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Outraged is the sixth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 16

Mogo Mogo comes back with no troubles about voting Richard off, and Jerri revealed in a confessional that she and Shii Ann would have voted Colby if Kathy didn't decide to vote Richard off. Later on, the three girls band together to vote out Colby next time they lose, and hope to get Lex in.

At Chapera, Rupert becomes the "provider" of fish, and Rob says that he better keep his belly full or else he'll be on the chopping block. Susan is getting noticeably grouchier by the minute, upset about the incident with Richard.

Colby digs his own grave even deeper at Mogo Mogo when he lectures Shii Ann's under-the-radar gameplay, much to her annoyance. Shii Ann reveals in a confessional that she doesn't necessarily respect his game, but is not dumb enough to tell him that.

Back at Chapera, Susan becomes even more upset and criticizes Richard for "not doing anything except be naked all the time".

Day 17

Susan's grief is getting even worse. She distances herself from the tribe, lays on the beach in tears, and just isn't being the hilarious outspoken redneck she usually is. Rob suspects that this may be a pity call to actually keep her, but Amber sees it as true sadness, and Alicia tries to make her feel better, but to no avail.

Everyone is getting hungry at Mogo Mogo because the main fish provider Richard was voted off, and Shii Ann misses him already. Jerri writes down menus and Kathy pictures a giant chocolate sundae. Lex chooses to go spearfishing and catches two fish, proving that they didn't need Richard as much.

At Chapera, Rob and Amber officially get Jenna L. and Rupert in their alliance, and Rob is confident the game is his to win.

At Mogo Mogo, Jerri and Lex go get the Tree Mail, and she succeeds in getting Lex's vote with the girls against Colby in the process of doing so.

Chapera receives Tree Mail as well, and while doing so, Susan is close to pulling herself from the game, like Jenna M..

Before the challenge starts, Jeff tries to discuss the incident between Richard and Susan at the previous Immunity Challenge. This causes Susan to snap in a fit of rage and finally quits, saying:

OK, I know you don't know, and you didn't see it because his back was to you and he's too big of a f****** slob to see around. I WAS VIOLATED, HUMILIATED, DEHUMANIZED AND TOTALLY SPENT, JEFF! IT WASN'T SORTA, JEFF! Cause your, his back was to you, Jeff. That's all I'm saying, and I'm f****** spent, and I'm done with this f****** game. There is no way that I can continue with my f****** emotions pushed to the ground that much.


Jeff asks Mogo Mogo if a discussion about the incident came up at their camp, which everybody denies, although Colby admits witnessing the incident. Susan, in tears hugs her tribe mates and Jeff escorts her to a boat to take her away. Despite Susan's sudden exit, the tribes decided to have the challenge anyway. Mogo Mogo wins the Reward Challenge.

Day 18

Mogo Mogo comes back, shocked about Susan quitting. Shii Ann even states in a confessional that Richard is not one to purposefully sexually violate someone. Chapera, on the other hand, are enjoying themselves despite their loss, and Rob's alliance of him, Amber, Tom, Rupert, and Jenna leave Alicia on the outs.


Reward Challenge: Tribal Stomp-ede
One tribe member at a time uses an adjustable seesaw beneath a tower to catapult nine assorted items into a basket atop the tower.
Reward: Shish kebab and other items in the basket
Winner: Mogo Mogo

Tribal Council

Removed Before
Reward Challenge
S8 susan bw.png
Susan Hawk

Final Words

Sue's final words were not revealed.

Still in the Running

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S8 rudy bw.png
 Jenna M.
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 Rob C.
S8 robc bw.png
S8 richard bw.png
S8 susan bw.png
S8 alicia t.png
S8 amber t.png
Mogo Mogo
S8 colby t.png
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 Jenna L.
S8 jennal t.png
Mogo Mogo
S8 jerri t.png
Mogo Mogo
S8 kathy t.png
Mogo Mogo
S8 lex t.png
 Rob M.
S8 robm t.png
S8 rupert t.png
 Shii Ann
Mogo Mogo
S8 shiiann t.png
S8 tom t.png


  • After Susan's exit, the three original tribes (Chapera, Saboga, and Mogo Mogo) are now even with four members each.
  • There are no final words from Susan; instead there are views of islands and beaches during the ending credits.
  • In the intervening months, Richard and Sue had made amends,[2] though they did not sit next to each other at the reunion despite leaving the game successively.
  • After Sue quits, Jenna Lewis is the last returnee from Borneo.


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