Orkun (អរគុណ) is the merged tribe of Bayon​ and Ta Keo​ from Survivor: Cambodia.

The tribe was created when the two surviving tribes of Bayon and Ta Keo merged on Day 17. They lived the rest of their days on the island at the old Bayon camp. Their tribe color is orange.


 Abi-Maria Gomes
S31 abimaria t
 Andrew Savage
S31 andrew t
 Ciera Eastin
S31 ciera t
 Jeremy Collins
S31 jeremy t
 Joe Anglim
S31 joe t
 Kass McQuillen
S31 kass t
 Keith Nale
S31 keith t
 Kelley Wentworth
S31 kelley t
 Kelly Wiglesworth
S31 kelly t
 Kimmi Kappenberg
S31 kimmi t
 Spencer Bledsoe
S31 spencer t
 Stephen Fishbach
S31 stephen t
 Tasha Fox
S31 tasha t

Tribe History

The show's first ever merge tribe with 13 contestants looked like a huge mismatch with nine original Bayon (Andrew, Ciera, Kass, Kimmi, Jeremy, Joe, Keith, Stephen, and Tasha) vastly outnumbering the four original Ta Keo (Abi, Spencer, Wentworth, and Wiglesworth). However, alliances began shifting almost immediately after the merge and this shifting, later dubbed "voting blocs", would be a theme for this season. The players involved in the Woo blindside found themselves in a tough position as one of the victims of that blindside, Savage, rallied his old Bayon allies to find himself in the numbers. This minority alliance known as the Witches Coven attempted to pull in Spencer, Keith, and Joe to regain control. However, Keith seemed disinterested in working with the women, which forced Joe to follow suit. Knowing the majority alliance were splitting the vote, they had a last ditch attempt at swinging Spencer to their side, but to no avail, as he contributed to his Cagayn fremenie Kass's vote out and she became the first member of the jury.

However, all was not lost for the now minority of three. In the next round of voting, Stephen approached them about potentially working together to blindside Joe, and Joe caught wind of this plan, so the witches fanned the flames of this situation. However, Joe won immunity and the Bayon alliance was unwilling to let Joe target Stephen, which frustrated the women. Thankfully for them, Wentworth had a Hidden Immunity Idol back from the first Immunity Challenge location on Day 3, and she played it correctly in record setting fashion to eliminate Savage 3-0. In the next vote, Fishbach would work with them as he, Jeremy, and Spencer joined them in blindsiding Wiglesworth in an attempt to weaken Joe's grip on the game. However, Joe himself remained unavailable to target by opting to participate in the Immunity Challenge on Day 26. This was after Probst presented Orkun with an ultimatum that at least five players must forfeit immunity in order for their dilapidated shelter to be rebuilt ahead of more rain, and all but Joe and Keith accepted. Joe's fourth consecutive individual immunity win seemingly set the stage for Stephen to be blindsided, but Jeremy played an idol on him to ensure Ciera left the game. Even though Jeremy used this move to appeal to Spencer's sense of loyalty, Spencer employed the voting bloc strategy yet again so that even with Stephen's vote steal, he would successfully take out the Tocantins runner up, passing up the first opportunity in 29 days to vote out Joe who had lost to Spencer in that earlier Immunity Challenge.

With eight players left in the game, the voting blocs slowed down a bit as the focus was centralized on Joe. Spencer was nervous that letting the chance to take out Joe last vote could become costly, but after Wentworth won the Reward Challenge and brought Keith, Kimmi, Abi, and Joe along, Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremy recovered from the last few hectic votes and made a final three deal. Despite increasing rumors of an all girls alliance, Spencer and Jeremy trusted Tasha would not let it happen, and voted out Joe on Day 32. After receiving a rogue vote from Keith and reaching her boiling point with Abi, Tasha became adamant that she wanted to be at the end with players she perceived deserved to be there. However, she struggled in the water portion of the next Immunity Challenge. Fortunately for her, Spencer, Jeremy, and Kimmi had her back despite Wentworth having a plan in motion to take her out, and the majority alliance removed the wildcard Abi from the game.

At the final 6, Kimmi felt that it was her time to make a move, and she told Keith and Wentworth that they would split the votes between the former two, but Kimmi would secretly vote with them to blindside Spencer or Jeremy in a 3-2-1 move. Spencer winning immunity on Day 36 complicated this plan as it forced this new coalition to target Jeremy, who played an idol earlier in the game but they were confident he didn't have another one. The trio of Jeremy, Tasha, and Spencer had a similar feeling about Wentworth, and after seeing Kimmi talk extensively with Keith and Wentworth, they no longer trusted her and abandoned the vote split. Both Jeremy and Wentworth played their idols resulting in a Survivor first: no votes cast for anyone at Tribal Council. This resulted in a series of tiebreakers that put the newer coalition in a vulnerable spot after a revote between Kimmi and Tasha: either Wentworth and Keith agree to vote out Kimmi, or Keith gets eliminated by default since Kimmi and Tasha would become immune in a deadlock scenario. Though Keith initially offered Kimmi his spot, he ultimately decided to stay in the game, meaning Kimmi's big move backfired. Wentworth won immunity on Day 37, and despite brewing a fake idol plan to scare Jeremy into voting for Spencer, it could not prevent Keith from being voted out. Jeremy won a crucial Day 38 Final Immunity Challenge, and Wentworth was certain she was going out. However, she attempted to throw Spencer under the bus, which worried Spencer and lead to a desperate and aggressive plea for Jeremy to keep him in the game. This visibly shocked the jury and annoyed Wentworth, vowing in the voting confessional the vote she cast against Spencer that night would be the last time she wrote his name down. Wentworth was voted out after nearly an entire post merge of dodging bullets from an underdog position.

At Final Tribal Council, Tasha was accused of being more of a follower in her alliance, and both Spencer and Jeremy were criticized for their behavior in either one (the former in Jeremy's case) or both (in Spencer's case) during the Day 36 and Day 38 Tribal Councils. Jeremy revealed his wife Val was pregnant. Ultimately Jeremy's game was respected the most and he won unanimously 10-0-0 over the Cagayan duo.



  • Abi-Maria Gomes is the only member of this tribe to have never been a member of Bayon.
  • Orkun is the first merged tribe with 13 members.
  • Orkun is the second merged tribe after Dangrayne to have members who never visited Tribal Council during the pre-merge phase of the game. Joe Anglim and Keith Nale never went to Tribal Council until Orkun's first.
  • Orkun and Vinaka from Millennials vs. Gen X have the same meaning in their season's host respective languages, both meaning "thank you".
  • Orkun is tied with Merica and Vata for the tribe with the most castaways voted out due to a Hidden Immunity Idol being played, with three.


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