, and I respect the way he plays."[3]

Age: 34
Hometown: Venice, CA
Previously played on:
Season 13: Cook Islands, Runner-Up
Season 16: Micronesia, Finished 9th & Jury Member
Season 23: South Pacific, Finished 4th & Jury Member
How have you changed since the last time you played? I'm older and wiser. I've experienced some major family loss so I'm more "in the moment."
What skills do you bring to Survivor that will make you a useful member of the group and what skills have you been learning since you last played? Patience, listening, and the ability to get along with others.
What are you most proud of from the last time? Enjoying the experience and taking big risks.
What, if anything, do you most regret? Choking on the final challenge.

How will you play differently this time? I will build my original alliance more carefully.[4]


Cook Islands[]

Upon arriving at camp, Ozzy thrived and began to show his survival skills at an early start. This earned him in good standing with his fellow tribe mates and allowed him to form a bond with everybody, except Billy Garcia. During the events of Days 4-6, Ozzy began to notice Billy's lack of work ethic and suggested to his tribe that they intentionally lose the next Immunity Challenge to vote Billy out. Despite a mixed reception to the idea, the tribe followed and J.P. Calderon sat out of a challenge that would be more suited to him than Billy, and at Tribal Council Ozzy got his wish and Billy was eliminated.

After a tribe reshuffle, Ozzy and Cecilia Mansilla were placed on the Aitutaki tribe. Ozzy was chosen by Yul Kwon. He and Cecilia were outnumbered by former Rarotonga and Puka Puka members. At their first Tribal Council he made an alliance with Cecilia and Sundra Oakley. The alliance thought they had Jessica Smith and Cao Boi Bui on their side at Tribal Council, but Cecilia was voted out when Cao Boi and Jessica flipped to the opposite alliance. Despite being outnumbered, Aitutaki won the next three Immunity Challenge's. During the Double Tribal Council twist on Day 15, Ozzy was spared because of his physical strength and when the majority alliance turned on themselves, Cao Boi was blindsided. Aitutaki lost the next Immunity Challenge and Ozzy was once again spared as Jessica was eliminated for not fitting in with the tribe.

During the mutiny on Day 20, former Aitutaki tribe members Candice Woodcock and Jonathan Penner flipped and joined the Rarotonga tribe. After the Mutiny Aituitaki won the next two Immunity Challenge's. During this time, Ozzy successfully maintained strong relationships with Yul Kwon, Sundra Oakley, and Becky Lee - together, these four would form one of the series' most powerful alliances.

Ozzy made the merge with a 5-4 numbers advantage. While merged Ozzy became good friends with Nate Gonzalez, who was a former Rarotonga member. Despite coming into the merge with a numbers disadvantage Ozzy won the Immunity Challenge, staying safe at the first Tribal Council. Yul convinced a former Rarotonga member, Jonathan, to flip on his former tribe and join the Aitutaki alliance. At the first post-merge Tribal Council, Nate was blindsided by a 5-4 vote. During the next few episodes Ozzy stayed true to his alliance by voting out Candice, Jonathan, Parvati Shallow, and Adam Gentry in that respective order. He also told the ex-Rarotonga members he did not really care who was eliminated, showing signs of flipping on his alliance, although he never did flip. Ozzy also won 5 of the 6 Immunity Challenges post-merge, losing only one Immunity Challenge to Adam on Day 30. Ozzy's alliance made it to the final four, where Ozzy once again won Immunity. At the Final Four Tribal Council, Ozzy enforced a tiebreaker challenge between Sundra and Becky, with Becky emerging victorious. At the Final Tribal Council, Ozzy was praised for his physical strength, however he only received four jury votes, finishing second to Yul.

At the live Reunion Show, Ozzy was announced as the fan favorite player of the season, winning himself a new Mercury Mariner.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Aitutaki Lock, Load and Light Reward/Immunity No 2nd
2 Tow the Line Reward/Immunity No Lost
3 Steeple Chase Immunity No Lost
4 Sacrificial Lamb Reward No Won
Mayday Immunity No Won
5 Never Tear Us Apart Reward No Lost
United We Stand Immunity No Won
6 Kicking and Screaming Reward No Won
8 Smash and Grab Reward No Won
Stairway to Heaven Immunity No Lost
9 Barrel of Monkeys Reward No Won
Depth Charge Immunity No Won
10 Make Your Point Reward No Won
South Pacific Immunity No Won
Tribes Merged, Day 25
11 Aitutonga Get a Grip Immunity Won
12 Survivor Auction
Recollection Immunity Lost
13 Pass the Bucket Reward Lost
Floatsam and Jetsam Immunity Won
14 Mud Run Reward 1st
Cannonball Run Immunity Won
15 Compass Ropes Immunity Won
Self-Destruction Immunity Won
Runner-Up, Day 39

Episode Ozzy's
Voted Against
1 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
2 Billy Billy
3 Becky -
4 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
5 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
6 Cao Boi -
8 Jessica -
9 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
10 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
11 Nate Individual Immunity
12 Candice -
13 Jonathan Individual Immunity
14 Parvati Individual Immunity
15 Adam Individual Immunity
Becky Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Ozzy
Jenny, Nate,
Parvati, Rebecca
Runner-Up, Day 39


Ozzy arrived in Micronesia with mixed reactions from both the Fans and Favorites. Everyone liked him for his talents that he displayed on his original season, but were cautious because of how likely he was to win if he made it far. Ozzy made a strong alliance with Amanda Kimmel, and they joined forces with the other couple in the Malakal tribe, Parvati and James, to form the Malakal Couples Alliance. They quickly realized they only had four members in a tribe of ten people. The alliance tried to convince the two swing votes Jon Dalton and Cirie Fields to join them as opposed to the other alliance which made up the Malakal tribe. After Malakal lost the first Immunity Challenge, Jonny Fairplay asked the tribe to vote him out since he was missing his expectant girlfriend. The tribe granted his wish and Jonny Fairplay was unanimously voted out. The alliance obtained the majority by getting Cirie Fields to side with them. The alliance managed to vote out Yau-Man Chan who was the member of the opposite alliance Cirie was most concerned about at the third Tribal Council. However, Ozzy and James immediately regretted voting Yau-Man off instead of Eliza Orlins since she started to get sick.

On Day 13, a tribe switch occurred. Ozzy stayed on Malakal with alliance members Amanda and Cirie and opposing alliance member Ami Cusack and they were joined by Chet Welch, Erik Reichenbach, Joel Anderson, and Tracy Hughes-Wolf. Ozzy lead his alliance of himself, Cirie, and Amanda to the merge by eliminating Joel, Chet, Tracey, and Ami at the following Tribal Councils. He decided to keep Erik over Ami since he thought he was the more trustworthy of the two players. Ozzy found a Hidden Immunity Idol after being sent to Exile Island, and made a fake Hidden Immunity Idol to cover his tracks, which Jason Siska found, believing it was the real idol. At the first Individual Immunity Challenge Ozzy put up a tough fight but eventually ended up losing to Jason. Ozzy voted out Eliza at Tribal Council because she was the last remaining outsider not immune. At the next Immunity Challenge Jason, the last outsider, agreed to a deal with Parvati to step down for food for the tribe as long as her alliance didn't vote him out. Everyone halfheartedly agreed not to vote for him. The core alliance members of Amanda, Ozzy, James, and alliance affiliate Erik decided to renege the promise. But Cirie saw this as the perfect time to blindside Ozzy due to him being a physical threat and having the Hidden Immunity Idol. All the remaining women voted against Ozzy except Amanda, supplemented by Jason's vote, which resulted him being blindsided.

At Final Tribal Council, Ozzy's vote appeared to be the most obvious of the night as he heavily criticized Parvati and reiterated his feelings for Amanda. He voted for Amanda, who lost to Parvati by a vote of 5-3.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Malakal First to Shore Immunity1 No Lost
Reinventing the Wheel Reward/Immunity No Lost
2 Smash and Grab Reward/Immunity No Won
3 Beach Bash Reward No Won
Nut Bucket Immunity No Lost
4 Diver Down Reward No Won
Crosswalk Immunity No Won
5 Cat and Mouse Reward No Lost
A Stone's Throw Immunity No Lost
6 Build It Up, Break It Down Reward No Lost
United We Stand Immunity No Lost
7 Money Roll Reward No Won
What-er Drag Immunity No Lost
8 The Gauntlet Reward/Immunity Exiled2 Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 22
9 Dabu Last Gasp Immunity Lost
10 Bai Bai Reward Won
When It Rains, It Pours Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 27
^1 This challenge was played for individual immunity at each tribe's first Tribal Council.
^2 Before the challenge, the tribes were asked to send one member of the opposing tribe to Exile Island. The chosen player did not compete in the challenge and was given individual immunity if their tribe lost. Airai exiled Ozzy.

Episode Ozzy's
Voted Against
1 Jon Jon
2 Malakal Tribe Immune
3 Yau-Man -
4 Malakal Tribe Immune
5 Joel -
6 Chet -
7 Tracy Tracy
8 Ami Individual Immunity1
9 Eliza Eliza, Jason
10 Jason Alexis, Cirie, Jason,
Natalie, Parvati
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "A Lost Puppy Dog", Ozzy was immune by virtue of being sent to Exile Island prior to the Immunity Challenge.

South Pacific[]

I'm here to play in a humble way, but I'm also here to win.

—Ozzy Lusth (on competing in South Pacific)

Assigned to the red Savaii tribe, Ozzy lead the tribe in most camp activities and even acting as support, as evidence when he comforted Dawn Meehan when the latter went to a mild depression. While his physical prowess kept him in the tribe, his tribemates did not let him take control over the tribe, as seen during Savaii first Tribal Council, where Ozzy's plot to oust John Cochran was put on hold, when the tribe eliminated his initial ally Semhar Tadesse, who blew the Immunity Challenge for them. Few days down the line, Ozzy joined Jim Rice's proposed a "3+2" alliance made consisting of the tribe's most athletic members (Ozzy, Jim, Keith Tollefson, Whitney Duncan, and Elyse Umemoto), stating that once the remaining competition was over with, the males would secretly blindside the two females. The group delayed any of its plans, when Savaii won the Day 5 Immunity Challenge. On Day 7, Ozzy found the Hidden Immunity Idol in hopes of redeeming himself from his infamous blindside in his previous season. The next day, Savaii lost the Immunity Challenge, where Ozzy joined the rest of the tribe in voting Mark Caruso out for being the oldest person in the team.

On Day 9, Jim was worried about seeing Ozzy getting closer with Elyse since Semhar's elimination. With this, Jim plotted to avoid Ozzy from obtaining more power by plotting with the outsiders Cochran and Dawn. The plan materialized in Day 14, when Jim, Cochran, and Dawn voted against Elyse, and with Keith and Whitney played safe by voting for Dawn. Ozzy and Elyse were thrown off-guard, as the latter got blindsided.

That night, disappointed by Elyse's surprise removal, Ozzy declared himself a "free agent," removing himself from the alliance and declaring to the tribe he had the Hidden Immunity Idol; but soon patched things up with his tribe and led them to winning the next Immunity Challenge. Worried by Upolu's one-person advantage (one of their tribemates, Christine Shields Markoski was dominating the Redemption Island duels), Ozzy proposed to his tribe a risky plan he called "Trojan Horse"—should Savaii loses the next Immunity Challenge, the tribe would purposefully vote him out, effectively sending himself to Redemption Island in hopes of defeating Christine. Ozzy then surrendered his Hidden Immunity Idol to Cochran, stating that he would get it back should he return to the game. At the duel, Ozzy did defeat Christine, and re-entered the competition as part of the newly merged Te Tuna tribe, where he won the first individual Immunity Challenge along with Dawn. Anticipating a 6-6 tie vote between the former warring tribes, Ozzy gave his Hidden Immunity Idol to Whitney, stating that a Savaii member getting voted out is highly unlikely because two of them had immunity, while one other person would use the idol. Unknown to them, Cochran was pulled by the rival Upolu tribe, with the Harvard Law student spoiling Savaii's strategies and secrets. At Tribal Council, the anticipated 6-6 tie happened between Keith and Rick Nelson, forcing a revote. But not wanting to end the vote a stalemate (which would culminate in drawing rocks, where the unlucky person who would pick the colored rock would be eliminated) and the idea of playing the game based on probability, Cochran betrayed the Savaii alliance and joined Upolu in voting Keith, sending him to Redemption Island. The Savaii tribe was furious with Cochran.

Defenseless and unable to win individual immunity once again, Ozzy was immediately voted out returning to Redemption Island. He began to defeat his former tribemates, including Cochran, stating that he would feed them, but defeat them anyway. He eventually re-entered the competition at the Final Five and claimed Individual Immunity.

When the final five contestants returned at Te Tuna camp, Coach expressed his desire to bring Ozzy at the Final Tribal Council, where he would be giving his own Hidden Immunity Idol if necessary. However, Ozzy was suspicious if Coach would really do such promise. At the next Immunity Challenge, ex-Upolu member Sophie Clarke who was ahead of Ozzy, until she audaciously ordered Albert to help her win the challenge, only to be interrupted by Jeff Probst because it was a direct violation of the Survivor Rulebook. Nonetheless, Ozzy won immunity. Appalled by Sophie's actions, Ozzy blasted the economics graduate at Tribal Council for her blunt deeds and calling her a spoiled brat, causing her to become emotional. Ultimately, Coach did not fulfill his promise to Ozzy by keeping his idol unused, and eliminated Rick instead of Sophie.

In the key Final Immunity Challenge, he had the early lead but struggled with the puzzle portion and lost to Sophie (who Ozzy tried to get rid of the day before). Ozzy made a pitch to Coach to enforce a tie at Tribal Council, but failed. Ozzy was voted out for the third time, this time, permanently.

As a member of the jury, Ozzy blasted Albert Destrade, Sophie, and Coach for giving false hopes, condescending demeanor and breaking his "honor and integrity" code respectively. Eventually, Ozzy gave his vote to Sophie, claiming that she deserved it since she was the reason Ozzy was eliminated, and along with five other jury members, Sophie was crowned as Sole Survivor.

At the Reunion Show, Ozzy received the Fan Favorite Award of the season, winning himself $100,000, with Jeff Probst claiming that Ozzy obtained the highest percentage of votes since the award's inception.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Savaii Thrilogy Reward No Won
Coconut Conundrum Immunity No Lost
2 Crate Escape Reward/Immunity No Won
3 Hitching a Ride Reward/Immunity No Lost
4 Shoulder the Load Reward/Immunity No Won
5 Pig Out Reward/Immunity No Lost
6 Losing Face Reward/Immunity No Won
7 Family Ties Reward/Immunity No Lost
Voted Out, Day 18
8 Savaii Jail Break Duel Won
Returned, Day 19
Tribes Merged, Day 19
8 Te Tuna Coconut Cradle Immunity Won
9 Get Crackin' Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 22
10 Te Tuna Keep It Up Duel Won
12 Offer It Up Won
13 Puppet Master Won
14 Block It Out Won
15 Get a Grip Won
Returned, Day 36
15 Te Tuna Teeter Tower Immunity Won
Lei of the Land Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 38

Episode Ozzy's
Voted Against
1 Semhar -
2 Savaii Tribe Immune
3 Mark -
4 Savaii Tribe Immune
5 Cochran -
6 Savaii Tribe Immune
7 Cochran Cochran, Dawn,
Jim, Keith, Whitney
Voted Out, Day 18
8 On Redemption Island
Returned, Day 19
8 Rick;
Individual Immunity
9 Cochran Albert, Brandon, Coach,
Cochran, Dawn, Edna,
Rick, Sophie, Whitney
Voted Out, Day 22
10 On Redemption Island
Returned, Day 36
15 Sophie Individual Immunity
Albert Albert, Coach, Sophie
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Double Agent", the vote ended with a 6-6 tie between Keith and Rick, forcing a revote. Ozzy did not change his vote on the revote.

Game Changers[]

Ozzy started on Nuku, where his water skills helped his tribe win a toolkit in the marooning. Ozzy and JT discussed the possibility of voting out Cirie, claiming it was not because of a grudge from Micronesia but to keep the tribe strong. Nuku won the first two Immunity Challenges, keeping plans on hold and Nuku in tact going into the swap. He was switched to the Tavua tribe (third tribe) along with fellow Nuku members Cirie, Sarah, Andrea, and Zeke, along with Mana member Troyzan. Tavua dominated the next three challenges, only losing a Reward Challenge though Ozzy himself performed well. During this time with no Tribal Council visits, Ozzy once again became the tribe's provider, citing fishing as a meditation to keep his head in the game as well as strengthen his position in the tribe. He, along with Sarah, Andrea, and Zeke, were switched back to Nuku after the second tribe switch. Nuku lost immunity on Day 16, meaning this would be Ozzy's first Tribal Council of the season. Original Mana members Sandra and Varner appeared to be in a 5-2 minority, but Sandra approached Ozzy, Sarah, and Andrea with a plan to take out Tai to prevent a Kaôh Rōng core alliance forming at the merge with Debbie and Aubry still in the game. Ozzy admitted he was almost convinced, further solidifying how dangerous Sandra is as a player. At Tribal Council, Ozzy joined the majority in voting out Sandra Diaz-Twine for the first time in her Survivor career. Nuku lost immunity again on Day 18. Ozzy was targeted by Varner when the latter found out Zeke was playing him and aligned with Ozzy. However, the plan failed miserably when Jeff outed Zeke for being transgender during Tribal Council, appalling Ozzy and the rest of the tribe. Ozzy told Jeff he should be ashamed of himself. Ozzy contributed to Jeff's verbal unanimous elimination.

Ozzy reached the merge, making him the first and currently only player in Survivor history to make it to the merge four times. At the merged Tribal Council, Ozzy aided his alliance in eliminating Hali Ford. At the second Immunity Challenge which he won in Cook Islands, it came down to him and Tai Trang, but Ozzy ultimately lost to Tai. Though the initial targets were either Zeke or Andrea, Debbie Wanner campaigned for Ozzy's elimination. At Tribal Council, he voted for Zeke, but the Power Six alliance voted for him and Debbie used her Extra Vote Advantage to throw another vote on Ozzy, so he was blindsided. He came in 12th place and was the second member of the jury

At the Final Tribal Council, he criticized Sarah's deceitful game-play and lauded Brad Culpepper for dominating in Immunity Challenges and playing a straight-up game, and even told Brad he was his champion. Debbie agreed with Ozzy's position and aided in this campaign, both of them going as far as laughing when Sarah said that the friendships she made in the game were genuine. He ended up casting his vote for Brad to win, but he lost to Sarah in a 7-3-0 vote.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Nuku The Marooning Reward No Won
Blue Lagoon Bustle Reward/Immunity No Won
Serpent Turf Reward/Immunity No Won
Switched Tribes, Day 7
2 Tavua Austin's Elemental Obstacle Course Reward/Immunity No 2nd
3 Ram-Ball On Reward No Lost
Ow-Pairs Immunity No Won
4 Unchained Medley Reward No 1st
Box CarBlues Immunity No 2nd
Switched Tribes, Day 14
5 Nuku Cargo Salvage Immunity No Lost
6 Dulcimer Stomp Reward No Won
Plunge, Pop, Pull Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 19
7 Maku Maku Keep on Your Toes Immunity Lost
New School Reward Won
Get a Grip Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 24

Episode Ozzy's
Voted Against
1 Nuku Tribe Immune
Nuku Tribe Immune
2 Tavua Tribe Immune
3 Tavua Tribe Immune
4 Tavua Tribe Immune
5 Sandra -
6 Jeff -
7 Hali -
Zeke Brad, Debbie (x2), Sarah,
Sierra, Tai, Troyzan
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted For
Sole Survivor


Img 1389
  • In an interview for South Pacific, Ozzy revealed that he and Amanda had broken up. Ozzy was a guest in Survivor After Show, with Parvati Shallow.
  • Ozzy appeared on the second season of American Ninja Warrior, but fell on the third obstacle, the Cross Bridge, in qualifying.
  • In 2011, Ozzy started to date actress Lindsay Lohan. They broke up in 2013.[5]
  • On January 9, 2010, Ozzy attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • In 2011, Ozzy was inducted into the Survivor Hall of Fame.
  • Ozzy attended the Survivor primetime edition of The Price Is Right that aired on May 23, 2016. Ozzy did not compete himself but, along with Sierra Dawn Thomas, helped present and model the prizes in the first Showcase.
  • In April 2022, Ozzy came out as bisexual.[6]
  • On January 1, 2023, Ozzy made a brief appearance on the New Year's Day special of En direct de l'univers. He sang I Will Survive before Survivor Québec host Patrice Bélanger discussed the show.[7]


  • Before appearing on Survivor, he appeared on Playboy TV's hardcore reality series Foursome.
  • Ozzy is the youngest member of the original Aitutaki tribe and the youngest man to compete on Cook Islands.
  • Ozzy is the only original Aitutaki member to make the merge, as well as the only one to reach the jury stage. As he made the Final Tribal Council, no members of the original Aitutaki were on the jury.
    • Ozzy is currently the fastest man to become the highest-placing member of their original tribe. Ozzy became the last original member of Aitutaki on Day 15 after Cristina Coria's elimination. Cirie Fields holds the record for becoming the highest-placing member of her original tribe, Casaya, in 11 days.
  • Ozzy is the only contestant on Cook Islands to win individual immunity more than once.
  • Ozzy is the fourth of six castaways to win five individual Immunity Challenges in a season, the record for a single season. The first three are Colby DonaldsonTom Westman, and Terry Deitz, and they would be followed by Mike Holloway and Brad Culpepper.
  • Ozzy won the largest percentage of individual Immunity Challenges in a single season, with 83.3% or 5 out of 6 challenges.
  • Ozzy is the first Latino man to make it to Final Tribal Council and the second Latin-American overall, following Sandra Diaz-Twine.
    • Ozzy is the first Latino to finish as runner-up.
  • Ozzy is the first finalist to garner at least four jury votes and not win the title of Sole Survivor. He would be followed by Chase Rice in Nicaragua, Domenick Abbate (who received five in Ghost Island), Gavin Whitson in Edge of Extinction, and Natalie Anderson in Winners at War.
    • Cook Islands is the first season in which such an achievement was possible, as the first season with a jury larger than seven people.
  • Ozzy in Cook Islands is one of three finalists to only get votes at their first Tribal Council and Final Tribal Council. The others are Chris Daugherty and Katie Gallagher.
  • Ozzy is the youngest male returning player in Micronesia.
  • Ozzy is the only male Favorite in Micronesia to participate in the tribe switch and be voted out. Jon Dalton and Yau-Man Chan were voted out before the tribe switch, and Jonathan Penner and James Clement were medically evacuated.
  • Ozzy is the first castaway to find a Hidden Immunity Idol as a returning player.
  • Ozzy is the second player to make and plant a fake Hidden Immunity Idol, but the first to make one that was eventually played by another castaway. His fake idol was played by Eliza Orlins, who received it from its finder Jason Siska.
    • While Jaime Dugan was the first to play a fake idol, it was made by the producers and not another castaway.
  • Ozzy is the first player in Survivor history to find multiple Hidden Immunity Idols and never successfully negate a vote with one.
  • Ozzy is the first of six contestants who debuted before Heroes vs. Villains to compete three or more times without appearing on said season. He would be followed by Jonathan Penner, Tina Wesson, Jeff Varner, Amber Mariano, and Ethan Zohn.
    • Ozzy is the only one of these to play on a fourth season.
  • Ozzy is the first contestant to spend time on both Exile Island and Redemption Island. He would later be followed by Candice Cody and Aras Baskauskas.
    • Ozzy is the only contestant to play three or more times, and play only in seasons featuring either Exile Island or Redemption Island.
  • Ozzy is the first returning player to be voted out and return to the game within the same season.
  • Ozzy and Christine Shields Markoski were the only two people to win Redemption Island duels in South Pacific.
  • Having won the Get a Grip challenge twice (the first time in Cook Islands for individual immunity and the second time in South Pacific as a duel to return to the game), Ozzy is the second of three returning players to win the same individual challenge twice. The first was Parvati Shallow and the third was Keith Nale.
  • Ozzy is the first castaway to return to the main game twice after being voted out twice.
  • Ozzy has been voted out a total of five times, making him the most voted out castaway in Survivor history. He was voted out once in both Micronesia and Game Changers, and three times during South Pacific.
  • Ozzy is the first man to be the highest-placing member of their original tribe on two separate seasons and the third overall, following Stephenie LaGrossa and Sandra Diaz-Twine. They would be followed by Tony Vlachos and Natalie Anderson.
  • Ozzy lost 23 lbs. during his time on South Pacific.[9]
  • Ozzy received the most votes against him in South Pacific, with 17.
  • Ozzy is the only castaway to have played in all different styles of player seasons: an all new players seasona season with half new players and half returneesa one returnee per tribe season, and an all-returnees season.
  • Ozzy is one of seven castaways to have competed in at least four different seasons, the others being Rob Mariano, Rupert Boneham, Cirie Fields, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Parvati Shallow, and Tyson Apostol.
  • Ozzy is the first, and so far only contestant to make the merge four times.
    • Ozzy was a member of both yellow merged tribes in Survivor (U.S.).
  • Ozzy is the second returning player to accumulate over 30 elimination votes over their career, following Ciera Eastin. He is also the only male contestant to do so.
  • Ozzy is the first contestant to be in attendance at the Final Tribal Council four times, attending as a finalist in Cook Islands and as a jury member in Micronesia, South Pacific, and Game Changers. He would be followed by Parvati Shallow.
  • Ozzy lost 15 lbs. during his time on Game Changers.[10]


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