Oro​ is a tribe from La Isla 2016: La Revancha. Their tribe color is orange.


 Delia García
26, Cuernavaca, MOR
La Isla 2014
 Julio César Frías
26, Playa del Carmen, QR
La Isla 2012
 Matías Novoa
35, Valparaíso, Chile
La Isla 2013
 Víctor González
42, Santiago de Querétaro, QRO
La Isla 2014

^1 Intocable won the duel of Playa Destierro and decided to join the Oro tribe.

 Ana Ransanz
 Dr. Wagner, Jr.
 Intocable Gómez
 Julio César Frías
 Mariana Torres
 Ricardo Alcalá

Tribe History


On Day 2, after announcing that each tribe should voted out a man, the tribemates had a discussion as to who they had to voted out, they made a vote, in the end, María Fernanda Quiroz was the swing vote and had the ultimate decision, voting out Juan Carlos Somoza. But then he was surprised, because he was still in the game and he was going to Playa Destierro.

On Day 4, Juan Carlos faced with the other three current members of Playa Destierro, but, he placed last on the competition, eliminating him from the game. In the first two weeks, the tribe avoided both Trials and sent Julio César Frías and 'Ferka' as emmisaries in the first and second Trial, respectively.

Post-Day 9

After Intocable Gómez entered the Tribe, they had to send another male contestant to Playa Destierro. They sent Víctor González, thinking that he was coming back immediately. Despite them winning the Territorial Challenge that week, the tribe lost both the Immunity Challenge and the Final Challenge, sending them to Trial on Day 12, and with Julio César and Delia García in the minority of the tribe, voted Delia out by a 6-2 vote. Despite this, Delia won the third duel of Playa Destierro and returned to the game, but in other tribe. While Víctor placed last in the same duel and was eliminated.

The Tribe one again lost both Challenges, sending them to a second Trial in a row. Matías Novoa, being a liability in the challenges, along with getting into a couple of fights with María Fernanda, was voted out of the tribe by a 4-2-1 vote on Day 16.

On fifth week, the tribe lost both the Territorial and the Immunity Challenge. But, in a twist, Intocable beat Ana la Salvia in a puzzle, granting them their win and the ability to send an emmisary to the next Trial. They sent María Fernanda for a second time, and she, along with the other emmisary and members fom the Jade tribe, voted out Ana la Salvia by a 6-1-1 vote. In the final Playa Destierro Duel, Matías was the first one to drop from the challenge, eliminatimg him from the competition on Day 20.

Post-Tribe Switch

On Day 21, the tribe agreed to send Julio César to face off against Ricardo Alcalá, José Antonio Ferreira and Rafael Mercadante in the Captains' Challenge. In this Challenge, Julio placed second, keeping the tribe alive, and choosing the new tribemates after José Antonio. He chose all of this original tribemates, adding Ricardo, Dr. Wagner, Jr. and Ana Ransanz to the team.

The new tribe managed to win the Immunity Challenge, having the ability to send two emmisaries to the next Trial. They sent 'Ferka' and Ana, and with the help of Ivonne Montero, Rafael and Jorge Luis, they voted out Fernando Alonso by a close 5-4 vote.

At the next Immunity Challenge, the tribe lost, forcing them to compete against one another in the Final Challenge. In a close battle, Intocable managed to win the Bracelet, granting him immunity at the next Trial. After the Challenge, the tribe knew about the existance of the black pearl, and, unknown to his other tribemates, Julio César found said pearl, granting him immunity at any trial.

On Day 28, the tribe, along with the two emmisaries, managed to make a 3-3-2-1 tie vote between Dr. Wagner and Mariana Torres, and Intocable had the last word. A couple of weeks ago, him and Dr. Wagner had a small fight, even managing to punch each other. This made Intocable's decision very easy, sending Dr. Wagner home.

They managed to win the next Immunity Challenge. Fot the trial, they sent Ana and 'Ferka' once again, unfortunately for them, the trial didn't go as they pleased, and Rafael was evicted by Jorge Luis on a 4-4 tie, and eventually a 1-0 vote.

They lost the next Immunity Challenge, and at the Final Challenge, Julio César won the bracelet. On Day 36, for the first time, the decision a trial was vetoed, and Ricardo was now immune. The tribemates then revoted, and Intocable was voted out by a 4-2 vote.

This new tribe managed to stay almost every week in High Beach, except for two weeks, one being the first week as a new tribe, and the other time this week, where Jade defeated them.

Despite this, the tribe managed to win the Immunity Challenge of that week, but, in that challenge, Ana fell from a net high above the ground, spraining her ankle. She wasn't evacuated from the game, but her foot was immobilized. Because of this, she didn't go into the trial, instead, Mariana, along with María Fernanda, went with her to the Trial, and voted out José Antonio by a 4-2-1 vote.

The next Immunity Challenge was a big one for them, not because they had to win, but because Mariana fell from a swing. Fortunately for her, she didn't get hurt. So the challenge was repeated, and the tribe won their second Immunity Challenge in a row, and, instead of María Fernanda going to trial along with someone else, Julio César and Ricardo wanted to go, and 'Ferka' felt betrayed. For the second time, the trial didn't go as expected, and Ivonne was eliminated by a 3-0-0 vote, with Pepe Díaz using Jorge Luis' pearl, and Delia using Julio's. On Day 45, the tribe, along with the Jade tribe, merged.



  • This is the second tribe that never went to Medium Beach. The first tribe was Serpiente.

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