Osten Taylor is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Although physically strong and well-liked by his tribe, Osten did not enjoy camp life as the game began to wear on him physically, becoming increasingly short-tempered. He holds the distinction of being the first person to ever quit the show after a traditional vote was forgone following Osten's request to be voted out.


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Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, Osten Taylor now lives in the South End of Boston. He is currently employed as an equity trade manager with an investment management company. He previously worked as a salesman, construction worker and waiter. Taylor attended the Thompson School of Applied Science where he received an Associates Degree in Business Management and went on to study resource economics at the University of New Hampshire. His favorite hobbies are boozing with the fellas from UNH & The Braintree Boyz in Bean-Town, fitness training and golfing. He describes himself as outspoken, personable and focused. He is most proud of having worked on Wall Street, which was a childhood goal. His favorite sport is basketball. His father is his hero because he was able to put himself through college and graduate school, graduating Magna Cum Laude, while supporting two kids. He feels he's ready for Survivor: Pearl Islands because of his mental stability, patience, wisdom, resourcefulness and God's blessing. His birth date is December 10, 1975.[1]


Assigned to Morgan, Osten formed an alliance with Andrew Savage and Ryan Opray identifying themselves as the strongest people within the tribe. Despite his physical appearance, Osten struggled to adapt to island life always appearing to be tired, lethargic and prone to freak out over minor situations such as a Pelican entering the camp. After losing the second Immunity Challenge Osten asked his tribe to vote him out. At the Tribal Council that night his wish was not granted as Ryan Shoulders was eliminated for his weakness.

During the third Reward Challenge, Osten began to drown during the swimming portion resulting in Andrew and Ryan O. swimming out to save him. Although his tribe admitted he was weak and he wanted to quit as early as Day 6, they kept him around at the next Tribal Council, where the majority alliance turned on the last outsider, Lillian Morris. His wish to voluntarily leave the game still left unfulfilled, when the Morgan tribe, already down to five members, created a three-time Immunity Challenge winning streak.

On Day 19, the game took an unexpected turn when game's first six evictees returned to compete for a chance to return to the game. The Outcasts won the Immunity Challenge, sending both Morgan and Drake to Tribal Council to eliminate a member. That afternoon, Osten again asked his tribe to vote him out, where they finally agreed to do so. At Tribal Council, after the Morgan tribe verbally confirmed that they would respect Osten's wishes, a visibly upset Jeff snuffed his torch without going to an official vote, and then laid the torch down on the ground, making Osten the first person in history to quit Survivor.

Voting History

Osten's Voting History
Episode Osten's
Voted Against
1 Nicole -
2 Ryan S. Lillian, Ryan S.
3 Lillian -
4 Morgan Tribe Immune
5 Morgan Tribe Immune
6 Morgan Tribe Immune
7 No Vote
Quit, Day 19


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  • Osten is the first contestant to quit Survivor.
  • Osten became the first Survivor to not have his final words aired at the end of the episode. Only shots of the Morgan tribe leaving Tribal Council were shown as the credits were rolling, with the final shot being Osten's extinguished torch lying on the ground. The torch remained lain at Tribal Council for the rest of the season and was not included in the Rites of Passage.
  • In an interview, Osten revealed that he quit the game because he had multiple staph infections, and claiming that Mark Burnett "quit on them" by introducing The Outcasts.[2]
  • Upon Sandra Diaz-Twine being voted out in Game Changers, Osten is the only castaway from Pearl Islands to have never been voted out throughout their Survivor career.


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