The Outcast Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

After Lillian Morris and Burton Roberts returned to the game, both of them felt betrayed by their former tribe and made an alliance of their own. They also welcomed Jon Dalton who was on the outs of his tribe. They successfully managed to take out the strongest members of Drake and Morgan until the last two castaways not in the alliance, Darrah Johnson and Sandra Diaz-Twine, approached Lil to get rid of Burton since he was the strongest member of the tribe. She agreed and sent him home. Burton was followed by Darrah, and then Jon. Alliance member Lil, faced Sandra in the finale and lost in a 6-1 vote.



Linking up with Drake

Successful Blindside

Foiling Drake's Plan

Mutiny at Day 36 Tribal Council


After the girls joined together to break up Burton and Jon, Jon became the outsider and knew he'd be voted out. However though after the Day 37 morning, Jon managed to turn Darrah and Lillian against each other, causing them to become the new targets for elimination. Once the jury won immunity at Tribal Council, Jon, Lillian, and Sandra voted out Darrah for being a physical threat, blindsiding her. This officially led to the end of the alliance.


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