Over-Extended (also known as With a 10 ft PoleTen Foot Pole, and Audio Slave) is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


Castaways place a wooden statue on top of a pole. At regular intervals, they will add another section of pole, making it harder to balance. If the statue falls off, that person is eliminated. The last person with their statue on top of the pole wins.

The Millennials vs. Gen X and Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers variation of the challenge involved balancing the statue with a pole horizontally on a perch while balancing on a balance beam. At intervals, castaways would slide their hands further back on the pole rather than add another section.

The Ghost Island and Edge of Extinction variant ditches the perch in favor of balancing the statue horizontally on the pole itself, and castaways no longer must move their hands down the pole.


This challenge was first used in Samoa as the Final Immunity ChallengeMick Trimming's totem was the first to fall, and Natalie White quickly followed. Ultimately Russell Hantz outlasted Brett Clouser and won immunity. Brett's loss would seal his fate in the game.

This challenge was used in South Pacific as the first Redemption Island duel between Semhar Tadesse and Christine Shields Markoski. Eventually, Semhar's totem fell off first, giving Christine the win and permanently eliminating Semhar from the competition.

The challenge reappeared in Cambodia where the last male and last female standing would be given immunity respectively. Kelley Wentworth won it for the females after outlasting Tasha Fox, and Keith Nale won it for the males after Joe Anglim fainted 1 hour and 20 minutes into the challenge due to a severe drop in his blood sugar level. Joe was not in any danger of being medically evacuated, but was voted out at that night's Tribal Council.

In Millennials vs. Gen X, numerous contestants complained about the ants crawling on them, causing several of them to drop out. Ultimately, it came down to Zeke Smith and David Wright, with the latter pulling off a surprising victory.

The challenge was again used in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, using the variation introduced in Millennials vs. Gen X. It ultimately came down to Cole Medders and JP Hilsabeck, with Cole outlasting JP to win his first individual immunity.

The challenge returned under a new format in Ghost Island, where it was used as the first individual Immunity Challenge. It came down to Kellyn Bechtold and Libby Vincek, with the former pulling out the win.

The challenge was again used in Edge of Extinction, using the variation introduced in Ghost Island. It ultimately came down to Julie Rosenberg and Lauren O'Connell, with Julie outlasting Lauren to win individual immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"This Game Ain't Over"
Individual Immunity
(Final Immunity)
S19 russellh t
Russell Hantz
South Pacific
"Reap What You Sow"
Duel S23 christine t
Christine Shields Markoski
"Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart"
Individual Immunity S31 kelley t
Kelley Wentworth
S31 keith t
Keith Nale
Millennials vs. Gen X
"Million Dollar Gamble"
Individual Immunity S33 david t
David Wright
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
"Playing with the Devil"
Individual Immunity S35 cole t
Cole Medders
Ghost Island
"Fear Keeps You Sharp"
Individual Immunity S36 kellyn t
Kellyn Bechtold
Edge of Extinction
"There's Always a Twist"
Individual Immunity S38 julie t
Julie Rosenberg



  • David Wright, Joe Anglim and Kelley Wentworth have all competed in this challenge twice.
    • David and Kelley each won once while Joe lost both times.
  • In Cambodia, the challenge was held in the same location as In the Barrel earlier in the season.[1]
  • The reason why there was separate immunity offered for men and women in Cambodia was the weight of the poles.[2]


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